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Make money now by donating sperm


As a result of a nationwide sperm donor shortage, a national sperm bank in Birmingham has been set up to encourage donors.

Some people are having to wait five years to get a sperm donation, so the new sperm bank plans to attract more people to donate sperm, particularly from ethnic minorities as 86% of sperm donated is from those with a white background, and distribute it across the country.


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The shortage has been encouraging women to seek out Danish Sperm banks, leading to the so-called ‘viking babies’ phenomenon.

If you’ve ever considered donating sperm then now is a great time for you to step forward and do your bit for the people of the UK.



spermeggTechnically, according to the HFEA, you can’t be paid for donating sperm but you are entitled to £35 to cover reasonable expenses.

It might seem an easy decision to make, it’s a fairly easy way to make some money if you’re a man (in fact it could be seen as a way to make money out of a leisure activity!), but you shouldn’t take the decision too lightly. 

A change in the law in 2005 means donation is no-longer anonymous and children can trace their biological parents at the age of 18.



According to the HFEA, a sperm donor has the following legal responsibilities:

  • You won’t be the legal parent of any child born as a result of your donation
  • You’ll have no legal obligation to any child born from your donation
  • You won’t be named on the birth certificate
  • You won’t have any rights over how the child will be brought up
  • You won’t be asked to support the child financially.

If you’re still interested then read our full article on making money donating sperm and eggs for the information you need.



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