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Winter Chills: Easy Ways to Cut Heating Costs

Cut heating costs now by making a few simple changes to your home before the really cold weather comes. ... read more

12 ways to save on water bills while saving water in the home

You need to save on water bills even more now that so many homes have a water meter. According ... read more

The struggle of having to choose between eating and heating

The winter can be a tough time when the frost rolls in and you’re huddled under blankets trying to ... read more

The financial and environmental advantages of burning wood

Many people are unaware of the significant advantages that comes with burning wood as a heating source, both from ... read more

Insulation – save money and conserve energy

With gas and electricity prices continuing to soar and another cold winter on the way, all of us want ... read more

Get a home makeover for under £100!

You can conduct a home makeover for less than you’d think. We’ve found many ways you can give your ... read more

Save £200: shop around for energy prices

Shop around for energy prices and you could save at least £200. I’m regularly amazed that people don’t do ... read more

Can you trust energy comparison sites?

How to save at least £200 a year on your energy bills by using a good comparison site that ... read more

A comfy bed and good sleep is one of the most important things for a successful person

Successful people almost invariably get plenty of sleep and this is one of the reasons they always look lively ... read more

Save Money on Health Therapies

Do you go to a Chiropractor? Osteopath? Pay for massage? Acupuncture? Chinese medicine? a Podiatrist? All of these therapies ... read more

Will Smart Meters Reduce Your Utility Bills?

Ministers say that new “smart” energy meters will save households 2% a year on energy bills, roughly between £23 ... read more

United we stand, divided we fall

This is the year to share and to support each other, I’ve decided. Not that we shouldn’t be doing ... read more

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