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Why you must have a savings safety net

Everyone needs a savings safety net – a pot of cash they can dip into if things go pear-shaped. ... read more

Effective bankroll management is the key to financial independence

Ask most people what they want from life and various answers are likely. A happy and fulfilling relationship, a ... read more

How to live on half your salary – 5 big, easy steps

Do you need to know how to live on half your salary? Or maybe you would like to live ... read more

How much money do I need to be happy?

Everyone asks, at some point, how much money do I need to be happy. Even if we convince ourselves ... read more

Managing your finances to help you make money

Click Here to Sign up with Experian’s Credit Matcher to get your FREE credit score FOREVER There’s no easy way ... read more

Chip – a new app that makes saving automatic

Young people are forever being told they’re bad with money. It can get quite depressing. In times of sky-high ... read more

How does Brexit affect me?

In the past few days you’ve been asking “how does Brexit affect me?” In particular I’m being asked “how ... read more

6 simple do’s and don’ts of university budgeting

  At MoneyMagpie there’s nothing more we love than budgeting. Ok that’s not actually true but we think budgeting ... read more

Unforeseen Emergency Expense? Here’s How to Cope

‘For a rainy day.’ You’ll hear people sometimes say this line in response to the question, ‘what are you ... read more

15 quick ways to make money by not wasting money

We’re all guilty of it – the odd £3 coffee, the new clothes we don’t need, the overpriced branded ... read more

Financial support needed for small business workers

According to new research, Britain’s small business owners need to help their employees brush up on their budgeting and ... read more

How rich are you? Maybe you’re richer than you feel

I could ask ‘how poor are you’ because that’s probably the way you feel. It doesn’t really matter how ... read more

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