Apr 13

Getting some cash together


You know those times when you really need to get some money in – ideally your own money that you’ve made yourself, but it can also include a bit of cheap borrowing?

Yes, those times.

Well, I’ve got one at the moment.

My mum and I have bought a flat for her and it has cleaned me out…right out…and now the builders need their money to get the bathroom sorted.

Time to get some cash in!



Quick money

So my first thought is how can I get some quick money in.

Here’s what I’m doing:

  • I’ve rented out my flat for a few weeks to people from abroad. That’s a bit of immediate cash.
  • I’m going through the mounds of junk that I still have and I’m gradually selling them on eBay. It’s slow money and not exactly millions but it’s surprising how it grows and it’s nice to make some space. Actually, I’ve been impressed by the comments on our Spring article here, particularly Emma’s suggestion which is “If you dont have time for individual listings on ebay then bundle up a joblot i.e. ladies tops size 12’s, baby girls bundle of 15 items etc. This aims your listings towards a wider market than just ladies who wear size 12 tops or someone with a baby girl, such as regular car booters or ebay power sellers themselves. Bundles attract buyers, sell fast and get rid of a pile of stuff rather than just the odd garment here or there!! Give it a try!!” I’m definitely going to do that as it sounds like a much quicker and easier way of selling.
  • I have also taken out a 0% balance transfer card, the Halifax one which offers 35 months (practically 3 years!) at 0%. I’ll be buying things with my normal card, getting lots of Avios points which I’ll use for my next flight, then transferring it to the 0% card which will enable me to pay it off for zero interest over a long period of time.

Phew! It’s a start…but not out of the woods yet.



Cutting back

The other thing I have to do is to cut back on my usual spending. That’s not so easy as you know, particularly while I’m not living in my own flat…all sorts of extra little costs come up!

However, I am able to:

  • Use as many freebies as possible:I was sent free cinema tickets for Meerkat Movies which I have now used; I’m using up points, vouchers, anything I’ve been given in the past that could be used day to day now.
  • Eat simply: I’m using up stuff in the fridge, freezer and cupboards and eating a lot of veggie dishes (I like them anyway so it’s not a chore!). I’m also saying ‘yes’ to more business lunches…that way I don’t have to cook in the evening!
  • Not go out so much: actually I need to stay in more to do more work to bring the cash in, but I’ve told friends that I’m cutting back at the moment so can we do things that don’t cost (much).

sunshine, sun, blue sky, wheel, sun sign, man in the sunI’m hoping this regime will be temporary…just a few months until it’s all paid…but in the meantime it’s quite a good discipline to get myself saving more.

Also, the sunny weather makes it SO much easier to save…I don’t know about you, but I find I don’t need to spend so much when it’s warm and bright. Let’s hope it lasts and lasts!

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