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The customer is always right, even online

We all know the internet provides a myriad possibilities, and this is especially true in the cybersphere. But the ... read more

Everything you need to know about the Marbella property market

Marbella’s property market is definitely on the up according to a Marbella Property Market Report from Christopher Clover, Managing ... read more

Property developers: the cost of ignoring the Party Wall Act of 1996

Owners planning to extend their property often see the Party Wall etc. Act 1996, as an unnecessary and expensive ... read more

How can DIY landlords be successful without letting agents?

The recent array of legislation changes aimed at the lettings sector has undoubtedly deterred some investors from purchasing in ... read more

What type of houses should first time home buyers consider?

You’ve saved your house deposit and you’ve received pre-approval from the bank. You’ve searched the real estate listings to ... read more

Is equity release right for you?

You may have heard the term ‘equity release’ without really understanding the benefits and drawbacks of the concept. These ... read more

Easy, cheap ways to increase your property value today

Are there really easy, cheap ways to increase your property value when some seem to cost thousands to do? ... read more

How long does it take a premiership footballer to pay off the average house?

Neymars recent transfer for £200,000,000 could buy 860 houses in the UK (based on the current average UK house ... read more

A Guide to development finance

Development finance is a type of specialist finance used for developing a property, specifically renovations and refurbishments. It is ... read more

Does a payday loan affect you getting a mortgage?

Recent research carried out by mortgage brokers shows that taking out a payday loan does not affect your chances of being ... read more

How can you appeal to the new student tenant?

The academic year is once again drawing to a close, with many university students having already finished their course. ... read more

Tracker mortgages: the MoneyMagpie guide

Tracker mortgage payments are directly linked to the Bank of England’s base rate. As their name implies, the rates ... read more

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