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Cheap picnic ideas

Create cheap picnics for you and the family and make the most of the hot weather. There are loads ... read more

Cheap gift ideas and bargain days out for Dad this Father’s Day

Isn’t it hard to think of ideas for Father’s Day? Mothers are so much easier – flowers, breakfast in ... read more

Save money by doing winter things in the summer

If the sun is shining start thinking of boilers because you can save money by doing winter things in ... read more

Five ways to save energy in the summer

…eh? Save energy in the summer when we’re all out in the sunshine enjoying ourselves? Well yes – it ... read more

Package Holidays Made Easy

Package holidays take the effort and stress out of booking a holiday and can be good value for money ... read more

Four historical German cities worth visiting

While many of us are familiar with the German cities of Munich, Hamburg and Frankfurt, you may never have ... read more

Top ten ways to make summer cash quick

Fancy making extra cash this summer? Here are a host of great ideas for seasonal work that you can ... read more

10 ways to save on summer clothes shopping

With the sun beaming its rays down on all of us, the summer is a time when you will ... read more

Make money over the summer holidays

The summer has officially begun. Once term has ended, your exams are done and you find yourself with a ... read more

25 wonderful ways to make money and save money this Summer

Whether you’re planning a cheap getaway this summer or simply want to spruce up the garden we are showing ... read more

Get your wardrobe sorted for the summer

It’s that time of year when I’m agonising over whether to switch my winter and summer clothes over now ... read more

Save money Staycationing this Summer

There’s a new trend on the holiday scene: Staycationing. This means going on holiday in your own country, something ... read more

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