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The Energy Grants Edition: All the support available to help you pay your energy bills 2023

28th Sep 2023

As the warm weather becomes a distant memory and the nights draw in, thoughts inevitably turn to those dreaded energy bills and how to pay for them.  The energy price cap- the amount suppliers can charge for each unit of energy used – will fall from £2074 to £1,923 from October 1, but it’s still…

Energy Grants to Pay Your Bill Arrears

26th Oct 2020

Are you worried about your energy bill arrears? Not sure how you’re going to keep up with your increased energy costs, especially if you’re likely to be working from home over winter? You’re not the only one facing this issue. With the furlough scheme ending and redundancies imminent as we head towards the end of…

All The Things You Can Do If You Can’t Pay Your Energy Bill

29th Apr 2024

Article updated 29th April 2024 In the current financial climate, many people can’t pay their energy bill and are falling behind with payments. There are things you can do to make sure your energy debt doesn’t overwhelm you. Payment Plans and Supplier Support First of all, if you fund yourself struggling to pay your energy…

Frugal Fun for the Summer Holidays

24th Jul 2023

The school summer holidays are upon us, bringing six weeks of fun and quality time with our little ones. Let’s be honest, though, the school holidays are not all fun and games. With household spending on essentials rising by 4.4% in June, as the result of increased fuel costs, rising energy bills and inflated food…

READER SURVEY: The government could do more, say our readers

28th Jul 2022

We recently conducted a reader survey on social media, in which we asked our followers their thoughts on the cost-of-living crisis. Questions also asked people about their worries, what they want to see the government doing to help the British public and how they feel about paying their energy bills this coming autumn. We conducted…

Universal credit claimants to receive £650

9th Jun 2022

Over the coming months, those who receive certain benefits will receive some financial support. This is to help with the rising cost of living. Universal Credit claimants will receive the £650 cost of living payment. Beginning in July, the £650 support package will be split into two. The first £325 payment will be paid to…

Cost of living survey: 78% of readers have seen a decrease in their income

10th May 2022

On Friday 6th May, we produced a short cost of living survey via social media, asking our followers their thoughts and feelings about inflation, rising costs and more. The survey contained a mixture of polls and open-ended questions, where we asked you to share your own thoughts and feelings on certain topics. Here’s what we…

The green tax and what it means for you

19th Jan 2022

Environmental tax, often referred to as Green tax, is a hot topic within the UK currently. With energy prices already increasing and the strain on the general public’s purse strings ever growing, money is tighter than ever. In fact, it is estimated a whopping 18 million brits worry about money at least once a day….

Can’t Pay Your Mortgage? Here’s What To Do

28th Sep 2023

It’s no secret that many people have been struggling with money recently. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the consequent cost-of-living crisis and huge inflation and mortgage crisis has seen a heartbreaking number of people simply unable to pay their mortgage. Here, we’ll think about a few things that you can do if you’re worried about being…

How can you get food vouchers for the school holidays?

31st Jul 2023

How can you get food vouchers for the school holidays? The school summer holidays are in full swing, and children everywhere are basking in the thrill of time off school. But it can be difficult during the school breaks for those who claim free school meals during term time. Missing out on those free school…

Financial help, freebies and benefits for mothers

12th Mar 2023

  It’s hard to know how any parent manages their budget. The benefits environment hasn’t been kind in recent years – and parents haven’t escaped the cuts – but there is still some help available, and some benefits for mothers and fathers, if you know where to look. Financial support and benefits for mothers Governmental…

All The Welsh Funding that is Available

1st Mar 2023

All our readers across Wales (and the Welsh people living elsewhere of course), will today be donning their traditional dress, eating Welsh Cakes and Cawl and celebrating all that it is to be Welsh. Why? Because it’s St David’s Day! In honour of all of our beautiful countrymen we have done a round up of…