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Put all your eggs in one basket with a balance transfer card

A teaching from   In a nutshell, a balance transfer credit card lets you transfer credit or debt ... read more

Are older people living under the shadow of debt?

There is perhaps a common misconception that people approaching retirement are usually financially secure. With mortgages almost paid off, ... read more

Should I lend money to family and friends?

Should I lend money to family and friends, you ask yourself? It’s a question that causes much consideration. You ... read more

Secured loan options if you have bad credit

If you have bad credit, you may not think that you can get a loan. The good news is ... read more

Loan Shark woes? A guide on how to fight back

Loan sharks are nasty creatures so here is how to spot one and avoid them. Also, what to do ... read more

Earn gift vouchers and restaurant discounts with the new MBNA card

Would you like to earn gift cards when you shop? Exclusive offers and discounts from high street retailers and ... read more

Cant get a loan? What are the alternatives?

So you cant get a loan? It still can be incredibly tough to get a loan from banks and ... read more

How to clean up your credit record

If you’re struggling to get a loan or mortgage it could be that you need to clean up your ... read more

15 easy ways to improve your credit score

Loans are still hard to get if your credit score isn’t perfect. Many of the best credit card deals ... read more

Payday loans – don’t suffer in silence!

What’s keeping you awake at night? Few news stories of the past few years have been as widespread as that ... read more

Zopa: an alternative to banks

Need a loan of £1,000-£25,000 with a no-hassle, competitve interest rate? If the answer is yes, then Zopa is ... read more

Why have I been refused credit?

Being refused credit can ruin your dreams of a new house or car. There are a number of reasons ... read more

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