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Make Money Selling Uni Books

So you’ve finished university, either for the summer or for good, and got a whole three months of idyllic sun to look forward to. The only problem is you’ve got no money to go out and enjoy yourself. Well fear not!

If you’re looking for a way to earn some money then why not sell some of your old university books? It’s win-win for everyone! You get rid of books you don’t need and make some money, and someone else gets the books they so desperately need for their course. Read on to find out on the steps you need to take…

Step 1: Establish whether your uni books are in a saleable condition
Step 2: To sell or not to sell?
Step 3: Get estimates
Step 4: Sell sell sell!


Step 1: Establish whether your uni books are in a saleable condition

You wouldn’t want to read books which are, well to put it lightly, simply unreadable for all the coffee and other stains on the page would you? Nor would your (potential) customers!

So make sure you separate those books which are in a readable condition to those which are really not.

At the end of the day, the books in a better condition will obviously sell for a higher price, so bear that in mind…



Step 2: To sell or not to sell?

Now that you’ve decided which books are in a saleable condition, you are instantly hit with another momentous decision: which books do I actually need to keep and which can go?

If you still are at university it might be the case that a book you used before might come in handy for the coming year ahead or might still be retained on your reading list.

So don’t be so quick to sell until you’ve checked whether you need the book next year or not.



Step 3: Get estimates

Now you’ve established which books you’re definitely selling, it’s time to find a site you can sell them on. There exists a plethora of sites which you can make use of, from Amazon to

Don’t rule out advertising your books across your university campus/university network. After all, you never know what you’ll find closer to home!



Step 4: Sell sell sell!

Now you’ve advertised your books via the internet or by posters around your university, it’s time to sit back and wait for all those lovely offers to come in.

A word of caution: if you are expecting to make a profit on any university books, while it’s not outside the realms of possibility, be prepared to be very disappointed. That is not to say that you won’t make any money however!


Have you made money selling university books? Or can you think of another way that university students can make money for summer? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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