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A comfy bed and good sleep is one of the most important things for a successful person

Successful people almost invariably get plenty of sleep and this is one of the reasons they always look lively and refreshed. One may think that these tremendously headline grabbing people find it hard to manage even few hours of sleep at night as they always need to stay at the spur of the activities, but that notion is completely wrong. In fact they get regular hours of sound sleep better than us.

In the famous Stephen R Covey book ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ the explanation of the author about the seventh habit referring to ‘sharpening the saw’ can show the importance of sleep in new light. According to him striking a balance is important to renew your energy allowing a long-term effective lifestyle. For this, besides physical exercise, prayer and meditation, sleep is also important. A great sleep, besides allowing a healthy feeling, helps you gain mental strength.

A sound sleep will ensure the following things:

  • It revitalizes the energy level and immune system
  • It boosts memory power, cognitive ability and decision making skill
  • It helps in cell re-growth to slow down ageing process

For ensuring a sound sleep, a well constructed bed perfect for your body size and sleep habits is of great importance. A bed is the most important purchase among all your home furniture. So do not make haste, try various models of beds and enquire thoroughly about each and every aspect of the bed before making a purchase.

While you are continuing your research on beds, we advise you to check various pillow options. The comfortable pillow along with a comfy bed makes the perfect combination for a great sleep. So, besides brainstorming on beds, do some research into pillows too.


An Expensive Bed Will Not Guarantee A Sound Sleep

Everyone has his own sense of comfort and accordingly one need to browse over a wide range of beds for diverse comfort needs before deciding on one.

Often a perfectly comfy bed does need to be expensive at all. You can easily get a cheap bed from online discounters such as Bedsos and browse a wide array of comfortable options. In this respect we advice you to experience the bed in person rather than just judging from the look and the vague first impression. It may take a few days to make a decision but for a crucial purchase to ensure your sleep you should give it the time the decision deserves.


Refrain From Buying Old Beds

Another important piece of advice is to avoid old beds as over time a used bed gets deteriorated by more than 75% compared to the original condition it was purchased in.

Old beds have several problems including the dampness and absorption of water within the mattress. Such condition will interfere with the quality of sleep and comfort, because a damp bed will be cold. Interesting our beds don’t get damp because of any kind of spillage, It’s our body moisture that makes up most of it. We release up to 500 ml of moisture when we sleep at night and this gets absorbed directly by the bed mattress. So stay away from old beds to ensure a healthy and sound sleep.


Consider The Size

A comfy bed and good sleep is one of the most important things for a successful personThe larger space you have to stretch your body on the bed, the better sleep you will have.  For a double bed to sleep two persons there should be much more room, ensuring enough space around each one. For a couple or two partners sleeping together a queen size bed should be the bare minimum choice, but a king size or super king size bed will be better. For accommodating kids on your bed you obviously need more space to ensure comfort for everyone. Actually kids should be given more space than adults because of their unruly movement on the bed.

Interruption in the middle of sleep is often caused by your bed partner moving around. This is one of the common experiences referred to in relation to sleep disturbance. This often happens due to lack of bed space. If your partner is robust in stature and has a habit of making limb movement unconsciously during sleep, you need an extra large bed for sound sleep.


Different Beds

Though all of us while sleeping flat let our back fall flat on the bed, it is not this posture that all people like to fall asleep. We are all different in body size, dimension, shape and postures and so all of us need different sizes and comfort elements of beds to sleep in. According to your comfort level you may consider a soft mattress to be more comforting or, alternatively, you may find a less soft mattress better to induce sleep.

Finally, the choice of bed should be made as per the typical comfort level and preference rather than depending on the outward look and feel. It is the single most important piece of furniture to keep you healthy, energetic and vibrant throughout the day and so, you need to make your choice scrupulously.


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