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Mince Pies for Christmas

Check out my mince pies, made for my daughters’ school fair and wrapped in cellophane bags (which, according to ... read more

Quince paste (my sister’s recipe)

The Locketts are taking over the food blogging world! Today’s column is from my sister, Jo. Membrillo (or Quince ... read more

Cellophane your foodie Xmas Prezzies and Easy Shortbread

I have a theory about cellophane. It makes everything look special, Christmas-ey, present-ey, birthday-ey or celebration-ey. It’s something about it being ... read more

Spa treat needed before Xmas!

All this cooking and restaurant reviewing is hard work so I had to book myself into a spa this ... read more

Christmas savings schemes are still not worth it

I was pleased to hear that the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) has managed to get Christmas savings companies ... read more

Returning unwanted presents? Read this first!

Now is traditionally the time to take some gifts back or make the most of the sales, before we ... read more

Christmas gifts: Practical gifts for the whole family

We all love getting Christmas gifts, but most of us also want practical gifts we can actually use! Useful gifts ... read more

You can have a better Christmas by spending less

…really…I honestly believe that. Christmas is about love, peace and being good to each other. You don’t have to ... read more

How to stop yourself eating too much at Christmas

The average person in the UK will eat and drink around 6,000 calories on Christmas Day (we’re supposed to ... read more

Food prices highest ever in January

Global food prices hit their highest level on record in January, according to the United Nations. It’s not just ... read more

Beat the blues in the last week of January

Today (25th January) is the poorest and most miserable day according to several PR companies (so it must be ... read more

Post Christmas food bargains – get them now

I have started hoovering up Christmas food bargains – all those festive foods that are now heavily discounted, because ... read more

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