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United we stand, divided we fall

This is the year to share and to support each other, I’ve decided. Not that we shouldn’t be doing ... read more

LED lights and why you should be using them

LED lighting is increasingly being seen as the next generation of lighting. They save energy, last a lot longer ... read more

Slumberdown Truly Washable review

We’ve been sent a set of duvet and pillows from the Slumberdown Truly Washable range to review. By ‘Truly ... read more

Save Money with Skill Swapping: Don’t pay for skills – swap them!

If you’re trying to think of ways of saving money, why not have a think about what skills you ... read more

Save yourself £200 in half an hour this evening

I’ve been on a load of TV and radio programmes this week talking about how loyalty doesn’t pay when ... read more

Save money, save water. Get a water meter

This is a guest blog from journalist Tira Shubart Want to save a few hundred pounds a year and ... read more

Are you owed money from your former energy supplier?

If you have switched energy suppliers recently then you may be owed money from your former energy supplier – ... read more

How collective switching can get you a better energy deal

Imagine you ran a shop selling cakes at £10 each. You might sell ten in a day making £100. ... read more

Year’s supply of washing up liquid for just £22.99

Year’s supply of washing up liquid for just £22.99. Get yours here now.

The empty homes scandal and what you can do about it

If there’s one thing that really gets to me it’s the scandal of hundreds of thousands of empty homes ... read more

Cut the Cost of Your Energy Bills By Being Green

Living in the UK is expensive business, there’s no question about that. Now is not the time to be frivolous ... read more

Home phone providers: how to find the cheapest and save £££s

The rising cost of home phone services is yet another blow for your household budget. We know you need ... read more

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