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How to have an affordable cruise if you’re over 50

It’s understandable why you would choose to go on a cruise ship holiday and visit multiple destinations at the same time, enjoy fantastic food and excellent entertainment on-board, while also meeting several likeminded people along the way.

But before assuming these benefits come at a price, remember you can secure an enticingly affordable deal if you known when and how to book. So, here is what you need to know when it comes to having a cheap cruise if you’re over 50, without skimping on an ounce of luxury.


Book in advance

Booking a cruise holiday online

Several cruise operators, like Saga Holidays, accept reservations over a year in advance, which means you can qualify for an early bird rate or get first dibs on things like itineraries and cabin categories. However, if you can’t commit to anything this early, try to book 60, 90, or 120 days ahead of the departure date, as this is the last chance for travellers to cancel their reservation without being charged. You might snag a real bargain.


Opt for an all-inclusive upgrade

Cocktails on a cruise ship

Despite the fact that most cruise holiday fares include your accommodation, other extras like food throughout the day, on-board activities and entertainment as well the use of leisure facilities, can soon add up. Therefore, it’s usually more cost-effective to choose an all-inclusive upgrade, which comprises of beverage packages, beauty treatments, offshore excursions, and holiday insurance. It saves you having to worry about the bill, too!


Consider a RE-POSITIONING cruise

Cruise ship in the Mediterranean

Bargain basement prices are a distinct possibility with re-positioning cruises, which is when ships head on a one-way voyage to their new home ports for the upcoming season. You typically end up spending more time at sea and will probably visit some rather random ports, but the savings often make this well worthwhile…as well as adding a little adventure! Also be aware that you may need to book two one-way flights, as re-positioning cruises start at one port but end in another.


Go during low season

Caribbean cruise ship in low season

Assuming your kids have flown the nest and you don’t need to travel during the school holidays, it is much cheaper to go on a cruise in low season, typically October through April. There will still be plenty of choice on offer in terms of destinations but you can secure a more affordable deal with less crowds and more freedom, and more peace!


Be flexible

Cruise ship in port at sunset

If the appeal of a cruise is to see more of the world alongside your loved one, then you can afford to be flexible with some of the finer details. For example, an inside cabin won’t cost as much as one with sea views and a balcony. You can also find discounts on larger, older vessels, which will give you more restaurant and entertainment choices anyway. Cruise holidays with a departure port close to home can help you avoid paying for an airfare too.

Follow these tips and tricks when looking for cruise ship holidays and you should be able to secure rock-bottom prices on your luxury journey to multiple destinations.


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