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Brainy Pancake Day

This is a guest blog by my elder daughter Rebecca, aged 13 and 3/4. She’s learning cooking for her Duke of Edinburgh award (and she’s recently gone the extra mile and met Prince Edward, who – I’m told – will take over when Prince Philip steps back a little…). So, now that she’s moving in such exhalted circles, who am I to argue? She’s road-tested a pancake batter mix with a difference: it’s Gluten-free “Grainy Brainy Pancake Mix” (£4.95/365g from available from Ocado, M&S, Selfridges etc. It contains protein-rich buckwheat and quinoa flours, bringing you vitamins, calcium and iron, plus Omega-3 loaded, heart-friendly flaxseed. Pancake Day is Tues 9th Feb. Over to Rebecca:

Grainy Brainy Pancake MixHow to make pancakes using the “Grainy Brainy pancake mix”:

1. I added 2 eggs and 400ml of almond milk (but you can use any other kind of milk) to make the pancake batter.

mixing the batter2. I then added some butter into a frying pan and poured the batter into small circle ( I made American-style pancakes as they were a little thicker, but if you want to make crêpe-style pancakes then add more milk/water).

frying tonight3. After making 4-5 pancakes (American-style), you could eat them for breakfast with honey or berries etc… and they make a great alternative for normal pancake batter if you want to be a little healthier. The only problem I found was the batter was quite thick to it was hard to make thinner pancakes, but you can always add more milk.

Stack of brainy pancakesSarah adds: we made them into a savoury bake layered with stilton, spinach, muchrooms, kimchi, pesto, creme fraiche, leftover cooked carrots and grated cheese on top. Yum

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