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How to haggle on the high street and online

You can find out how to haggle on the high street and how to haggle online quite easily. It ... read more

Budget meals for students – A week of cheap fish recipes for £3.99

What – cheap fish recipes? But isn’t fish expensive, even in the supermarket? Not all of it. In Waitrose, ... read more

Foraging = Free food!

Go foraging as soon as the leaves and berries are out because it’s all FREE FOOD! Here are some ... read more

No Food Waste – Uses For Sour Milk

Yes you CAN use milk that is just on the turn. I was inspired to find out more about ... read more

Save money using the family’s power of bulk-buying

There are lots of ways you can save money using the family and its power of bulk buying. There’s ... read more

5 quick, easy and cheap curry recipes to make at home

Here at MoneyMagpie we’ve been experimenting with the best cheap curry recipes! Although chicken tikka-masala is apparently now Britain’s ... read more

10 ways to save money by buying in bulk

There’s strength in numbers, they say, but did you know there’s also money-saving to be had if you’re buying ... read more

Earn cashback every time you shop – It’s smart, free and easy!

Fancy saving money every time you shop for your favourite brands online? You could literally save hundreds of pounds ... read more

Guarantees and Warranties – what you need to know

Buying new products can be fraught with choices. Aside from choosing which makes, prices or colours you want, you ... read more

How to save and make money on Shiply

Have you heard of Shiply yet? This eco-friendly delivery comparison website was set up in 2008 to combat emissions ... read more

12 ways to feed your family for less

Food prices have rocketed in the last three years so there’s no better time to start looking at your ... read more

Live on a chicken for a week

A chicken is £2.50 in Tesco – and you can’t get much cheaper than that. That’s a whole, frozen ... read more

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