Decluttering Ideas

Get ready for some amazing de-cluttering ideas to help tidy up your homes, we’re gearing up for National Clear Your Clutter Day 2017 on Saturday 11th March.

It’s time to dig out your stash of unused or unwanted items to either sell, swap, donate, upcycle or recycle for a profit or for a sense of positive change.


Latest Ideas

APDO: professionals lead the battle to tackle Britain’s clutter

What’s the collective noun for a group of declutterers? ‘A tidiness’? ‘A straightening’, maybe?  or perhaps ‘a clearing’? It’s ... read more

How to sell vintage furniture and homeware

Have you got some vintage furniture – or bits and pieces you think might be vintage? Well, it’s quite ... read more

How to declutter at work

If your work desk is more empty Ribena cartons and crumpled post-its than neatly-tidied-away pens and finely-folded to-do lists, it’s ... read more

Make money from your home: garage, garden and attic

In these times of austerity more and more people are looking for ways that they can make money using ... read more

22 storage tips to save space and money

It’s a busy, cluttered world – and space is at a premium. The way we organise the world around ... read more

Declutter – how it could help you to lose weight

You can lose weight by decluttering. Studies have shown that people who get rid of mess and clutter around ... read more

How to upcycle dull items into fabulous homewares

Get creative and upcycle your clothes, furniture, tins, boxes and jars to make great ornaments and useful items around ... read more

4 ways to revamp your Wardrobe for Under a Tenner!

Most of us love to buy new clothes, but not so many of us can afford to all the ... read more

How to make money when you’re stuck at home

Are you stuck at home? Whether it’s because of bad weather, you’re not feeling well or you’re waiting for ... read more

How to make the most when selling online

Paul Treanor, from offers his top tips for getting the best value out of your spring clean by ... read more

Celebrity tips on how to clear your clutter

How to clear your clutter? It is a dilemma that we all have to deal with pretty much every day, and ... read more

Make money from vintage clothing

More and more people are buying and making money from vintage clothing. It’s official: second-hand is sexy. Endorsement from ... read more


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