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Your money is your baby, nobody else’s!

Maintain your money ambitions

If you want to maintain your ambitions regarding your lifestyle, both now and in the future – if you want to leave an inheritance – if you do not want to be a financial burden on your family as you reach your later years – if you want to continue with the holidays and the golf club membership, then you must start to make your savings work hard now, and make them continue to work hard for the foreseeable future. This may seem harsh, but consider the ever increasing demands that are being made upon European governments. There is Social Welfare in all its forms, Education, Pensions and the Health Service and now migration, all of which require funding. Unfortunately we have reached the stage where these demands cannot be met without the governments holding out their hands to the tax-payer, and that means you.

I am reminded of a South American story that is worth consideration for anybody contemplating the best way to secure their financial future.

There were two warring tribes in the Andes, one that lived in the lowlands and the other high up in the mountains. The mountain people invaded the lowlands one day, and as part of their plunder they kidnapped a baby and took it back with them into the mountains. The lowlanders did not know how to climb the mountains, or even how to track them in the steep terrain. Even so they sent out a party of their best fighting men to try to recover the infant. The men tried one route after another but the result was a total failure as they could not master the climb. They returned to their village and as they were unpacking their gear they saw the baby`s mother coming down from the mountain with the baby strapped to her back. They greeted her and asked “How did you do this when we, the strongest and most able men in the village failed?” She shrugged her shoulders and said “It was not your baby”.

So are your savings and investments your “baby”? It is a simple question. Will you or an outsider have the most interest in securing you a well financed retirement? Believe me, today`s politicians and financiers are not going to come to your rescue.

At Saltydog Investor we believe in Momentum Investing using weekly unit trust fund and asset sector performance numbers. We believe that this is the closest to real time investing that can be achieved. Momentum investing can almost be likened to a relay race. When a sector is doing well, then you choose a performing fund from that sector to carry the baton, and when that sector runs out of puff, you then hand it on to the next fund in the next sector that is pulling ahead and gaining momentum. You are in fact making use of the fund managers and their analysts when they are right and moving on to another team of winners as your present ones start to falter. That is a lot of knowledge which you are using.

You can examine this approach to investing by going to the Saltydog website and reading the details for yourself. Better still you could take a two month free trial and actually experience what is involved before committing yourself to any expenditure. The graph below demonstrates that a sensible return is absolutely achievable regardless of the market conditions, even those of today!

Your money is your baby, nobody else’s!

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