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Blogging Mistakes – How to make more money

Starting a blog is a great way to make money for both those with a penchant for letters and the written word, as well as any business looking to provide insight and information to their customers. And while it might seem easy to an outsider, blogging can be quite a challenge when you constantly have to test yourself day in and day out. There are a number of ways to make money by blogging, but there are also a number of mistakes that can prevent your blog from drawing in high traffic and as a result prevent it from being monetized.


Top Blogging Mistakes

Not placing a high value on content

Content is kingThe internet as we know it is possessed of a certain throwaway nature, but that doesn’t mean your content should suffer the same fate. Everything you write on your blog should be consistently thought out, researched and well-written. Quality trumps quantity every time. One blog post of high quality will draw in more traffic than ten poorly and hastily written ones. Ensure that you take time to map out your ideas and develop a content strategy so that you can deliver content of high value every time you post.



Not having a strong webhosting provider

Starting a blog on a free provider such as Blogger is acceptable for the beginning, but if you’re serious about you’re blog making money you’re going to have to migrate to a paid webhosting provider sooner or later. And if you’re already with a webhosting provider, it’s crucial to make sure you’re getting the right option. Packages such as this one from 1&1 are a good example of what you should look for when opting for a paid webhosting provider. Ensure that you have your own unique domain name, have adequate storage and have an SSL certificate.


Relying too heavily on blog ads

While they do provide some income, blog ads, such as those through Google Adsense, only have a click through rate of around 0.1%. Furthermore they tend to undermine your blog’s main goal – that is, keeping visitors on your page – by encouraging them to leave. When a visitor encounters such ads on your site they immediately feel as though they are being sold something, and just like in the real world that invoke feelings of mistrust and suspicion. It’s not that they don’t have their place, but ads should be balanced with the rest of your blog’s content so they don’t seem too invasive to the visitor or reader.


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