Dec 17

How to make the most of your office space

This month it was announced that demand for office space in London is the highest it’s been for over a decade. Rob Rebholz, co-founder and managing director of SpaceWays, an on-demand storage service, has some advice on how to make the most of the space in your office.

  • 141030_Office-Unbranded_RGB_1200x1200_v01 (1)Go electronic: Keeping all documents and files in a cloud-based IT system or centralised database can save you precious space. Generally for SMEs, keeping a hard copy of documents isn’t necessary if you can have an electronic one instead. Instead of letting paperwork pile up, use e-brochures, secure servers and cloud technology. Use iPads in meetings to reduce printing costs, which in turn saves extra space not having to store reams of paper. Bonus: it’s environmentally-friendly, too!
  • Keep tidy: It sounds glaringly obvious, but more clutter and mess means less space to work. Keep everything clean and tidy, and have recycling bins at the ready – another helping hand for the environment and ensures everything is kept in order. Another good tip is to get everyone in the office to have a big desk tidy-up on a Friday, which will help keep on top of clutter. You could incentivise this with prizes for the employee with the tidiest work area.
  • Go open plan: Create more space by taking down any partition walls and making desks open-plan. This will mean a brighter office which feels physically bigger, and will also mean you can change around the office environment and add extra desks if needed. Most employers see an open-plan environment as leading to a better atmosphere for working. Remember, always talk to the landlord before making big changes, and consult the planners if you’re going to make a structural change.
  • Invest in storage: We see that business are using our storage facilities more and more to keep their office uncluttered and streamlined. It’s really important that, as your business grows, your office space is filled with people and not paperwork! In central London, where space is so in demand, storage presents an affordable and effective method of making sure you use your space in the best way possible.
  • Meet Outside: Catching up with clients, hot desking…getting out of the office to have meetings can be a fantastic way to open up a bit more space and get away from the boardroom for a change.
  • Reorganise: While getting into feng shui might be a step too far, organising your office efficiently can make a huge difference. Taking the obvious steps towards a well thought-out layout, like getting leads out of the way into a cable tray, can lead to valuable space gains, and maybe even make your workspace a bit more peaceful and ordered.
  • Be Innovative: Keeping a look out for multipurpose furniture – foldaway desks, coffee table/sofa hybrids – can help you maximise your space, and keep your office on-trend, too!
  • Store Vertical: The simplest solutions are often the best. Use hooks, shelves and cupboards to make the most of your space, and keep the office tidy at the same time. A place for everything, everything in its place…
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