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Make money as a life model

Make money as a life model Henry Bloomfield/Flickr

Life modelling is the ultimate way to make money from your body. You can make around £10 per hour for your trouble plus you’ll get to see yourself recreated in a host of (hopefully) beautiful paintings and sculptures!

What does it involve and is it for me?

First of all you need to decide whether this really is for you. Bear in mind that a bunch of complete strangers will be staring at you intently – whilst you’re naked of course – for hours on end. Expect life-modelling sessions to last around three hours, with a couple of breaks for rest. Remember this isn’t about being beautiful or in top shape – if anything, you’re likely to be in more demand if you have a unique look or an interesting body shape – so don’t let any paranoia about your looks stop you. However, you need to be comfortable with both nudity and a certain amount of discomfort and boredom. You may also be asked to create your own poses, so practice in front of the mirror and consider taking some life modelling lessons yourself to get a feel for what art directors may want you to do. It is also fairly common to ask two models to pose together – you may be asked to pose with a member of the opposite sex so ask yourself honestly how comfortable you are with the idea.

How much can I make?

Pay varies widely but you can expect, on average, between £8 and £12 per hour. (However some people have told us they can earn up to £40 a class). Here’s  a useful breakdown of hourly rates for life models by area/country:

  • LONDON: £11.11
  • REST OF ENGLAND: £10.63
  • SCOTLAND: £9.10
  • WALES: £7.80

These days life modeling is a professional occupation and most employers regard life models as employees – you’ll probably find there isn’t much work going that pays in cash so prepare to have to work on PAYE and supply a National Insurance number.

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How do I get started?

Your first port of call should be local art colleges and education centres. Here a couple of contacts to get you started.

  • The Art Academy, 020 7407 6969
  • The London Sketch Club, 020 7352 8209, contact them to offer your services to members

Keep an eye out for adverts in shop windows and local papers too – your local Gumtree website may also throw up the odd life modelling job too so check in every now and then. It may also be worthwhile posting on Gumtree yourself stating your availability for life modelling. There’s also a mega handy website The Art Models Register (RAM) – as sort of unofficial life modelling union – which features jobs all around the country. All the jobs are restricted to RAM members only – but membership only costs £35 per year so it’s probably worthwhile signing up if you’re struggling to find work elsewhere. Being on the public list of RAM members could make a big difference. Some colleges and private art groups only employ RAM members and Bare Facts model booking service for London also only supports RAM models. London applicants must audition at the life drawing workshops in Holloway or Richmond but RAM does state that most applicants are accepted. Outside of London, there is no need to audition so you join as an Associate Member initially. Then, once you’ve sent two tutor references from jobs you can convert to full membership at any time, for no extra charge. If you decide life modelling isn’t quite for you, there may be work out there as a hand or foot model. Check out websites Body London and Derek’s Hands for more information. Have you dabbled in life modelling? Share your experiences by commenting below – we love to hear about your money-making tips and experiences.

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  • Louise

    Hi all! My name is Louise, I’m 22, a size 12 and very keen to get back into life drawing modelling! I used to model for my artist friends and, in turn, they would model for me which is a great way of practising your drawing skills! I haven’t modelled for a while but would be happy to help if anybody in Southampton needs a model- contact me on (try not to laugh) Thanks!

  • matteo

    Good morning, i am looking a female lifedrawing model for a performance. I would life to find open minded people becouse i would like to create interisting projects. My researce is focused on the human body.i thi k that every body is beautiful, even imperfect:-)my email is thanks:-)

  • adrian samuel

    I am 49, male. 5’8″ in good shape looking at doing some life modelling as a friend recommended it. I have done lots of am dram so hopefully should be quite confident! Based in Eastbourne. If anyone can email some useful contacts in my neck of the woods and/or advice about getting out there it would be great

  • adrian samuel

    I am 49, male. 5’8″ in good shape looking at doing some life modelling as a friend recommended it. I have done lots of am dram so hopefully should be quite confident! Based in Eastbourne. If anyone can email some useful contacts in my neck of the woods and/or advice about getting out there it would be great

  • adrian samuel

    I am 49, male. 5’8″ in good shape looking at doing some life modelling as a friend recommended it. I have done lots of am dram so hopefully should be quite confident! Based in Eastbourne. If anyone can email some useful contacts in my neck of the woods and/or advice about getting out there it would be great

  • Ross Darke

    Aaron Ross Darke

    Available in: Manchester, Stockport, Sale, Wythenshawe, Altrincham.

    DOB: 26/04/91

    Gender: Male

    Height: 5’6

    Build: Athletic

    Hair: Blonde

    Eye: Deep Blue

    Facial Structure: Angular Heart Shaped

    I am happy to do all types of work I’ve been a life model for university projects whilst at Aberystwyth. I don’t mind nude or clothed work. Photos, Paintings, Drawings, casts, portraits, body.

    I don’t mind colleges, schools, social gatherings (e.g. Hen parties), business design projects.

    I am a fun and open individual. I am able to maintain a pose for around an 1-1 1/4 hours (I’ve never been requested to sit for longer at any one time but if necessary I can try).

    I don’t mind group poses with other models.

    Available all day all week.

    Don’t hesitate to call or email and look forward to seeing you :).


    Reasonable on price.

  • Lizz Daniels

    Hi i’m Lizz a nude plus size life model based at Kings Cross London looking for work any offers contact me on 07932 681 630

  • Bessinabout

    Here’s my experience. I was a professional life model for 6 years.

  • Thomas

    Hello, I’m a 23 year old male student and experienced life model looking for work in Birmingham and the West Midlands. I have previously modelled for art classes and photographers.

    • Roo

      Hi would you be interested in life modelling for a hen party near Stratford Upon Aon this Saturday 19th? 1 hour

    • Roo

      Hi would you be interested in life modelling for a hen party near Stratford Upon Aon this Saturday 19th? 1 hour

  • jZeeKa

    Hi, I’m 38 with a slim/athletic build, 5’10, blonde hair. I’m looking for modelling work. Art nude photography or life modelling. I do have experience of modelling for Art Nude Photography so am aware of what is involved on the photography side.

    I am in the Bath/Frome area.

    Many thanks,

  • jZeeKa

    Hi, I’m 38 with a slim/athletic build, 5’10, blonde hair. I’m looking for modelling work. Art nude photography or life modelling. I do have experience of modelling for Art Nude Photography so am aware of what is involved on the photography side.

    I am in the Bath/Frome area.

    Many thanks,

  • Donna Smith

    Hi my name is Donna, im 35 and live in Ipswich. Im looking to gain experience as a life model, either for groups or individual artists. Please feel free to contact me if you need a model.

  • Donna Smith

    Hi, my name is Donna, Im 35 and live in Ipswich. Im looking to gain experience as a life model. I can travel and Im happy to do individual or group modeling. Please feel free to contact me if you need a model Thanks.

  • Heidi Cevik

    Hi I’m 23,female and have three years life modelling experience. Happy to work for individuals or a class and very eager to start modelling again soon. I’m currently in Essex but moving to the Bristol/Bath area within weeks. Thanks email I love art in any different form, oils, charcoal, photographs. I have previously worked indoors and outdoors as well as with other models.

    • Jeff

      Hi Heidi, thanks for a great session. What a fantastic model you are, we will do it again!

  • Alister

    Hi, I’m a mature naked male life model [age 63] available for artists/photographers preferably within 30 miles of Rugby, after 5.30pm weekdays or any time on weekends, public or private setting. Slim, clean and witty, will also ‘custom’ pose. Best of all, no cost! Photos available. Please contact me at

  • John Philip

    Hello, I am male, 29, slim build, 6’1″ living in Aberdeen looking to earn some extra money as a life model. I don’t have much experience but am willing to learn.

  • Alex

    My name is Alex live in Formby,I am 60 years old 17 st and would like to try my hand at life modelling .No experience but willing to learn

  • Paul

    39 year old male looking to pose as a life model in the north west for daytime sessions.

    I’m also an amateur photographer so looking for models for artistic nude and body landscape shots.

  • Jeff

    Hi, I’m Jeff 52, a genuine artist in Colchester. I’m looking for a female life model for drawing practice. No experience needed, all are welcome. I pay £25 per hour. Please let me know if you are interested or want more information. Email Thanks, Jeff.

  • brian

    Himy name is brian and I live in Plymouth. I am a life. Model. Am looking. For some work.

  • James

    Hi my names james am looking for life modelling work in the Essex area. Would be my first time am looking for a new experience I’m 6ft 1in well built would be grateful to hear back from anyone either for work or tips


  • Camilla

    Hi there,
    I’m 20, 1m67, mixed race with a full framed body.
    I’m currently looking for life modelling work or Art nude photography in the Birmingham area, I have attended many life drawing classes in the past but may need some guidance.
    You can contact me at


    Hi I’m male 48 available for life model work drawing or photography in or around cannock chase area
    get in touch

  • Paul Maplesden

    Last year, I worked with my friend who is a life model to produce some free guides to nude and life modelling. I have now published these guides online.

    There are five guides in total, providing an introduction to
    life modelling, frequently asked questions, preconceived ideas, skills required and expectations.

    We’ve taken care to write the guides in a sensitive, sensible and mature way to make sure they provide a good overview of the experience, skills and other aspects of life modelling.

  • Gemmmmer

    Hi I am looking for a male model for a 50th birthday. It will be in my studio which will be closed to the public during the evening. It’s for a date in may this year (2013) and located in Weston super mare. I was thinking of someone nope tween 25 and 35/40 if possible. Someone easy on the eye would be great! None of us are artists, it’s just for fun. There wil be a fee, but I will need some pictures before hand so we know what we are getting. If you are interested please email many thanks x

  • Philip Wheelwright

    I am male. Age 38 looking for life model work in the Edinburgh/Fife area. Call me on 0776 528 7328 for nude drawings and hen party work.

  • Ann-Marie Mason

    I am a mature life model with twelve years experience looking for evening, weekend work within the Bristol/Bath area.
    I am currently employed by Bath City College, University Glamorgan, Atrium, Cardiff and Coleg Morganwg, Nantgarw campus, Pontypridd, S Wales. I have worked within various Art Depts from Foundation, Animation, Portraiture, Sculpture, Fine Art, Fashion and Design, Body Sculpting and Photography. With students of all ages. References are available upon request.
    I have an art background having studied and received (Hon) Degree in Creative Art at University Glamorgan.

  • Tony Buck Rogers Andrews

    Im a male looking for life model work – prefer small class to begin with, maybe even one to one to start off / gain experience, in the Worcestershire area. i have no experience as a life model & may need some direction. I am 40 yrs of age weighing 15 stone. i am willing to work solo or with a female model. I am avaliable weekends & maybe some evenings. 07905 344135

  • James

    Hi my names James I don’t have any experience with modelling but am willing to try and experience new things. I live in Colchester I’m 29, 6ft 1in and medium build I can do most evenings and Sundays please contact me if interested on my email thanks.

  • Jodi Williams

    I’m new to life modelling and am very interested in it I love naturism and art. I am 26 yrs slim with brown hair and am currently at uni in Gloucester but from devon so can work in a wide variety of areas and I don’t mind travelling. Please feel free to contact me,

  • Helen Maenad

    I am a 23 year old female offering my services to artists, colleges, photographers etc who are looking for a life model. I am currently saving up to get RAM registered! But if this is a problem for you please get in touch anyway as I am happier to part with the £35 registration fee if I know there’s work waiting for me!

    I am able to sit still for long periods of time without fidgeting and live not-too-far from central Bristol. Happy to pose fully clothed, semi-naked or fully naked. Slim build, caucasian, short. Will not shave my armpits or legs, although as my hair is quite light its not too noticeable.

    get in touch if interested.

  • Andrew

    Hi I am looking to earn extra money at the moment and am keen to do some life modelling, have done this once before at uni.
    Live in London, decent athletic build, 5’10, 27years.

    Please email

  • Lars

    Hi There. I am a 40 year old slim male who lives in Somerset. I have done a little nude work already mainly private photography work. I’m looking to get more work but doesn’t seem much out there. I would appreciate any offers or help. Many thanks 07909680405

  • Paula

    My name is Paula and I’m live in East Ayrshire (can travel). I’m 27 years old, mid length blonde hair, 5’4″ small build size 10 and currently 10 weeks pregnant with my second child (have a 3 yr old) I myself have been interested in Art since a young age, I’m interested in photography and sketch work. If you are interested now or maybe just when I’m further on in my pregnancy still leave a message.

  • nlvw

    Im male in Aberdeen…leave me a message if you’d like me to pose

  • Nick

    I’m an experienced male Life Model based in Kettering, Northamptonshire. I’ve modelled for nuumerous artists and art classes.I have also modelled for hen parties.I’m tall,slim/medium build. I can travel and rates are reasonable with discounts for students. please email

  • Martin Weaver email me if you want some work thank you

  • Shaun

    Hi I’m Shaun, 19 living in Manchester and interested in life modelling, I have a fairly athletic build. It would be great if anybody could get in touch with anywhere that requires models. Thanks.

  • Alison Davies

    Hello. I am Alison and interested in life modelling in and around the Wigan area. I am new to the field but would be interested in offers of work. My email is

  • http://yahoo Richard Brodowski

    I am Richard an experienced life model seeking work. I live in Blackpool and I can be contacted on 07722880440 or

  • jennifer

    i live in the aberdeenshire area i would be interested in live model work contact me on

  • Andy P

    Hi, Although I’m now primarily an artist, I have done life modelling now and again. I’m male and would have been around 30, 5′ 9″ and average weight. My experience is good in general. I tended to keep away from amateur groups and work for Uni’s and recognised art courses. You will find that real students (as opposed to hobby artists) are much more professional and respectful to their models, although I’m sure this is not always the case as some amateur groups are very good. It can get cold, in which case I found they where happy to give me a break, so let them know, it works both ways. It is boring at first but if you get regular work with a particular place you will find it less so as you get to know the artists. Its always daunting before you appear but don’t be put off, just get out there. A good group won’t care about your physical features, they just want to create. Keep healthy, but don’t drink too much beforehand, regular toilet breaks can annoy, and avoid caffeine as this is a diuretic and can make you restless. One tip, sock marks are ugly lol, try to go without socks on the day, its surprising how long they last :D

  • Alana


    I am an attractive 26 year old blonde lady who is looking for work in order to become a life model, for artists who would be interested in needing someone to draw.
    I have some previous experience in nude photography, but would love to try some life modelling!
    I live in the Wiltshire area.
    Look forward to hopefully hearing from someone soon xx
    please do not hesitate to contact me should you wish to see a photo or obtain any further information xx

    • Tom

      Hi Alana.
      Although I am a model I do paint myself from time to time.
      Would you mind sending me a photo to see of your build is what I’m looking for. It doesn’t have to be nude, although it’s better if it is. thanks Tom

  • Charlotte Baker

    Hi there, I’m 28, Blonde, slim build looking for modelling work. Art nude photography or life modelling. I have experience of modelling for Art Nude Photography so know what is involved etc.

    I am based in Gloucestershire area, so if you are looking for a model please let me know.


    • ale
    • Ben


      I am looking for a life model and I’m only 20 mins from you.

      Please send me a message so we can arrange something.


  • Helen

    Hi, I’m Helen blonde hair, athletic fit body. Living in the Cardiff area. I have experience in life drawing and casting. If you are looking for a model please let me know

    • ale
    • Ben

      Hi Helen

      I am looking for a life model.

      Please send me a message so we can arrange something.


  • martin

    I”am a male looking for life model work in the Warwickshire area i have little experience as a life model & may need some direction.I”am 50 yrs of age weighing 10 stone with a decent body,i”am willing to work solo or with a female model.I”am avaliable weekends & maybe some evenings.

  • Andy

    Hey, contact me if you need a life model for parties, art, ect. I’m based in the west midlands

    • Roo

      Hi would you be interested in life modelling for a hen party near Stratford Upon Aon this Saturday 19th?

  • Rod

    Hi I am Liverpool based life model looking for art classes, hen parties, female life models to act as couple, photographic/art students, etc

    Being relatively new to life modelling I am keen to gain more experience. My stats are 30, slim build, tall, blue eyes, brown hair, let me know if interested.
    Rod x

    • rod

      Have now done plenty of hen parties, also looking for female life drawing partners to act as a life drawing couple for individuals and art groups :)

      • Roo

        Hi would you be interested in life modelling for a hen party near Stratford Upon Aon this Saturday 19th?

  • Janine

    Hi, I’m 20 year old female in Aberdeen, Scotland. I’ve never done any modeling before but i have done life drawing classes so know what it involves to a certain extent. I’m 5ft 6inchs tall, size 16. Just wondering if there’s anyone ineterested in the aberdeenshire area?

    • Nl

      Hi. Email me if you’re still modelling

    • Kevin

      I model in the aberdeen area for various artists and groups etc; let me know if you are still looking as I have a few contacts who would probably be interested in using you in the future

  • James

    Hi, im a 30 year old male, 6ft, slim. Would love to do life modelling in north west. Female groups only.

  • James

    Hey, I line near
    Stoke on
    Trent and would be interested in life modelling
    for anyone and would travel.
    cheers, James.

  • Garry

    Would love to be considered for a life model position. I am a 49 year old male based near Manchester, but I can travel up to 50 miles.

  • Helen

    I am a 21 year old female in the Southampton area slim / athletic build and would love to do some life modelling work. I am avaliable evenings and weekends, please get in touch if you are interested.


  • david

    hi my mes david from london.would be glad to do some 10 stone and availabl pretty much every weekend. i am contactable on look forward to hearing from you

  • Vicky

    I am a keen artist myself and would like to make myself avaliable for life modelling,ideally portraits,or get involved in body casting and sculpture. I do not have any experience yet, but plenty of free time during the day between 9-3 and weekends. I am in South west Dorset.

  • Jonathan Richardson


    I’m in the Oxfordshire/Berkshire area and available for life modelling work, contact me at:

  • suzi

    im interessed in trying life modeling, iv had no experience in this area before and would like some more details on how it works, whats usually expected … etc

  • John

    I am an experienced mature male life model both college and art schools. References available on request.
    Available throughout Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Notts. Manchester.

  • Susan E

    I am available in the Wiltshire area as Life Model, Body Paint, Body Casting, Portrait painting. I am a 53 year old grandmother. I live in Swindon, Wiltshire.
    I am currently a life model for the art students at Swindon College.
    I have done one session and loved it.
    It was very liberating.
    I don’t have the best body in the world but I’m sure that it is an interesting draw!
    Hourly rate can be discussed before booking.
    Please contact me on

    I look forward to hearing from any genuine partie.

    • jim

      Hi.Are you still doing this.Im based in chippenham,and would be interested in hearing from you.

  • matthew

    hi my name is matthew and i am 20 live in the reading area and am willing to travel i work 5 days a week, and would be looking to start life modelling, sculpting or body painting as a side job have no previous experience and would like to try at least once please feel free to contact me on 07541085821 i am not a physically fit person so have no muscular definition.
    thanks for reading this

  • Sophie Ridge


    I’m organising a classy hen party for 10 girls in Bath on the bank holiday weekend in June.

    We’re looking for a male life model to pose for around one hour on Saturday 2nd June.
    There will be a generous fee.

    If you’re interested, please email me with a photograph and any other information that you think would be relevant.



    • Thomas

      Hi Sophie
      I sent you an email. Get in touch if you are stuck if you like.

  • Sophie

    Hello, I’m organising a classy hen party for 10 girls in Bath and we’re looking for a male life model on Saturday 2nd June.

    We’ll only need you for 1-2 hours during the day, and we’re willing to pay a generous fee.

    If you’re interested please email



  • Alannah Knowles


    I am 18 and from Southampton and am interested in being a live model.

    I am 5 foot 9″ female with olive skin and a naural tan.
    I have short dark brown hair with a fringe.
    I am a size 12-14 lower body and a size 10 on top.

    I have no experience, however i used to do drama so am comfortable and confident with myself and am able to pose still for a long time.

    Thankyou for taking the time to read this.

    • Geoff

      Hi Alannah. I am looking for good models for sittings and classes in Alton. This could be a bit too far for you to travel but please drop me a line if you’d like to learn more.

  • Aimee

    Am a 23 year old student in bristol, size 14 5ft 10 and wondering if anyone needed a life model in the area. need the experience.
    cheers. 07927935097

  • camilla

    Hi I’m 19, female, and based in Birmingham. I have already attended several life drawing classes, I don’t have any experience being the life model but I would like to start. comfortable with one on one or group settings. Please contact me at 07923071573

    • Thomas

      Hi Camilla
      I’m a male life model in Rubery. I have not sketched other models before. If you would like to pose for me and then I could pose for you. I could give you tips and advice about modelling.

    • Tom

      Hi Camila,

      Are you still modelling and painting? I am based in Birmingham and looking for a female model having only worked with male ones this year.

      I would be happy to pose for you too. I am slim, 5,7, 30 year old male.

      All the best,


  • Geoffrey

    Hi there,

    I’d like to do some life-modeling in London; I’m a 21 year-old man, 6f-132lbs, rather skinny and very visible muscles (abs ands pecs), with androgyne face (full lips, big eyes, sharp jaw and semi-long hair). I was a painter myself before, and I can understand what an artist is trying to accomplish with his/her work.
    Thanks in advance!

  • Jasmin

    I am 22 years old in Buckinghamshire area looking for some life modelling jobs. I have no experience as of yet

  • Mark

    Hi I am male aged 43 interested in life modelling in and around Northampton. 07709 555481

  • Eloise

    Hi, I am looking to try my hand at life modelling for the first time. I am young and would like to know if you need any female life models in the Cambridgeshire area, preferably Peterborough. I am currently available at any time.
    Many thanks, Eloise

    • Lewis

      Hi Eloise

      Would you consider lifecasting? I’m willing to pay £10 per hour to make a cast of a female hand and lower leg for a special effects project (NO nudity), i live near to Peterborough. If you are interested, drop me a line at:


  • Polly

    I am a female life model and am 5 months pregnant and wonder if any art classes in Leeds/Wakefield area are looking for a pregnant form to draw?

  • Sunny

    Hi there all!
    I’m a female looking to life model around the Manchester area, but I have no experience.
    Contact if interested!

    Thanks :)

    • Franzi

      I want to try life modelling and could get to Manchester – did you find anything?

  • http://N/A chris

    I am looking for work as a male life model anywhere in the Hampshire area..
    I hope you can help??

    • Julian

      Where in Hampshire are you?

  • Claire

    I’m a 34 year old female looking for work as a life model in the Birmingham area, have no previous experience but would really like an opportunity

  • Gavin

    Hi Im looking to do life modeling in london, Im 29, 193cm tall, 88kgs.

  • Sam

    Hello im a meditarrenean female life model
    for ethical artists with integrity on a one to one setting rather than group.

    Rennaisence, classical based looks with unique complex characteristics and richness/ depth offering interesting painting/ drawing material. Fee on the higher end. Thank you.

    contact Sam on 07849 846200

  • Steve

    Hi Im Steve. I am looking to do some life modeling in the Swansea area. I haven’t tried it before but i really would like to start. Here’s hoping somebody reads this. Please contact me on 07920794668

    • alison

      Hi Steve
      looking for a male still life model for 1 hour on Saturday Sept 10th 2011 for a hen party in a house in Sketty, Swansea. Would you be interested – £100 per hour -many thanks

      • tHOMAS

        Hi Alison
        Although I live in Worcestershire, I would certtaily be interested in travelling for that fee. regards Thomas

      • Steve

        Hi Alison!
        Im so sorry i didnt see your reply been out of touch
        for a while please let me know of anything else i would love to
        Do it for you. As long as you dont want a gor
        geous hunk Im your man slim body 6ft 3in Thats me

    • Ali

      Hi Steve, did you get any work as a life model in Swansea? I have never modeled before but would love to do some, any tips? (I am a 23 yr old female)

  • jeanmarieavril


    I’m experienced and people say I’m very good at doing life-modelling. Yet, it’s extremely hard to get any job. Some of the people asked don’t even bother to reply like the University of Gloucesterhire. I’ve worked for Rowry in Cheltenham. He said I was good an all that, yet he has never bothered to reply to me asking for further work. What do have to do to get noticed here?

  • steve broughton

    would like more details about life modeling in or around bedfordshire or london i will be contacting the numbers above but any further help will be great manythanks steve

  • Geoffrey Allen

    Am Ram Model 1651 but am now much more experienced as I have been working most weeks at FE colleges and clubs. I work mainly in the Bristol and Somerset area at present but am willing to travel further afield. I do life modelling and portraiture and would like to model for body casting and sculpture
    work. I am very reliable and professional in all respects.

  • Mark Ogden

    I moved away from London where I used to work part time as a nude life model for various life drawing classes. I now live in Westbury Wiltshire and I am thinking about doing some more life model work but I am not sure if there are any life drawing classes in this area. If anyone knows of any please do get in touch. Many thanks.

    • KB

      Hi Mark,
      We run life-drawing classes in Bath and are looking for experienced male models. Please email if you are still interested.
      Many thanks,

      • Geoffrey Allen

        I am RAM model 1651 and now mainly work in the Somerset and Bristol Area. I am much more experienced having worked at several FE Colleges and Universities and I have posed for body painters and on Portraiture Courses. I enjoy the work and very reliable and professional. I am actually in Bath tomorrow posing at Bath Spa University site/ Falmouth Avenue.
        Would be interested in extending my work and experience.
        Many Thanks.

      • David

        If you need an experienced male life model in Bath/Bristol, feel free to contact me at any time on 07814 710571.


      • Rob

        Hi KB,

        I’m Bath based and an experienced male Life Model, having worked for Bath College of FE and Bath Artist Studios. Available Evenings/Weekends. 07816 039077


      • Nicol

        Hi there,I am Nicol,male,Black and was wondering if u are still looking for male life models because i am very interested.