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Getting out of debt. Which bills you have to pay and which you can set aside

A lot of people who are dealing with debt aren’t sure which bills you have to pay and which ... read more

How to snowball debts – the cheapest way to pay them off

The quickest and cheapest way to get your loans paid is to snowball debts. Snowballing debts means you’re paying them ... read more

Can I go to prison for debt?

We’ve been asked, “can I go to prison for debt?” What really happens if you fall behind on your ... read more

Benefits for Mums

It’s hard to know how any parent with young children is managing their budgets. From their carefree lives pre-children, ... read more

Seven quick ways to pay off debt

A large pile of debt can seem insurmountable, but there are a huge number of ways to approach the ... read more

Benefits for over 60s

Turning 60 needn’t be a milestone to dread: there are plenty of things to look forward to, including a ... read more

How do I get out of debt?

“How do I get out of debt?” It’s the question of our age, from young adults struggling on low ... read more

15 bankrupt celebrities you’ll never believe

Bankruptcy is never a nice thing but it can happen to anyone, no-matter how successful or famous you can ... read more

Can we have a world without debt?

Could we really have a world without debt? If you’re in debt now you probably think a world without ... read more

Benefits for carers in the UK – Carer’s Allowance

Across the UK there are 6.5 million people caring for a loved one who is older, seriously ill or ... read more

Can you get your debt written off after six years?

Guest article from MoneyAware When we’re faced with a debt problem, it can feel overwhelming, so of course we’d ... read more

Why debt consolidation isn’t a way out of debt

A guest article from StepChange  When you’re dealing with debt, a consolidation loan can seem like a smart idea. ... read more

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