Oct 30

Cheaper Halloween Party

I’ve never really bothered with Halloween before. I certainly don’t stock-up on sweets for the kids in the area either (no, I’m not a Scrooge, I just can’t be bothered being bothered in the evening!).

However, incredibly, I’m actually going to a Halloween party tonight – one where we have to dress up. I like dressing up but Friday night is tricky – with a Saturday you have a bit more time to find things and buy them. Friday night it’s a scramble, particularly as I was only told about it on Monday.

Then, what should I go as. No way am I going as a pumpkin – that would take time and effort anyway – and just putting a sheet over me is very dull. Also, I like to be glam if at all possible, even at Halloween, so it has to be something at least a little bit attractive.

So, I’ve been to the local hire shop but I just can’t justify spending £55+ for a costume for one night. Can’t do it! So Instead I’ve bought some pink wings, a wand and a pretend tiara that will go with a pink sparkly dress (I love sparkles) and I’m going as a good fairy. Why? Cos I’ve got the dress and I have a collection of little girls among my friends’ children (and Sunday School classes) who would love those things. They won’t be wasted on a one-night party.

I’m warming up a little to Halloween – basically any excuse for a party – although I refuse to watch horror films and really I do think there’s quite enough ugliness in the world to add to it for more than one night!

Still, at least it’s a good excuse to buy a pumpkin. There are some great ideas for DIY decoration with pumpkins here (I’ve just realised I can make my own toasted pumpkin seeds from them too – yum!)

Sarah Lockett has some lovely Halloween recipes in her blog and I’ve found this rather nice and easy-looking pumpkin soup recipe from a blog I follow on Twitter. Mind you, if I make it I’ll add a lot more spices to it!

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