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October 1, 2014

Recent results show that one particular and popular video-sharing site receives four-billion views each and every single day. With stats like that for a stand-alone site, it’s near-impossible to fathom how many clips are being watched across the net throughout the world. Society has also become an impatient bunch, dropping a site within two seconds if the video doesn’t play right away. For personal use, it’s a minor annoyance, but in the business world, slow or ineffective sharing can cost serious money. However, not all sharing options are created equally. This is why it’s a business-essential to have a program like Blue Jeans video sharing to deliver the results you need for optimum performance. If your company uses videos for product reviews, demos, interviews and more, the following things should be considered.


Even well-known and popular services have their setbacks. It’s common to find that many mobile devices just won’t play back clips from widely-used websites. This poses a huge problem when members need to view a presentation during a meeting using a smart phone or tablet. Waiting for participants to update software or change to a desktop system will not only slow the progress of the meeting, but may also leave some people out of the loop entirely. Sadly, other participants will skip the presentation altogether, rendering your efforts fruitless. However, when you select Blue Jeans video sharing, it’s an all-inclusive package. Regardless of the device used, every attendee will be able to see the same thing without any additional effort.

Size Restrictions

Some video sharing services also place limits on the file size being shared. You should be able to present your data in its entirety. This is especially important when considerable time or money has been invested in producing it. Whether you need to share a 30 second clip or a full-length feature film for review, versatility when uploading files of all sizes is a huge benefit to look for. If this is overlooked, people may be left scrambling to catch multiple shorter clips, which leads to lost time and often less viewing. This can be traced back to the impatience of today’s society. If material isn’t readily available, on an easily-viewed platform, participants don’t put forth the effort. When you streamline the process for them, you ensure more of your data is watched, comprehended and that the information contained is put into use.


Another factor, as noted earlier, is speed. When videos don’t display properly or quickly, you lose your audience. The ability to show a clip in real-time, synchronized across all devices essential for the sake of engagement and professionalism. Moreover, it’s wise to consider the upload process. For instance, Blue Jeans video sharing allows for easy uploading before a conference. This ensures that deployment is quick and seamless for all participants during the session. Remember, you only have about two seconds to catch your video audience and keep them engaged.


It’s also important to consider where participants will be while viewing the clip. Many online sharing sites face filters and blocks based on region, device and location.  An attendee trying to view material may be in the Middle East, in a public library, a school or other governmental building and be blocked. While this may not pose an issue for the traditional employee working remotely from home in the US, it’s a large concern for global entities or those with employees who travel. Practice diligence to ensure the service you choose will display material to participants wherever they may be.

In this growing global economy, where people must have the ability to share data instantly, finding the right service to deliver files is necessary for business. Showcasing rich media can make or break a sale. It can encourage cooperation between departments. It can provide visual teaching aids. When paired with features like video conferencing, which allows the presenter to see reactions as they happen and allows for collaboration, the sky’s the limit.

Blue Jeans video sharing allows data of any length, on any device, located anywhere to be shared with ease. It also provides a one-of-a-kind experience and allows participants to join in wherever they might be. For a truly seamless experience, a service must be interoperable. Technology will change. People will always need the ability to access the same information whether they’re on a cell phone, tablet, PC or in a meeting room. Unfortunately, all systems are not created equally and many don’t have the ability to keep up with the needs of people as new technologies come into use. Systems that take the individual needs of participants into account and work across all platforms and venues are a unique occurrence. However, choosing one is a sound decision that can lead to higher profits and better communication.

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