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Knock knock – what to do if the bailiffs are at your door

Knock knock – what to do if the bailiffs are at your door

Having bailiffs knock on the door is the stuff of nightmares. The thought of having your possessions taken away is enough to run anyone’s blood cold. Three years ago, the government attempted to strengthen bailiffs powers by allowing access to property without the owners’ permission. The proposals were dropped, but resisting the bailiff remains a complicated and stressful issue and it’s important to know your rights.

Who calls in the bailiffs?

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Distressed creditors, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and magistrates pursuing court fines can use private debt collectors or public bailiffs to recover the money they are owed. Debt collectors are private firms; bailiffs are Crown officials. Therefore, debt collectors do not enjoy the same powers as bailiffs: they cannot enter a debtor’s house and they cannot seize property; bailiffs can.

You may get the knock on the door if you consistently refuse to pay council tax, business rates, personal debts, parking charge notices (PCNs), congestion charges, child support, the Inland Revenue, VAT or magistrates’ court fines. Creditors must obtain a ‘warrant of execution’ from a County Court in order to commence sequestering property.

What a bailiff can and can’t do

  • A bailiff cannot force their way into your property. That includes pushing their way past you when you open the door to them, or leaving their foot in the door to prevent you closing it. Such action is technically illegal.
  • They are not allowed to use violence.
  • A bailiff can gain access to your property legitimately by using an open window or an unlocked door. Providing they have a magistrate’s warrant, bailiffs recovering money owed to HMRC are allowed to break into the debtor’s property.
  • Creditors can punish mortgage defaulters by obtaining an eviction order from a County Court. Then, bailiffs are entitled to break into the defaulter’s house.
  • Bailiffs recovering unpaid magistrates’ court fines have the power to force entry without a warrant in all circumstances.
  • A bailiff cannot confiscate essentials – like clothes, most furniture and the ‘tools of the trade’, such as a computer used for work.
  • Obviously, they cannot take anything that is rented or hired – that would defeat the object.
  • They may take non-essentials, such as televisions, personal computers, cars and garden equipment.

What you can do

  • You do not have to let the bailiffs in.
  • It is better to negotiate with your creditors and seek re-ordering payments than give up your property.
  • If there is any doubt you owe money, the Citizen’s Advice Bureau warn against handing property over to bailiffs: complying with bailiffs’ demands is an admission of guilt and will count against any debt dispute lodged later.
  • Obtaining leverage over bailiffs is difficult because they are self-regulated, though there are plans to create an independent watchdog soon.
  • Bailiffs and debt collectors are bound by the Office of Fair Trading’s debt collection guidelines, which forbid harassment and threatening behaviour. However those guidelines are open to loose interpretation. The Citizens Advice Bureau claim that of 500 cases involving bailiffs, nearly a quarter had abused their powers, some even threatened debtors with imprisonment.
  • If a bailiff is overbearing or exceeds the terms of their remit, contact the Office of Fair Trading.
  • If you are physically threatened by a bailiff, report the incident to the police.

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36 responses to “Knock knock – what to do if the bailiffs are at your door”

  1. Pauline Haigh says:

    Our friend moved into a housing association flat 2 years ago. Ever since he has had a stream of bailiffs from various companies asking for the previous tenant. She apparently owes about £60,000 for various things including catalogue debt and parking fines. Andy keeps his passport and tenancy agreement near the door to show to bailiffs calling, but some still threaten him with bringing locksmiths to enter the premises and seize goods. How can he stop this from happening? It is causing him to suffer from depression and to be afraid to leave home in case he comes home to find his things taken.

  2. Toyin says:

    Need help. I mostly live abroad most of the year. I visit the Uk to see my kids for about 2 months a year and spend a few days at the house. I am separated from my ex partner.
    She recently got a letter in my name for a warrant of control from the bailiff for an old debt of mine. She is obviously scared that her properties will be taken, especially as some were originally bought by me. I am completely broke at the moment as I am being owed for work done abroad. How do I handle this situation. what do I do as its a big problem with my ex now.

  3. Junior says:


    i received baillif letter for a parking ticket and a bus lane ticket.

    Went to council and paid them both but lady at counter failed to realise i was short on one of the tickets.

    In effect i have cleared one debt but, owe half on the other. I went back to council and same lady said she couldn’t take payment due to my records being sent to bailiff.

    She took payment days earlier even though my records were with bailiffs.

    Bailiffs are threatening to seize personal and tools of trade goods.

    They say council shouldn’t have accepted the payments.

    In any case do i still have to pay the original bailiff costs?

    Please help

  4. Emma Copley Was Hewitson says:

    bristow and suter have been to my property today i was at work but my son was home alone he is 16 he came out of his bedroom to find the bailiff outside his bedroom door as he had let himself in through the unlocked bk door are they allowed to do that without going through the court and having a warrent i thought only county court baliffs could do that

  5. Jeff says:

    I’ve recently received a letter from bailiffs demanding payment of a parking fine. I have paid the fine and the price of one letter they sent. I have refused to pay for two visits they say they have made to my property as they have no proof that they visited. (I have only received one letter) They are now saying that will return with a police officer to demand payment of £100 or have me arrested. This is a for a parking ticket dont forget. Can they do this or are they just using intimidation tactics. We called the local police who said the could attend with them????

  6. William says:

    I have work out th country for over six years now i left in quite a bit of debt to about 4 different creditors . I have now return to uk to live what should i do about them just leave them still or do i go bankrupt l also i want to set a new bank and i want to use a family address do i put them at risk of balliffs cause that will be the only know address in 6 years .

  7. anon1234 says:

    i had a bailiff knocking on my door twice left 2 letters but they are for some 1 who use to live at this house they owe like 1500 pound to british gas but the tennent has not lived in this house for a fair few months so why are they still thinking tht guy lives here i just ignored the bailiffs shud i tell them or ignore them full stop?

  8. chris glover says:

    Hi my partner received a letter saying she owes the electric company money because we didn’t cancel electric when we moved out. but we were told to leave the electric in our old landlords name so is it his debt or ours. The debt recovery has given us 10 days to pay other wise legal proceedings will be taken against us but then say we have 14 days to pay a one off discounted payment what can we do?


    Chris Glover.

    • SysReboot says:

      you are responsible for the debt up to the day you physically handed the keys over to the property. If you can prove to the electric company that you ceased to be the tenant/owner of that property on a specific date, they can & will adjust their billing to take that into consideration, some try to persuade you otherwise.

  9. lindsey says:

    Hi i owe 1899.00 to a loan company called provident. I havnt made payment to them in 5yrs. Due to other debts. Iv now had letters of wescott demanding payment. Im noout of work due. to ill health. Where do i stand with them as there now due to do a home visit!! Iv dealt with these before over my c/t bill and there not very nice to bargin with. What happens or where do i stand??

    • SysReboot says:

      as far as i’m aware, if you have had no contact with them at all in 6years or more, then the debt becomes unenforceable. however, if you respond to any letters or speak to them on the phone, then the date is reset to that point. you should also ask them for a copy of the original CCA (consumer credit agreement), if they can’t provide a CCA, the debt is unenforceable.

  10. zee says:

    Me and my EX partner started having problems mid 2011 and he finally moved out at the end of the same year, clearing out the flat as he left.

    We use to share a car between us…but on the day he left…i was using the car so it was not available for him to drive away in.

    We tried sorting out the bills and what was owed on rent and council tax etc…but to no avail, i couldn’t locate his whereabouts. He had changed his number, gave me a false address, and left his job.

    As i couldn’t get hold of my ex i didn’t want to drive his car without him knowing…(as he was the sort of person that would probably turn around and say i had stolen the car from him) i declared the car off the road and kept it in a friends garage from Jan – May.

    I left the country in February 2012 and returned back in the UK on the 30th April 2012. Upon my return tried to contact my ex again but could not get through to his number. I took out insurance and got it serviced & MOT’d etc & I then transferred the vehicle into my name.

    I found a letter addressed to my ex sitting with all the trash/junk mail in the communal area in mid-june, and i opened it. Only for it to be a notice of ‘intent to visit property’.

    I then called the agency and told them that my ex did not live in the property and i did not know where he was and also now the vehicle was mine….and if we can come to some agreement here. I was told that nothing can be done until the bailiff comes to the property, in which case you prove that you live in the property (i.e produce a tenancy agreement) and also prove the vehicle is now yours (produce a valid logbook).

    A few weeks later (today) there is another notice in the communal area addressed to my ex that a bailiff has visited, this is the amount owing and to contact the mobile number on the letter.

    I called the agent and explained the situation, told him i had acrimoniously split up withe the person in question and i did not know his whereabouts. i also explained that the vehicle now belongs to me and i live in the property on my own. And as advised by one of his colleagues i can show the proof you require.

    Unfortunately the agent was having none of it, he told me that there is an outstanding fine on the vehicle and it needs to be paid, he told me i was lying that the vehicle now belonged to me, he said he was looking at a dvla system and it shows clearly that the vehicle belongs to me ex.
    I again told him that i had a logbook with my name on it, and i can get hold of my landlord and he can confirm that i live at the property on my own.

    After me saying this to him, he then told me that the fine still stands until it has been paid and it is now my concern as i am in the property and i have the car….


    • Shottaz says:

      Hi Zee, Dont worry about notin! if you have registered the vehicle in your name and you have a tenancy agreement then NO BAILIFF can touch you. As long as the debt was not in joint names (Yours & his) i mean. If they ever come around then DO NOT open the door and when the bailiff leaves a note with the debtn written on it, just phone the main landline number of the bailiffs company and tell them the same. Once this is done this debt will not come back to your house unless your ex comes back to the house. I hope this is some help?

  11. Louise says:

    Hi I have been visited by bailffs for a fine I received for a driving offence in january. There was initially a mix up with the courts which meant they sent me two fines for one offence, I rang them to ask which one I was to pay, I was told they would look into it, I admit I should of rang them a week later to confirm but when I get in from work they are already closed. I decided to await the letter, which surprisingly came 2 weeks later at the same time as a letter from swift bailffs, I rang the bailiff to explain the situation and was told I could no longer deal with the courts and would have to pay them direct in full. I explained this would be impossible, to no avail, I have had three visits from baillifs and I was at work at the time, every evening they came they wouldn’t answer there mobile number, in the end I payed 100 pounds direct to the court, to which they responded by saying I would no longer be able to pay them as I need to go to the bailiff. All though they accepted my payment. The bailiff came today while I was out, I rang the number finally they Answered stating they will not be accepting any payment other than the full amount, I have no funds available, he gold me he’s coming at 6 am with a locksmith to gain access to my goods, it appears these people only want to create dispare and to make money out of misfotune. I told the bailiff this would of been sorted by now if they would comply, but they won’t they are again increasing my bill tomorrow by 175 pounds making the total bill 895 for A fine of 450 which I have tried to pay over and over again, what can I do other than tying a rope around my neck before they come.

    • Eddie Dilsworth says:

      Hello Louise,

      This site will help you, They deal with this all the time.

      And it’s all free!



  12. carly says:

    Hi I have received a 24 hour full payment letter from baliffs for my old council tax bill at a prevvious address. I contacted this comapny last week and a girl told me they had nothing on there systems for debt? But then clearly there is? What can I do as I’m willing to pay the debt just can’t pay it all in full and baliffs can be hard work?

    • Hello Carly. I was concerned about this and asked the CCCS what they thought about the situation. This is what they say: “While it’s important that they come to an agreement to pay the debt, it seems strange that the council couldn’t find the records.
      If they called the bailiff company it could be worth calling the council instead to make sure that it’s a legitimate letter. They should be able to confirm the amount outstanding and who they should contact to make an arrangement to pay.

      Once they get through to the right department they can make them aware of their situation and make an offer that they can afford. If they can’t pay the amount in full they should be happy with instalments provided they can clear it within a relatively short period of time.”

  13. Clare says:


    Wondering if someone can help me with some advice?

    My partner and myself entered an IVA in August 2011.

    Included in the IVA was the whole of the years worth of council tax.

    We then moved property in the November, unbeknown to us that we would then become liable to council tax payments for the new property.

    When it became apparent by letter stating court action i called the IVA company and told them and was called back later on being told i have nothing to worry about and that the matter has now been sorted and that no bailiffs will be contacting us.

    2 days ago a bailiff called while i was at work.

    I had no idea that the bailiffs had been instructed.

    The bailiff is demanding £623 plus his own fees of £254 and has given me 30 days to pay.

    I have not let him into the property and have spoken to him only on the phone.

    Yesterday he offered me a payment plan but today has said that he spoke to his office and they have said to him that he can’t take a payment plan and wants the money in full otherwise will take goods.

    I feel like i’m going round in circles.

    Have rang and emailed the local council in relation to this, my IVA company have also sent an email to them to say there was a breakdown in communication.

    The bailiff has been quite misleading in saying he would accept a payment plan and then going back on it. He was also very rude and asked personal questions as to why i couldn’t pay my council tax in the first place and became very agressive when questioned about the fee he’s trying to charge.

    I haven’t refused to pay, in fact have offered two different payment amounts but he is insisting on full payment in 30 days.

    Can anyone offer any advice?

  14. UMIT says:

    I owe business rate from Council I tried make a payment monthly but they sent to baliff they are asking me now
    around £300 more money which I owed and also they want to me pay them cash straight away unfournetly I dont have any money to pay straight i offered them monthly but they didnt accepted what shall I do I have got little baby 11 months and my wife getting a lot of stress nearly heart attacked.
    could you adviced me what shall we do ?

    • The first thing you should do is go to the Citizens Advice Bureau ( and get them to negotiate for you. They can contact your local Council and help you sort out the situation with them.

  15. ceri says:

    Hi I have recently stopped claiming as I started a new job, it didn’t work out as I was only recieveing 34pound a week (got the wage slips) I have an outstanding fine with courts for none tv licence reaching bk to 2008 but wasn’t living anywhere at the time my mum was renting for us both, I moved out may 5th 2009 before my daughter was born I had a knock on the door the other day from the bayliff telling me I had too pay in full I have 2 younge kids n right before xmas it isn’t possible I rung swift to try n explain what’s going on but they will not help n said I have too go through the bayliff! Bayliff returned but as I had a miscarage a week ago iv been in 4 all sorts of test I’m worryed he cn come n arrest me I have 2 kids 24/7 so if they do my kids will have too go into care, is there anything I can do the outstanding amount is 294.00 I have asked for 2weeks n I will find the money too pay but they keep sending the bayliffs here, can some1 give me advice I kno I’m in the rong 4 not contacting them or paying but with no benifit its hard, thanks all x

  16. anonim says:

    We are 1 couple ,living in tenancy .
    Whit us 1 lives 1 older guy and he has problem with tax man-not payed on time his tax rtns and receided letters from to pay.
    Thi older guy which is not related to us on any form,has spoken with the debt colectors once and he told us he started to call the INRev. to pay his taxes and that everything is sorted.
    He lied to us ,previously and now he did it again,as TODAY he gor an other letter from debt collectors.
    This Guy, and aked whay he got the letter,why he didn’t payed his deeds,he becamed very angry and said”I don’t have to prove to you that i have payed my taxes,does not concern you”.

    Our concer is we leave for log time @ this adress with contract ,we are good tenants and we don’t want to have any problems on our tenamcy,or someone coming and braking our door….
    Why shoul we pay for this Selfish guy problem?
    Need advice,guidance, and what measure to take further,taking in consideration we have previously advise him to sort his tax problem and py….still he lied all the way through…lied to us.
    Many thanks.

    Pls post anser on web site too as email provided is not genuine.

  17. amanda bridgeman says:

    i have a company demanding my debt be paid with 6 monthly payments,i cannot afford to do that or i would.
    we have a mobility car and they said that if we refused to pay the bailifs will clamp the car..can they do this as the car is not our..the debt is for a parking ticket..we went 7mins over paid time.

    • SysReboot says:

      i’m dubious that they can take the car if it doesn’t belong to you, & if they are debt collectors, then they have no authority to do so anyway, especially if the car is not parked in an area they control. that would be classed as acting out of their jurisdiction.

      write to them, explaining you can’t afford the amounts they are asking, & offer them a reduced amount over a longer period (an amount you can comfortably afford), it is in their best interests to receive the money as quickly as possible, but it is not in their best interests to prolong it or complicate matters more. so any reasonable offer is likely to be accepted.

  18. emma says:

    Hi I have a café which was temporarily shut for a week due to other commitments. We have a new 6 year lease after an initial 3 year one that started in 2008. The landlord sent me a text on the 28th October asking of me to let him know when the rent was going to be in his bank, I did not reply as I received the text on the 2nd November when I turned my phone on, I rang him but his phone was off.
    Later that day I received a call off my dad saying two guys had been round to his house looking for me. I came to it was Steve, my landlord’s builder. I immediately contacted Steve asking what he wanted he said that my Landlord was looking for me I told him I have tried to contact him but his phone is off. But I asked him to tell my Landlord that I would have his rent a week on Wednesday, full. Later I got another phone call off Steve who told me I needed to contact the landlord urgently or he was sending the locks smiths into premises, I then called landlord again. He said to me that he’d already changed the locks, so I said to him how do I enter the premises he said I will need my rent which was due the end of October (29th to be exact). I have been in the premises nearly 4 years and recently the rent has been late on occasions due to lack of business, but was eventually paid in full and always within 2 weeks of the date.
    Then I phoned the landlord and asked him what is going on with my equipment and personal belongings. He has published on the windows indicating that the café is closed with my names on there too. Of course our loyal customers had already started calling and texting saying how sorry they’re to know that we’ve had closed. At the beginning, it was all news as my landlord was only talking of his rent and nothing about the notices insisting to them that I would be back soon and was only having a short holiday.
    The landlord insists the bailiffs do this as a part of changing the locks. It doesn’t make sense really the whole thing as I thought bailiffs weren’t locksmiths also. My dad has opened my post at his address and he said there’s a letter dated the 03/ 11/2011 from landlord’s solicitors stating that their client has repeatedly received late payment from us on a monthly occurrence. It asks of me to contact them to arrange payment and setup a standing order soon.
    There is no mention of locksmiths or bailiffs. All the while, the locks had already been changed. My landlord is insisting I honor the lease something I was happy to until I learned the news of the closure had swirled round the village so much reopening would be an uphill struggle in this economic climate. I have now decided it may not worth us going back and decided to call it a day.
    But it’s the manner in which my landlord has acted that has riled me most. It seems like underhand methods of getting money out of me. We too query his repossession of the shop without notice while insisting we honor the lease. We’re seeking assistance in the matter considering we may also have had a 21 day period in our lease for him to take any action and besides, he’d also accepted late/or part payments since the start of the year at least. I have also discovered that the Bailiff is in joint business with the landlords other business auctioneer site where he sells on second hand goods I think this has got a lot to do with why he has changed the locks to sell my partners property on which is in the premises it’s not even mine.

    Many thanks


  19. antmania says:

    Hi my partner has had two vistes by a man who is looking for me he wont tell her what it is a bout further more he is saying that the company dont belive i dont live there anymore which i dont he has said that she will have to this letter and the baliffs will be calling can they take anything out of the house as its. A fully furnised property and the landlord owns everything.

  20. kat hall says: kids went to an independent steiner school.They loved it but over the years i got into debt with the school.the school knew this and i was always trying to pay whatever,whenever.the school operates on verbal agreements and trust and the last year, there was a verbal agreement that i would pay off the debt when my daughter had left.They gave me about 10 days to respond to their letters and then slapped me with debt collec letterthe day after my daughters last day there.It is a school based on a particular ethos and i would not allowed my daughter to continue if i knew they dealt with d.collects.Also there was a verbal agreem that i could pay a certain amout with school manager over phone but she is denying this.I am not giving any money to debt coll but still giving a certain amout to the school and they are receiving this and have told d.c that but i refuse to pay d.c.I am also trying to show the school up as completely incompetent and going against their original ethos of the school.This is alternative educaion .They even sent me the wrong account details in an email in which to set up a standing order.Basically,if u tell one person something at school, it just wont get thru to anu one else so info is always lost.I feel completely betrayed cos this is a tiny school and the parents make it happen as it is all about community.I use to play my clarinet for their advent market and make cakes and knit stuff.Any matters were aways discussed until the very end.I believe they wanted me in the school so that they could get as much money out of me as deceiving on their part.The school was originally set up in deprived socio economic areas so underpriveledged kids could go there.How ironic they are so quick to get in with d.c.The school was also in the news with the environmentalists and power station radcliffe on soar and with under cover cop, mark stone.Hit the news big time.yes it was this school used so their reputation is already a bit battered.sit at mo is i am paying school 30pd per month.I owe them 3.5 000 but i am on benefits.The school was unusual cos it allowed people om income support or benefits to go to the school unlike other private schools.They are not happy with the amount im paying and want me to pay 150pd p month.any ideas?k hall

  21. Bogdan Swiderski says:

    Hi,I have a missed last payment, because I am Jobseeaker Allowance.
    I don’t have a benefits from job centre, I am waiting for.
    Now have received a goods collection letter from bristow and sutor if I don’t pay £976 they will be here to collect good well over the sum of wich i owe!I send to them letter and email with question about late payment because I am unemployed.
    They don’t agree.
    What I can do with this?Please could you give me ahelp.

    • CCCS Counsellor says:

      Hi Bogdan,

      Your creditor has sent your debt to the County Court and they have issued a County Court Judgement. As you have not replied to their paperwork with an offer of payment, your debt has now been passed to Bristow and Sutor, a bailiff company who have been asked to enforce the County Court Judgement. They will now ask for payment of the debt in full, and if it is not paid the company is authorised by the court to take possession of your property in order to sell then to repay the debt.

      If you have no contact with the courts or the bailiffs they will charge for their visits and if you allow the bailiffs entry they will take what is called ‘walking possession’ of your goods.

      Walking possession means they will make a list the goods, which they will then legally own, and give you seven days to pay off your debt in full before returning to take them away. They can force entry on the second visit (supported by the police) to collect the listed goods.

      The most important thing to remember is that you are not obliged to allow the bailiffs into your property. This means you should not allow any children in the house to answer the door.

      You can stop the bailiff action by applying to the court for a Variation Order N245. You will be exempt from any court costs because you are in receipt of benefits. The Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS) can help you compile a financial statement to prove that you are unable to afford more than a token £1 a month.

      I would strongly recommend that you contact a free debt charity such as CCCS to seek advice on how to do this. CCCS has a freephone helpline on 0800 138 1111, open Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm.

      If the bailiffs come before you are able to do this, tell them (through a closed door) that you are involving a third party to make an application for a variation of payments to the County Court Judgement.

      Kind Regards,

  22. CCCS Counsellor says:

    Hi Ayse,

    If you want to put in a defence and did not have the opportunity to do this, you could apply to have the judgment set aside.
    You need to complete an N244 form to apply for an order to do this.

    A District Judge will then decide if there are sufficient grounds to set aside the judgement if any of the following conditions apply:

    • The court thinks you have a real chance of a successful defence to the claim.
    • The court thinks there is another good reason why the judgment should be set aside.

    Although you say you did not receive the court papers, the court will not always agree that this is a good reason to set aside the judgment. The court is allowed to send the papers to your usual or last known address.

    There is a fee of £75, but if you are on benefits or cannot afford to pay the fee you should complete an EX160 Fee Remission Form.

    You should be aware that an order for costs may be made against you if your application does not succeed.

    If the judgement is set aside, you will have another opportunity to reply to the claim form, make an offer of payment or enter any defence or counterclaim. Having a judgment set aside does not wipe out the proceedings altogether but the details will be removed from the Register of Judgments, Orders and Fines until a new judgment is made.

    If you would like further advice regarding this, you can call our free helpline on 0800 138 1111. Lines are open from 08.00 until 20.00 Monday to Friday.

    Kind regards

  23. CCCS Counsellor says:

    Hi Stuart,

    You should try to come to an arrangement either directly with the bailiff or ask the local authority to withdraw the warrant and take the debt back. Most local authorities will want to come to an arrangement with you if it results in regular payments. It’s important to do this straight away because the bailiffs can add costs to your bill for each visit they make.

    If you think that the bailiffs are not acting in a ‘fair way’ by referring you from one office to another and denying knowledge of your previous conversation, then you can put in a complaint to whoever instructed the bailiff, for example the local authority.

    Your council may be able to apply for deductions if you are receiving certain benefits.

    If you have not already done so, it would be advisable to back up your offer of payment with a copy of your income and expenditure. Make sure you pay something rather than nothing at all.

    If you would like further help and assistance in putting a budget together, you can visit our online debt advice facility called Debt Remedy. Debt Remedy would assist you in completing a financial statement and you would be provided with tailored advice on the best way to deal with your situation. This link will take you directly to Debt Remedy

    Alternatively, if you would like to speak to one of our debt counsellors, you can call free on 0800 138 1111. Lines are open from 08.00 until 20.00 Monday to Friday.

    Kind Regards

  24. ayse says:

    my husband owned a lease on a commercial property for which he was unable to pay the rent in the last 6 months as the business had folded and he had been unable to find a tenant or sell on the lease, he was a sole trader. the landlord without warning changed the locks on the property and did not let my husband back in to remove personal items including paperwork and business equipment which was worth quite a few thousand pounds. we have a received a letter to say a county court judgement has been awarded to the landlord for rent arrears of which we received no prior notification. we phoned the appointed solicitors and explained the situation and that the amount being claimed was over the arrears and the fact that the landlord had my husbands possesions from the business. we were told it would be looked into and someone would call back. we have had no call and now had bailiffs call to cease our personal possesions , we are both unemployed, have no savings and only receive benefits which dont even cover our outgoings. what do we do?

  25. stuart s says:

    I have recently missed 2 payments when my benefits were suspended and had a 4 hr notice from the baliff. I rang him on friday and he agreed that if I pay an amount the following tuesday he should be able to reinstate and arrangement. When I rang him to make the payment he at first denied all knowledge of the previous conversation. He then said to ring the office and they will not deal and kep refering me back to the collecting baliff. I am stuck as to what to do and wonder if I can go back to the council involved (council tax debt) and ask them to deduct from my benefits despite this being a few years ago??? can anyone help

  26. Rob Irish says:


    I hope you may be able to shed some light for me.
    i have missed 2 payments over christmas of 10£ this is because my jobseakers alowance was stopped as i missed a signing day. when my claim was reinstated 2 weeks later i sent payments once more. i now have received a goods collection letter from bristow and sutor if i dont pay 390£ by the 6th of jan they will be here to collect good well over the sum of wich i owe!
    is there any thing i can do to delay them or make alternative payments?
    please help as this i feel they are very unfair towards people who are unemployed.

    Kind regards

    Rob Irish

    • Hi Rob, sorry to hear about this trouble you’re going through. You’ll need to give us more information, though, for us to help. I’ve spoken to about it and they say they may be able to help but they need more details, like it may be that you missed more payments previously or the timescale has been reduced but whatever the case £390 for two missed payments of £10 seems excessive to say the least. Give us more info and we’ll help where we can.


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