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How to Give to Charity Without Spending a Penny

8th Nov 2023

However much we might want to give to charity, often it’s just not possible to sign up and commit to a direct debit every month.  So, how can we do good and help out charitable causes when we haven’t got that much money to spare ourselves?  Luckily, there are a few ways you can incorporate…

A Charity Shop Gift Card Has Launched

9th Dec 2021

Like many people today, we’re huge fans of charity shopping. It’s a terrific way to browse a staggeringly varied and unusual range of clothing and goods super cheap while knowing you’re helping those in need. And with an estimated 4m children in the UK growing up in poverty, winter is set to be very difficult for many families. Worse than ever this year, rising rent, food and energy prices will be felt most in poorer households. 

Make money selling charity shop items for a profit

1st Aug 2020

In a recent survey, one in ten Britons admitted to selling-on charity shop items for a profit. The average profit made per sale was £10.50. If you’re interested in making a profit selling on charity shop items but are not sure where to start, we’ve put together this handy guide for you to read so…

How to make money for charity if you’re under 18

4th Apr 2017

It should be easy to make money for charity if you’re under 18. But saving up £3,000 to go on your charity gap year project can be a real challenge. Here are some ideas of how to raise considerable amounts of money for charity to help you help others. Busk for charity Sell things for…

Charity credit cards – are they worth it?

12th Oct 2012

Updated: 5/01/2012 In an ideal world all of us want to be able to give money to charity, but when times are tight it’s not always possible. But what if you could help out a worthwhile cause as you spend, no matter what you’re buying, and with no extra effort? That’s what charity credit cards…

Addiction, finances, and getting help

8th Apr 2024

Updated 8th April 2024 Almost half of all adults aged 17 to 85 in the UK have either had an addition or been directly impacted by one, such as a spouse or sibling. That’s a whopping 22 million UK adults affected by addiction in some way. From alcohol to sex, shopping to food, addictive behaviour…

Your Budgeting Checklist

4th Apr 2024

Updated 4th April 2024 Trying to get on top of your overall expenses means it’s easy to forget the little costs along the way. This budgeting checklist will help you break down your expenses into chunks, so that you can make a realistic household budget – and see where you can save. Why Budget? Household…

All of the discounts, offers and money saving for those in the military

26th Mar 2024

This is a sponosored post There is absolutely no denying the sacrifice made by people that work in the military. They work away from home, make physical sacrifices, risk themselves in ways most never will and live a life of discipline – often with months spent away from loved ones.   Therefore it makes sense that…

Spring Statement 2024: The Key Points

6th Mar 2024

The heat is really on for Chancellor Jeremy Hunt and the Conservative party. Today’s Spring Budget set out the government’s plans for tax and spending over the coming year. Inflation “figures show that forecasts from OBR say inflation was 11% when he and Rishi Sunak took office (not mentioning that that was after a number…

Negative Impact of Menopause on Women’s Working Lives

5th Mar 2024

A recent survey has revealed that over 40% of working women going through the menopause say it has had a negative impact on their job. With menopausal women cited as the fastest growing workforce demographic, the need for more support in the workplace is becoming even more urgent. The survey, conducted by Opinium for investment…

Debt and Mental Health – Everything You Need To Know

4th Mar 2024

Sponsored post *this article contains references to suicide Mental health and money problems often go hand-in-hand. Research from Money and Mental Health Policy Institute reveals that in the UK, over 1.5 million people are experiencing both problem debt and mental health problems, with 86% (5,500 people) of respondents to a Money and Mental Health survey…

Free Entry to Top Uk Attractions: World Book Day

4th Mar 2024

World Book day is far from just a day to dress your kids up as their favourite character from literature. It is a week long celebration of literature and there are free events and incredible opportunities across the UK to celebrate.  Find everything you need to prepare for your World Book Day celebrations in education settings and at…