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Easter eggs – Tried and Tested

Want to know the best value, most beautiful looking Easter eggs this year?

We used our chocolate eating eggs-pertise (sorry..) to find you the very best chocolatey treats on offer.

We tested a host of yummy chocolate eggs for you again…it’s a tough job…so that you can snap up the tastiest Easter treats, at the very best price.

It was sooo hard for us, and we may be a bit heavier as a result, but someone had to do it!

See what it was like for Jasmine last year in our video here…



How we tested?

We tested using the following criteria – we’re professional chocolate scoffers don’t you know!

  • Presentation
  • Taste
  • Value for money

So after all that here’s out pick of the best Easter eggs available this year.


Best Budget buys

eddWe didn’t go for the standard budget eggs, because most of you know what you’re getting with those. Instead, we’ve tested eggs that look great as well as being cheap, so that you can get the best of both worlds.

We must also say that if you’re really on a budget, head to supermarkets like Tesco, Asda or Morrisons where they’re offering some fantastic deals on Easter eggs. Plenty of smaller eggs are on offer for just £1 like the one pictured to the right.
Easter eggs - Tried and TestedAldi also have a great range of Easter eggs to choose from this year including their Dairyfine Super Minis Easter Egg at £2.79 for 347g. Not only do these look great, they are also an amazing price and taste good. What more do you want?


Easter eggs - Tried and TestedThen there is also their Moser Roth Premium Easter Egg. This one is £2.99 for a 185/195g. You can choose from Pink Delight, Dark Fudge Brownie, Chocolate Wonder and their new flavour – Banofee Pie. The packaging is great and it looks posher than the usual Cadbury’s ones you can get for a few quid in the other supermarkets.



Best Luxury picks

If you don’t mind spending a bit more money to get the best eggs on the market then look no further…


lindt hazlenutLindt Heavenly Hazelnut (£19.99)

Taste: This beautiful egg is made of smooth milk chocolate rolled in hazelnuts which are then coated with a final chocolate layer. It is the thickest Lindt chocolate egg to date, and winner of the Good Housekeeping Food Award 2013. It tastes as divine as you would imagine, assuming you like your chocolate and nuts mixed together.

Presentation: This comes in a delightful white box and the egg is wrapped in a cute yellow bow. It’s hard to imagine a nicer looking egg.

Value for money: There’s no denying that this is at the more pricey end of the Easter Egg market and, unlike a lot of other eggs, it doesn’t come accompanied with some bonus chocolate goodies; you are paying entirely for the egg. What an egg it is, however! How much you value quality over quantity will determine whether this is good value for money for you.


greenGreen and Black’s (£6.59)

Taste and presentation: As always the packaging of Green and Black’s chocolate is simple and colourful. The organic chocolate range is know for it’s luxurious taste and we can assure you you won’t be disappointed in their range this year. From Butterscotch, to mint and even Sea salt – there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this range.

Value for money – We must say this is the only egg that comes with the same amount of extra chocolate as it does an egg. We think £6.59 really is worth the money if you’re a fan of this brand. Just don’t eat it all at once.


Best fabulous flavours


Charbonnel et Walker – Milk chocolate Easter egg with milk chocolate (£26)

Easter eggs - Tried and TestedTaste and presentation: Another beautifully presented egg, this milk chocolate treat is every bit as delicious as you’d expect. The egg itself is filled with assorted milk chocolates, which is a really nice touch, and it also comes ribboned – making this one a bit of a stunner.

Value for money:  Let’s be honest, £26 isn’t cheap, but you’re paying for the quality. Beautifully presented and absolutely delicious, this would make a great gift for the chocoholic in your life – if you can afford it!


lemonHope and Greenwood Luscious Lemon Milk Chocolate Egg £8.49

Presentation and taste: Hope and Greenwood offer a range of fantastic flavours including this one which is lemon flavoured. The packaging looks like it has come right out of an old day candy shop. Unlike most of the other eggs which come with extra chocolatey treat, this one comes with some hard boiled sweets (which we think is great).

Value for money: For £6.99 we think this egg is very worth its while and probably would go down well with the parents and grandparents.



Easter eggs - Tried and TestedPresentation and taste: This really lovely looking – and tasting – egg from is a delight for anyone who is into salted caramel (and who isn’t?). It has simple but effective packaging and is a cut above the usual chocolate egg we think.

Value for money: for the quality we think it is good value. It’s not enormous but it is goo chocolate and nicely presented.


Best for the kids


Chococo Dorset Dinosaur Egg (£9.95)

Taste: This delicious milk chocolate egg, decorated with dark and white chocolate marbling and studded with chocolate dinosaurdinosaur eggfossils, is a real treat. We at the moneymagpie office can attest to how much we enjoyed it as we may have eaten the whole thing…in one go. We feel bad.

Presentation: The packaging itself is nothing particularly exciting, besides a few dinosaur images to entice the kids, but the egg itself looks great. The marbling makes the egg really stand out and the chocolate fossils studded to the inside of the egg mean it’s a visual gift that keeps on giving.

Value for money: It’s not a cheap egg, there are other eggs out there on the market that will give you a bigger egg and extra goodies for less than £9.99. However this one is all about quality. The chocolate tastes great and the addition of the chocolate fossils mean you never feel like you are being short changed.


STAS Make Your Own Egg Head (£9.50)

easter egg head

Taste: This is a standard milk chocolate egg, but one where you’re able to attach facial features to it so you have a personalised Easter egg. The chocolate is very fine STAS chocolate.

Presentation: Being able to make your own Easter egg will be a great draw for kids who are looking for something a little different. The facial features all have character and there are enough features to be able to make the egg your own.

Value for money: At £10 this isn’t the cheapest egg available, and you are really paying for the ‘create your own’ gimmick more so than the fine chocolate. Whether it is worth it for you will depend on how much the child (or adult, if that’s their thing) you are buying it for wants to be able to personalise their egg. Get yours at online Supermarket


Dairyfine Beanie Bunny 99p

blueTreating the kids this Easter doesn’t have to be expensive. Aldi have a great range of cheap Easter treats this year including this Dairyfine Beanie Bunny for just 99p at Aldi.

Great taste and a great price – you can’t argue with that!


Choc on Choc Chocolate Quail Eggs £6.49

Easter eggs - Tried and TestedPresentation and taste: These look great and are the right size for little hands, but they are surprisingly hard so you might need to cut them first before the kids try their teeth on them. Better for teens than little ones.

Value for money: Hmm, not bad as there is a lot of very solid chocolate there but we would have preferred them to be under a fiver.


Montezuma’s® Caramel-Filled Chocolate Eggs – £4.49

Easter eggs - Tried and TestedPresentation and taste: These are in a cute box and just the right size for little fingers to hold. There are only three eggs there so not exactly a chocolate feast but they are good quality.

Value for money: To be fair, it’s not the cheapest given that you only get three eggs, but it is good quality.


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