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Home repairs in retirement: When to repair, when to sell

It can begin with creaky pipes that leak, or even explode, into your bedroom. Or maybe it starts with ... read more

Why you should seriously consider an online estate agent

For the last 100+ years local estate agencies have been taking a percentage of the sale price you achieve ... read more

3 Keys to Getting a Home Loan Approved in a Hurry

While it is always a good idea to leave yourself plenty of time to source the best possible home ... read more

How To Know Which Type Of Mortgage You Need

Deciding upon which type of mortgage to get for your home or business can be very stressful – considering ... read more

Find a cheap conveyancer

Finding a cheap conveyancer can literally save you thousands of pounds when you buy a new property. Conveyancing costs can ... read more

Saving for a house: At home or abroad?

Saving for a house is a tricky task. With current accounts and savings accounts also not always delivering the ... read more

How to find the best property for your needs

Buying a new home needn’t be a daunting task when you’re well prepared. Whether you’re trying to get onto ... read more

Can I actually save using online estate agents?

From the beginning of property trading there has been a middleman; a middleman who sells or rents the property ... read more

Get fee free, friendly mortgage advice

Finding the right deal for your mortgage is important, but you don’t want to spend a load of money upfront looking ... read more

Save yourself from sale and rent back

Sale and rent back may look like the answer to your mortgage problems, but it is NOT. There are ... read more

Get a buy-to-let mortgage even if you’re 85!

..well sort of. Really it’s that the minimum age you need to be at the end of a buy-to-let ... read more

Why your best investment right now is to pay off your mortgage

Yes, that’s right…investment. Now admittedly, paying off your mortgage is really paying off a debt – a big mother ... read more

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