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Moneymagpie is the country’s leading independent site for safe and legitimate money-making opportunities.

As well as information on hundreds of ways to earn a bit on the side, the site also provides regularly updated money-making opportunities, and has a wealth of information on best-buy financial products and general personal finance and consumer advice.

MoneyMagpie is regularly featured in national media including GMB, This Morning, Sky News, BBC Breakfast, BBC News Channel, Radio Two and Channel Five’s The Wright Stuff. It is also regularly quoted in national newspapers such as the Daily Express and Daily Mirror as well as women’s magazines like Closer, Woman’s Own and Good Housekeeping.


Who we are

MoneyMagpie was set up in April 2007 by journalist and TV personality Jasmine Birtles.

Because we are an independent site, everything we write is carefully researched and aimed at helping you find the best money-making opportunity, or the best deal, for you.


How we are funded is funded by advertising, particularly through some carefully-chosen long-term partnerships with some great brands.

These partners help to cover our costs but we choose these sponsors carefully. We only include companies which we think are genuinely good. We also look into everything we advertise to make sure it’s legitimate – so you won’t find any scams on our site.


media requests

to contact Jasmine please email her at jasmine.birtles [at]

You can also contact her through her agent, June Ford-Crush, on 020 8742 7724.

See more contact details on her website