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Private medical insurance: how to choose PMI

Private medical insurance (PMI) is becoming increasingly popular – and necessary – in this country. It does make you wonder ... read more

Life insurance for over-50s

It has taken a long time for insurance companies to accept that in many areas the over 50s are ... read more

Best pet insurance deals

Updated: 17/1/2013 Pet insurance is absolutely essential if you own a cat or dog. Vet bills can be seriously expensive ... read more

Home insurance: the cheapest deals for homeowners and renters

Recent data from Post Office Home Insurance has revealed that a staggering four million of us would only consider ... read more

Crash, bang, wallop – Dash Cam Video

Anyone who’s had a road accident recently – and then been stung by their insurance company because their no ... read more

Breakdown cover: best deals on breakdown insurance

Breakdown cover is essential – the last thing you want on a weekend getaway is to be stuck at ... read more

Cheaper travel insurance for over 65s

Travel insurance for over 65s is hard enough to get and if you suffer from pre-existing medical conditions it ... read more

Should you get boiler insurance?

Boiler insurance is one of those things you always intend to get round to, but can never be bothered ... read more

Do you need income protection insurance?

For many people, it definitely pays to take out income protection insurance and protect their salary. Ask yourself the ... read more

The 7 best ways to protect your income

There are currently 2.67 million unemployed people in Britain and while the economy is, very slowly, making a recovery, ... read more

Cheap insurance for the over 60s

Cheap insurance – One of those things we all wish we could get.  In later life however, it’s especially ... read more

Critical illness cover: Is it critical?

We don’t like to think about becoming seriously ill, but it’s important to consider financial protection against the worst ... read more

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