A Charity Shop Gift Card Has Launched

Reading Time: 3 mins Like many people today, we’re huge fans of charity shopping. It’s a terrific way to browse a staggeringly varied and unusual range of clothing and goods super cheap while knowing you’re helping those in need. And with an estimated 4m children in the UK growing up in poverty, winter is set to be very difficult for many families. Worse than ever this year, rising rent, food and energy prices will be felt most in poorer households. 

Make money selling charity shop items for a profit

Reading Time: 7 mins In a recent survey, one in ten Britons admitted to selling-on charity shop items for a profit. The average profit made per sale was £10.50. If you’re interested in making a profit selling on charity shop items but are not sure where to start, we’ve put together this handy guide for you to read so … read more

How to Give to Charity Without Spending a Penny

Reading Time: 4 mins However much we might want to give to charity, often it’s just not possible to sign up and commit to a direct debit every month.  So, how can we do good and help out charitable causes when we haven’t got that much money to spare ourselves?  Luckily, there are a few ways you can incorporate … read more

Clear Your Wardrobe For Charity On Clear Your Clutter Day

Reading Time: < 1 min This April Action for Children are getting involved with Money Magpie’s annual Clear Your Clutter Day so if you’re looking to de-clutter but also do your bit for charity at the same time then why not host a my Swap n Shop in your local community? Get involved All you need to do, anytime from … read more

How to make money for charity if you’re under 18

Reading Time: 11 mins It should be easy to make money for charity if you’re under 18. But saving up £3,000 to go on your charity gap year project can be a real challenge. Here are some ideas of how to raise considerable amounts of money for charity to help you help others. Busk for charity Sell things for … read more

Clear out your closet for charity

Reading Time: 8 mins Donating things to charity is a great way to give. You get to declutter your home and they get to make money for good causes. Here are some of the more surprising ways you can make money for your favourite charities without it costing you anything. Let’s clear out your closet for charity! Spend for … read more

Charity credit cards – are they worth it?

Reading Time: 3 mins Updated: 5/01/2012 In an ideal world all of us want to be able to give money to charity, but when times are tight it’s not always possible. But what if you could help out a worthwhile cause as you spend, no matter what you’re buying, and with no extra effort? That’s what charity credit cards … read more

Fight Against Food Poverty: Free Food is Available

Reading Time: 4 mins Free food does exist… We all remember back in 2020 when people were talking about Marcus Rashford and the incredible work he does to support people who grow up like he did. Setting up his own charity End Child Food Poverty . He also became ambassador for Fareshare, he hand delivering food packages and getting … read more

Problems with Universal Credit? Where to go for help

Reading Time: 6 mins A lot of people are having problems with Universal Credit. For many, it’s simply not having enough money to live on. For others, it’s not knowing how to negotiate the forms. I have been talking on TV about how the system needs to radically change and others have said the same (including John Major, Gordon … read more

Paid online surveys reviewed

Reading Time: 12 mins At MoneyMagpie we’re big fans of paid online surveys. We think they’re a good way to make a bit of extra cash without having to put too much effort in – in fact you can read our complete guide to online surveys here. But you still might not be sure which online survey sites are … read more

How to make money online

Reading Time: 15 mins Making money online is now the norm for many. Some ways are quick and easy, and some take longer and a lot more effort. Here are some of the quick and easy ways to make money online. Make money online from Youtube Make money online from competitions Get your friends to make you money Make … read more

READER SURVEY: The government could do more, say our readers

Reading Time: 5 mins We recently conducted a reader survey on social media, in which we asked our followers their thoughts on the cost-of-living crisis. Questions also asked people about their worries, what they want to see the government doing to help the British public and how they feel about paying their energy bills this coming autumn. We conducted … read more

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