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How will you pay for long-term care?

How to pay for long-term care is increasingly on our minds. The average nursing home costs a mammoth £36,000 ... read more

How to save money gardening – 13 clever ideas

Anyone with green fingers wants to know how to save money gardening. The more time you spend there – ... read more

How can I afford a funeral? 

Is there anything more depressing than planning a funeral? Unless you’re one of the few who is at peace ... read more

What YOU think about Brexit – the results of our reader survey

Last month we ran a readers survey to find out what YOU think abut Brexit, nearly one year on ... read more

How to get out of the slumps

No matter how motivated you are, you’re eventually going to feel mentally and emotionally drained sometimes.  For one reason ... read more

How to live on half your salary – 5 big, easy steps

Do you need to know how to live on half your salary? Or maybe you would like to live ... read more

Save money on beach essentials

The beach is regarded worldwide as one of the best places to have family fun on a budget. There’s ... read more

Detox your life: exercise for free

Despite popular belief, getting fit doesn’t have to cost a fortune – fitness doesn’t come at the cost of ... read more

Save money without thinking about it

Not all of us are as good with money as we’d hope to be, infact a lack of savings ... read more

Considering getting a pet? Here’s how to avoid breaking the bank

Many think of our little furry, scaly or feathery bundles of joy as being the key to happiness, and of ... read more

Top 4 money savings tips for families on a budget

Saving money for families on a tight budget may seem unreachable. Money saving advice usually entails lifestyle transformations. Completely ... read more

12 ways to cut the cost of your gym membership

Gym membership is a big expense and in this day and age we all need to be cutting back ... read more

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