Nov 10

How rich are you? Maybe you’re richer than you feel

I could ask ‘how poor are you’ because that’s probably the way you feel. It doesn’t really matter how much money we have – even if it’s millions – “being rich” is so much more of a mindset than actual money that most of us probably feel we’re poor, or at least struggling…never having quite enough.

Channel 4 TV Programme

Channel 4 is about to run a programme all about the growing divide between haves and have-nots – between benefits and bling – with some startling facts and figs.

As a Londoner I can quite believe one of the stats that the cost of all the property in London alone is more than the combined value of all the property in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Prices here are insane and getting worse.

Also, on the website, as part of the programme, they enable you to work out how rich you are personally, compared to the rest of the country.

Try their ‘How Rich Are You’ calculator and you could be surprised.

A few years ago Channel 4 had a Rich-o-meter which showed you where you were, in terms of earnings, compared to the rest of the UK and compared to the rest of the world.

It was the world comparison that was particularly telling. According to that calculator, even if you were on the national minimum wage in this country you were still in the top 14% of earners in the world.

Makes you think.

Maybe we’re all a lot richer than we feel.

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