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Make money from vintage clothing

Make money from vintage clothing Vivienofholloway/Flickr

More and more people are buying and making money from vintage clothing. It’s official: second-hand is sexy.

Endorsement from fashion icons like supermodel Kate Moss and top stylist Bay Garnett has helped charity shop fashion to take hold on the high street.

Cash in on this sudden wave of thrift shop chic by rifling through the back of your wardrobe, trudging down to your local charity shop and generally keeping an eye out for hidden gems wherever you go. Then all you have to do is find the right buyer to make a tidy profit!

Step 1: What to look for

People are always on the look out for great bargains. So it’s important to regularly check your local vintage clothes goldmine to see if any new stock has come in that could potentially make you a mint.

Have a rummage

The number one rule when visiting charity shops is: Don’t be afraid to rummage. It’s usually the case that the most collectable items lurk at the bottom of the pile.

Also, keep going back to any shop you think might have hidden treasures. The good stuff goes fast and twice a week is not excessive for an enthusiastic collector.

Choose the right material

Lena Weber, editor of vintage fashion tribute website QueensofVintage and self-confessed vintage clothing addict says:vintagedress

“Definitely avoid very artificial fabrics as they are a nightmare to keep clean. Ideally look for items that are made of high quality fabrics such as wool or cotton. I wouldn’t be too worried if an item has a small hole, is missing a button or needs to be hemmed up, this can all be easily fixed. You can find tips on how to remodel ill-fitting vintage in a few quick steps on QueensofVintage.”

Don’t overspend

There aren’t any items of clothing in particular that make the most profit, because it depends how much you buy for, the condition, the label and how limited the availability of the item is.

If you’re just starting out, try not to pay more than £20-£30 for any one item. But, with a bit of knowledge and a dollop of good luck, finding a pair of £5 vintage shoes in charity shop and selling them on for £40-£50 is definitely doable.

Swot up

Beginners should definitely grab themselves a copy of a vintage clothes guide such as Funmi Odulate’s ‘Shopping for Vintage’ (£7.12 from, just to brush up on some basic info.

Step 2: Where to look

Before you go trawling through every thrift store in town, look a little closer to home. Most of us have bags of clothes in our attics and wardrobes that are just waiting to come back into style.

Cash in the attic

Have a look through and see if by any chance you’ve got something in good condition that might possibly make you a profit.

Remember that even if you think an item is absolutely hideous, it might well be in fashion at the minute. Keep an open mind about styles, colours and fabrics because, unless you’re already an expert, you can never be too sure if you’ve come across the holy grail of, for instance, stilettos.swishing

Swap it

Also, try having a swap shop with friends (or strangers), to see if you can pick anything out from their junk that could be worth something.

Lena says: “There are… lots of clothes swapping or swishing parties going on. I recently went to a great one at the V&A.”

Check out to find your nearest event.

Hit the high street

After you’ve turned your house upside down and hassled all your friends, try looking a little further away from home. Most high streets have a charity shop or two, which are ideal for finding forgotten garments handed down through generations. The trick is to inspect everything you find and then trust your instincts.

If you fall in love with an item at first glance, unless you’ve got a particularly quirky style, chances are someone else might too.

Although big names generally sell for more money, it’s much more difficult to find them for just a few quid. Because of this, you’re better off sticking to lower priced items to begin with.vintageshop

Vintage clothing stores are also a great place to find some original and quirky pieces. However, you’re a lot less likely to make any profit on items you find at one. The shop owners are generally experts in their field and will know which items are more valuable and can therefore be taken to auction or sold for more.

Having said that, vintage stores are often willing to haggle – so give it a go. It’s certainly worth having a look every now and again – you never know what might be hiding beneath a pile of polka dot dresses.

Lena says: “Charity shops are a great place for vintage bargains. The same goes for large vintage shops in non-trendy areas; stay away from Camden Market or Brick Lane for example. There are also some fantastic online shops such as somelikeitvintage that have amazing bargain items.

At the minute, originality is the key to being stylish. Buying vintage clothing pretty much guarantees that you’re not going to turn up to a party wearing the same dress as someone else. Unless of course you’re particularly unfortunate.

Popular celebs like Peaches Geldof and television presenter Alexa Chung swear by vintage. This has given the market for second-hand clothing a serious boost.

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Step 3: Who to sell your vintage clothes to

There are literally thousands of collectors out there searching for certain items. They are willing to pay big bucks for the much-coveted vintage designer shoe.

Memorable shoes also do very well in auction. The famous ruby-red slippers worn by Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz, made $666,000 (then around £412,000) when sold at auction in 2000.judy-garlands-ruby-slippers-1

Just remember that the chances of you stumbling upon a moneymaker like that are one in a bazillion!

There are a few different places you can sell your newly purchased vintage clothes and footwear.


Of course, the first place people think of is eBay. And yes, people have been known to make a tidy sum from buying and selling there, and people still do.

However, collectors and fashion addicts are getting wise to the scammers and time wasters populating eBay, and now often seek alternatives.

ASOS Marketplace

Popular fashion site ASOS has launched its own virtual ASOS Marketplace with great success. What’s more, it’s designed with vintage clothes sellers in mind.

Take a look at our guide on how to make money from ASOS Marketplace.

Specialist sites and auctions

If you’ve got your heart set on auctioning your goods off, try SpecialistAuctions, which has a specific section dedicated to vintage wear.

You can also check out local auction houses, to see if they have any vintage clothing auctions running in the near future. If they don’t have an auction specifically for vintage clothing however, it probably isn’t worth bothering with.

You can reach thousands amongst your target market by displaying your goods on a specialist website. Whereas, a real life auction without your specific audience will attract a couple of bidders at the most.laptopwoman

If you’ve picked up anything particularly classy on your travels, send an email to, (from the website CandySays), describing your items. Include some pictures if possible, and she’ll let you know whether or not she wants it for her online store and for what price.

Of course, to get an idea of value for your items, you could haul them along to your local vintage store and just ask them for advice. You never know, they might even offer you a nice wad of cash for what you’ve got.

Making a full-time living by buying and selling vintage clothing and shoes isn’t something you should think about unless you’re an expert in the field.

At best, you can expect to earn a few quid by buying an item for a couple of pounds and selling it on for a double figure.

The big money will be made by buying designer wear and big names as an investment. Labels like Chanel, Givenchy and Dior, for example, will only increase in value as time goes by – providing the articles are in good condition.

Useful links:

  • – for catching up on your vintage clothes knowledge
  • eBay – for buying and selling
  • SpecialistAuctions – a great auction site if you’re looking to sell to a specialist market
  • CandySays – the perfect place for buying and selling quality vintage items
  • QueensOfVintage – a website you need to look at regularly for updates on your local sales and vintage clothes news.

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  • Rajwinder

    We have vintage stuff for sale if any one is interested kindly contact us @ or 1 647-237-3402

  • Anne Sopel

    Hi there. I have a woman’s Burberry trench coat probably late 70s. Also a silk patterned top, some jewelry, lace handkerchiefs and silk scarves from the 60s to 70s if anyone is interested. Thanks.

  • Lori

    Hi everyone – I am looking for a job lot of vintage clothing and accessories from the 40s – 60s. No later than this, thank you. Good prices paid :) I am a collector, not a trader and am looking to expand my collection with quality pieces. Please email me on if you have anything. More than willing to travel to view/collect.

  • Diana Parsons

    I have a real mexican lace hankerchief style dress,

    I purchased from mexico, whilst being on a carribbean cruise. contact me if you are intrested.

  • Tracey Davies

    I have some vintage tracksuits for sale in original boxes, Fred Perry, Copdale , Millington and Van Welij, think they date from 70s onwards. Also some items not in boxes but in original condition from sport shop that opened in 60s and owner now retired Email if interested

  • vintageenquiries

    I have a large amount of vintage clothing and vintage home items for sale, covering many decades up to the 1980s.

    I am based in the northwest.

    Please email for further details.

  • Faye

    If anybody has any PREMIUM women’s vintage clothing, please get in contact.
    We are specialising in the best quality items, and designer vintage clothing.

    Please email me at or

    include photographs, descriptions and prices, and we can start a negotiation

    Many thanks,


    • Alan Moreton

      hi there, I have a number of bags ,about 15 enny leather 1960`s to 1970`s early 80`s most still in original bags with mirrors still in there wrapping unused if you are interested I will take photos thanks

  • Megan

    I have a small collection (around 25) of vintage shoes. Names include Mirabelle, Kennel & Schmenger, Valbrenta, Georgina, Peter Kaiser, Amalfi and more.

    Willing to negotiate pricing and will send photos on request. Please contact – mobile not currently working.

  • morgane

    hi new and exciting boutique opening soon in warwickshire ,,,looking for vintage clothing and jewellery … xx

  • Hannah


    I have a vintage 60′s goatskin dark brown biker’s jacket. Swedish brand called Malung-Jofama. I am looking to sell. Contact me at if you are interested=)

  • Ethan

    HI IM SELLING VINTAGE 70s and 80s BAGS I HAVE 7 BAGS £12 EACH PLEASE CALL 07883168736 birmigham area :)

  • Tammy

    Hi, I am currently in the process of starting my own vintage clothing business in Cornwall and am looking for clothing from the 40′s and 50′s specifically. Does anyone have any that they would be willing to sell for a reasonable price. Thank you.

    • Cindy Yang

      Hi Tammy,

      I got 80+ pieces of 50-80s vintage clothing,including jackets,shirts,dress,skirt and jumpers.
      I look for sell in a job lot and at reasonable price.
      Please contact me if you are interested.
      My email:

    • Katherine Dennis

      Hi, I’ve a number of fine quality and designer vintage items ranging from 1950′s to 1980′s including; ladies, childrens, babies, mensware, hats, gloves, handbags and scarfs. Would be interested in selling all together as a job lot. Please email if interested. Thanks.

  • Cindy Yang

    Hi vintage lovers,
    I am looking for some 60-80s bright colour cocktail dresses/couture dresses.
    Or nice handbags/cut Levi’s shorts
    I would love to buy good pieces at reasonable price.
    Please email me if you have any:

  • francesa

    Hello there,
    I have a number of different clothes , mainly skirts
    size10/12 knee length. All good makes Hobbs, white stuff,monsoon, coast, karen millen . All clean and in good quality and am just having a good clear out .
    Have tried Ebay , but feel they are worth more then 99p ! I have a couple of dresses, handbags ( leather)
    russell and bromley shoes size 6 and a calf length cream leather skirt.
    IF any one is interested please contact me.
    thank you .

  • Theo

    I am currently building up my own vintage and retro clothing business that shall soon be operating on Portobello market and online.
    Hot on the lookout for vintage and retro clothing if you should have anything to sell?

    • cindy mackintosh

      Hi, we have about 2 bin bags of lovely ‘vintage’ clothing. Can you offer ££ to buy the lot? We live in West London. Thanks, Cindy

      • Cindy Yang

        Dear Cindy,
        I’d love to see what kind of vintage clothes you have.
        Is it possible to send me an email with few pictures?
        My email:
        I lives near Portobello Road. Thanks. x

    • Cindy Yang

      Hi Theo,

      I actually have more than 40 unisex jacket from 70-80s.
      They are good quality!I sell for cheap prices!
      Please contact me by email if you ate interested.

    • Kevin Muscat

      Hi Theo,

      Are you still looking for vintage? I’m clearing out a relative’s wardrobe as she has passed away. Please let me know what kind of things you are interested in. There are dresses, suits, jackets, coats, night gowns, silk stockings from 50′s to 80′s.

      My email is

      Best wishes,


      • Tee

        Hi Kevin

        where about are you and i will only be interested in the vintage jewelley from the wardrobe clearance you are doning if they are still available.



    • Sara

      Hi there I have an amazing collection of. Designer pieces fromthe 50,s to the late 60s

  • Skint in the City

    My best ever bargain is a vintage Pucci dress that I bought for the equivalent of a quid at a fleamarket in Barcelona. Here it is – when I got home I discovered that it’s worth around £500!

  • alan

    Cash for clothing takes recycling to another level.

    Recycling has been around for well over 100 years but over the last few years it has gone to another level by paying people to recycle what they would normally send to land fill.

    What can be recycled for cash? Well the list is endless but here are a few things that can be recycled for cash.

    A major player in the textile recycling industry is cash for clothes where they will pay you for unwanted clothing and some textiles, belts, soft toys and paired shoes. It is so easy to arrange a collection with them you simply fill in a contact us form to arrange a collection and they collect on a pre arranged date.

    They pay cash to you the day they arrive to collect the clothes and weigh them while you are there. ( no need to wait for a cheque to clear)

    Mobile phones has also seen a massive increase in recycling although many of these did not go to landfill but simply sat in draws within the home and where no longer used, estimated over 90 million pounds of old phones in people’s houses.

    Other items that you cash recycle for cash are ink cartridges, gold , books and dvd’s.
    If you would like to arrange a collection of textiles and get cash for clothes then visit.

  • Itchycoo Vintage

    Hi all, we buy and sell ladies vintage clothing, jewellery and accessories from our online shop at and at fairs around the country each weekend. We also have opened a pop up shop within the Nichols Building in Sheffield, so pop along or visit us at and say hi! x

  • Susanne

    I have 15 sacks & more to add of women’s vintage clothes mostly 50s and 60s. I need to offload the whole lot ASAP. If interested please contact me.


    • Chantel

      Hey Susanne,

      I’d love to hear more about your collection, might be interested in purchasing some/all of it!

      Please email me at chantel (dot) pascente (at) with more info!


    • Dean

      Hey Susanne i have just started out selling vintage but I got a real good hook up doing a pop up shop at a well established charity shop. please let me know if you would like to do anything or if you know anyone who would benefit from the opportunity.
      Ps this sat i need to traders in the south west london area to share the space with.

    • ann

      are your item still for sale?

    • Marika

      Hi. Do you still have this clothing for sale? If you do my email is I’d be very interested to see some pics of examples of the clothing. No worries if I’m to late! Thanks!

      • Tee

        hi marika

        i have just closed my vintage shop and looking to sell my vintage clothing and jewellery ranging from 30/80.

        if you are interested please do contact me on my email and i would not be able to send you the pictures as they are quit alot of them.



  • theodora

    Hi, I have a lot of vintage dresses 50s-80s,jumpers, skirts jewelry, designer vintage shoes(ferragamo, bally), bags- ostrich, crocodile.
    I am moving back home 1ST week in april and want to get rid of a lot my items.
    very reasonable price!!! I am based in central london if anyone wants to have a loot and buy.
    please contact me via email – then maybe you can have a look at my items and take whatever you like.

    • Lori

      Hi Theodra,
      I was looking for coupons the other day a found one for a new vintage website that appears to sell everything vintage for free. The coupon code was for, 15 free photos to place an ad. I hope that helps. Lori

  • Charlotte

    I have for sale a stunning burgundy vintage size 10 70s channel suit with gilt lion head buttons on the boucle coat and a silk shirt. I’ve also a rare crocodile handbag,to match. It looks really fab, just so sad my middle age spread prevents me from wearing it. It’s my pride and joy and just looking at it and owning it has given me so much pleasure. I can send pictures via email.

  • Ethan Neemo king

    I’m selling men’s / women’s vintage handbags and jumpers all items must go make me an offer people all my items are in good condition if you have an iPhone or email address I can show you pics call me on 07883168736

  • Ethan Neemo king

    Im clearing out my 1980s men’s/women’s clothes a lot of bargains on jumpers and hand bags call me on 07883168736

  • chinpan

    I have a 1970′s BIBA suit for sale. It’s the equivalent of a size 4 in todays sizes and is brown with tiny cream-coloured flowers with a peplum attached to the top. The half sleeves are very fitted with a pointed end.

    I also have a 1970′s Jane Shilton brown leather and snakeskin clutch bag with a gold chain.

    How can I sell them and know if I have been given a fair price?

    • Claire Robinson

      I run an auction house specialising in vintage fashion. I’d be happy to help you get the price you want for your items.


  • lauren Stovall

    Hi everyone I have recently started a web-based online store as I have been a collector of vintage, mainly unique timeless pieces for a while and started to turn it into a business. I am interested in some tips on how to get my business out to the public and beyond my home state of Michigan. Take a look at the site I am open to feedback, and would appreciate some selling tips. Thanks Lauren

  • Micha

    Hi, I’m currently setting up my first business and I’m going to opening up a vintage boutique in West Yorkshire. I would like to specialise in designer vintage clothing and also one off pieces of vintage furniture. If you have any items which you would like to sell I would be very interested and would really appreciate it if you could maybe contact me. Feel free to message me back. Thanks. Micha

    • Anna

      Hi Micha,
      What are you interested in, as I have a lot of ladies fashion clothes from the 70 ans 80′s. Would that be of interest to you?

    • Louise

      misha I have a lether vasarc (i cant spell it) suit which was my nans I think its a limited addition, its blue n very nice skirt suit I would b very intrested in sellin it

    • theodora

      hi micha,
      I have a lot of vintage dresses 50s-80s,jumpers, skirts jewelry, designer vintage shoes(ferragamo, bally), bags- ostrich, crocodile.
      I am moving back home in april and want to get rid of a lot my items.
      very reasonable price as I understand you would want to make profit.
      please contact me via email – then maybe you can have a look at my items and take whatever you like.

      • Tee

        hi theodora

        i am only interested in your jewelleries are they still available?

        please do contact me if they are.



    • Heather Jackson

      Hi Micha i do not know if this is of any interest i am soon to give up my little vintage shop due to health reasons , i am there fore looking at selling everything i have left. let me know if interested. shop is based in East yorkshire
      Regards Heather

      • Tee

        hi heather

        have you still got them? especially you vintage jewellery.



    • Irene

      Hi Micha,
      I have rather a lot of vintage too. Some designer stuff,
      Farhi, Burberry, Browns, Jean Muir, joseph,hobbs etc.
      Also have some good vintage articles such as mirrors, lights, furniture etc.
      Please email me if interested.

    • Helen Elsworth

      Hi Micha
      I’ve got some original 1940′s girls clothes that I’m thinking of selling. Would you be interested in them?

      We’re based in West Yorkshire so could bring them over for you to look at

  • Claire Robinson

    Hi there!

    You are totally right about auctions! they are a great way to buy and sell vintage!

    I run a specialised vintage fashion auction house called Circa Vintage Auctions. being specialised, I appeal to a niche crowd and get a great response and result for my clients :)

    Stop by sometime.


    • Helen Elsworth

      I’ve got some original 1940′s girls/toddler clothing that I’m thinking of selling. I think they could be quite rare.

      Is this the sort of thing that you’d be able to auction?

  • James Scott

    I have a mens Gucci leather jacket for sale, highest quality leather and in excellent condition. If interested email me: and will be happy to send pictures.

    • Claire Robinson

      Hi James,

      I run a vintage fashion auction house called Circa Vintage Auctions! I May be able to help you sell your jacket.

      Kindest regards,


  • Jen

    I have a few bags full of 70′s women clothes with a few bits for men most of the stuff is brand new some still sealed – it was a loft find – shoes, dresses, jackets and more. based in south london. contact if you would like to see pictures.

  • Star

    I have a Giorgio Armani vintage black t shirt with kimino cut sleeves and a quilted monkey hanging from a branch holding a banana on the front. It says made in Italy and I dont know how old it is but I have had it about 20 years and the person who gave it to me had had it a long time too. Does anyone have any idea where I could sell it, find out more about it, or what it might be worse. It has been worn.

    • Claire Robinson

      Hi Sarah,

      how are you?

      I run a vintage fashion auction house- Circa Vintage Auctions! I May be able to help you sell your items.

      Kindest regards,


  • carlygaga

    I have approx 20 items of womens vintage clothing, small size, printed dresses, skirts etc, all v good condition from 60′s/70′s that im looking to sell. Is anyone interested? im based in london.

    • Claire Robinson

      Hi Carly,

      I run a vintage fashion auction house called Circa Vintage Auctions! I May be able to help you sell your vintage items. we can arrange an insured courier if you cannot make it to our base in the West Midlands.

      Hope this helps

      Kindest regards,


  • kirsty

    Hi, i have a pair of mens flared jeans from the 70′s (unworn) by Brutus for sale, drop me a line if anyone is intrested.

    • Matthew

      I could be interested in your brutus jeans? also any shirts if you have some?? If you could let me know how much you wanted for them I would be most grateful.


      • Ethan Neemo king

        Hi Matt I got men’s vintage 80s jumpers

  • tom

    Been collecting since 1980 and have a 30 by 60 foot ware house full plus a store 20 by 100 full. im getting older and it’s time to start reducing stock. You name it i believe i have it. tom

    • Joe

      Tom, where are you based?

      • Denver

        Tom where are living? would be interested

    • Steve

      Hi Tom Im interested, can I have a list please

  • Anne

    Try The Barras in Glasgow. There is a really long clothing stall there, piled randomly with clothes of all sorts for men, women and childen. You’ll have to rummage but the prices are incredibly low.

  • Ade

    I have a whole heap of Channel suits , shoes and bags .The suits are like the ones that Jaqueline Onasis looked so beautiful in – also other designer lables

    • aviv

      hi im interesting
      please send me an email

    • Hollie

      Hi I’m really interested . Can you send me some pictures pls x

    • Claire Robinson

      Hi Ade,

      Did you have any luck selling your Chanel suits?

      I run a vintage fashion auction house called Circa Vintage Auctions and may be able to help with these and any other items you’re considering selling.

      kindest regards,


  • James

    anyone after quality american vintage sweatshirts from the 90s, i have many in stock, ONE OF A KIND
    we have:
    Major league baseball
    If interested add lost’n found vtg on facebook and offer me a price

    • marlene

      are you selling any of these items? i would be most interested.

  • Kristen

    I have a 1970′s Lillie Rubin sweep chiffon 2-tone evening gown with pearl and sparkling rhinestones in the center of the dress. I am wanting to find out how much it may be worth. (and who I could sell it to if I decide to do so) Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • ethan king

    any one looking for cheap vintage clothing in the uk please contact me 07883168736

  • Jennie

    Anyone looking to sell womens or mens vintage clothes? We are always on the look out for new stock. Email with a description and photos of the items you would like to sell and we will get back to you asap!
    Big love,

  • becky

    heed an egent who will be helping me to source for good items like shoes cloths, pls if you can drop your contacts,thanks

  • laura

    Hi I have a vintage 1980′s gorgeous camel dress it has never been worn and even has the original tags attached! I’m keen to sell it -is anyone interested?

  • Aimee

    This is a great article, very helpful. Is anyone looking for a bundle of womens brand new and worn once/twice clothing? I have 33 items by designer and high street brands which I’d like to sell as a lot of single items. They’re all in super condition and there is a variety of tops,dresses,skirts,hoodies,jeans etc.

    Let me know if you’d like more information and pictures etc. Thanks


    • laura

      Hi, please can you tell me what designer pieces you have and what sizes they are…and how much you want for them?

    • becky

      hello AIMEE tell me how much, their designer’s name, and sizes

  • R. Cochran

    In making money from Vintage clothing, here in the USA, it is imperative that people know where to find YOU. Consignment, advertising in community newspapers to have people allow you to go through their attics, closets and then perhaps even offer to buy something there on the spot is the way to go.
    If an older woman calls and asks if you might be interested in looking at some *clothes and costume jewelry* she has had for 50 years and wants to get rid of, you have to hop on that IMMEDIATELY. If you are not creative in how you procur vintage goodies, you will find your money flying out the door, or you are purchasing loads of stuff at an overpriced auction that barely covers your expenses to get there to bid.
    Questions you ask before you go are simple. Some are obvious as well. Be a good listener. If she is 80 years old and is talking about a few necklaces she wore in high school take notice,
    “Could you describe to me a few of the items you are talking about?” ( I got a beautiful Estate Sale 1940′s mouton coat for 5 bucks that way) you will often find gems galore that way.Listen to THEIR descriptions. They may talk about an *old* dress with a lot of beads fromn the 20′s that is a deliciously marketable flapper dress you can sell quickly in a niche market.
    Bottom line, you are the*expert* in procuring vintage items to sell.Our shop MILLAA BOUTIQUE is known for items for women who don’t run with the crowd.It is our tagline. Establish YOURSELF as the *go to *
    boutique or person in your community.It will mean a world of diference.

  • smitoni

    I have a large assortment of designer and hand made clothes from Italy ie Benny Ong,Jaeger,Mondi,La Differance (Monte Carlo),Cerrutti,Jane(Couture),Ungaro(Paris)Josephine(Hand made)Jouve,Basler,Vanessa Aspection,Max Mara,Valentino etc that I am looking to sell. I will sell individually but it would be great if any one could take bulk. My email is for any enquiries regarding descriptions size etc.

    • Joanne

      Hi smitoni i would be interested in having a look at your clothes would it be possible for you to email some pics? thanks look forward to hearing from you !

    • Tee

      hi smitoni

      i will be interested in vintage costume jewelry. email me pictures if you have any.



  • undershirt

    Thanks for posting this kind of a terrific site. this blog was not just knowledgeable but also very inventive too. There usually are a minimal number of web owners who can create technical stuff that creatively. we look for articles about a subject such as this. I have gone in detail through numerous web sites to find understanding regarding this.Maintain writing in !!

  • Kate Browne

    I live in Canterbury and have quite a few women’s vintage pieces from the 70′s and 80′s if anyone is interested, all in excellent condition. Please contact me on my email address. Thanks, Kate.

  • alison

    I live near Bristol and have the last part of my collection of vintage clothes for sale. I am hoping to sell in one lot. There are some fairly ordinary clothes as well as valentino, christian lacroix shoes. If anyone is interested please contact me on my email address

    • Caroline

      Hi Alison

      I would be interested. Can you let me know what items, conditions, etc….pics would be good.


  • Denise

    For anyone wishing to sell collections of good quality vintage menswear then feel free to contact Denise @
    Please state what you have for sale and how much you would want for it, include a few pics if you can and we will get back to you.

  • lee

    northern quarter, manchester -better than camden locks by a mile in my opinion!!!

  • Camden Market

    Thanks for making this post, Camden Lock has lots to offer every type of visitor, and it’s what makes it one of London’s top tourist attractions.