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FudgeKitchen Easter Hamper

FudgeKitchen Easter Hamper

I don’t usually like English fudge. Scottish ‘tablet’ is another matter entirely.  Tablet is the sort of crystalline, sugary, hard fudge I remember from my childhood. Cheap fudge nowadays (I know – I sound like I am 95) of the sort you get in a pick’n’mix selection at the cinema, is vile – fake, plasticky, gungey-textured,  and with really chemical flavours. But I have found a fudge that’s not half bad AND they do hampers for Easter. Chocolate is the usual gift for Easter, but why not fudge? And you don’t have to wait until then, of course.

The 1.8kg (!) one, pictured, is £40 (plus P&P) from FudgeKitchen, who’ve teamed up with, another British company, to include a load of sweet treats.  The Cookietastic bit (as you can see in the picture) is a layered kit in a Kilner jar for making homemade Easter biccies, decorated with mini chocolate eggs. Just add butter and an egg. So, all the dry ingredients are in there (usually they cost £8.95 per jar through and they make a great present for kids). Their Easter jar (which I have road-tested: really moreish) makes 16 – 18 mini egg studded, chocolate cookies.

That – and the fudge – should keep you going for a while (although I devoured 190g fudge in about an hour). The box I had contained one square each  of 9 flavours, each described on the box, so you could really compare and contrast. The choc and chilli one has a kick, so be warned (nice with a cuppa though). . Orders by 16th April to ensure delivery by 19th April.

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