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Tone of voice: the underrated key to a great CV

If you Google ‘how to write a good CV’, you’ll find plenty of good advice. But CV guides mostly ... read more

The cleaning uniform tax rebate – how to get your money back

Do you have to wear a uniform for work? Do you have to clean it yourself? If so, you ... read more

How to become a CPA

Those interested in a career in accounting are often inspired by the promise of career advancement, great earnings potential, ... read more

5 tips for getting more money from your boss

Do you deserve a pay rise? Maybe you’ve been working harder and staying later than everyone else in the ... read more

The career path to becoming a financial analyst

The field of finance is a tempting one for individuals from all types of education and career backgrounds. Many ... read more

5 things you can do to guarantee a raise this year

Ask anyone what they would change about their jobs, and chances are most people will say that they want ... read more

Help, I’m in my final year of university and have no idea what I want to do next

If you’re in your final year of university and wondering what comes next, you’re not alone.  Plenty of graduates ... read more

45 ways to get a job

Get a job with our great job-searching tips. Even in this tough market, there are still employment opportunities out ... read more

Child modelling- Money making hobby for your kids

Children and babies are used increasingly in advertising, both print and broadcast, to promote everything from clothes to household ... read more

6 jobs that aren’t as glamorous as you’d think

There are some jobs that sound so glamorous you’d give your arm to have a go at them. Lawyer, ... read more

Boost Your Job Prospects For Free

You can boost your job prospects for free by learning a new skill, language or set of facts. There are ... read more

How do you know if you need a DBS check?

Some readers have recently asked us “do I need a DBS check” for jobs they’re thinking of taking on. ... read more

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