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Why a Junior Stocks & Shares ISA could be the ideal Christmas present for your child

6th Dec 2023

Soon comes round, doesn’t it? With less than four weeks to go until the big day, many of us will be having a serious think about what we’d like to give our loved ones for Christmas. If you’ve children, you probably already have a long list, but in this article we’re going to add another…

Financial support for disability and long-term sickness

7th Sep 2023

Financial support for disability or long-term sickness There is a huge range of financial support, benefits, grants, one-off payments, equipment and more available to help those with disabilities or long-term sickness. There is also monetary help for carers and those who live with someone with a disability. Keep reading to find out more. Financial support…

How to invest in property through your ISA

18th Aug 2023

This is a paid article on behalf of easyMoney New insight from peer-to-peer real estate investment platform easyMoney examines why investing your ISA allowance in property is the best way to secure solid returns – even during times of economic uncertainty. An ISA allowance is the amount of money one is allowed to invest in…

3 reasons why you shouldn’t wait to open a stocks and shares ISA

1st Aug 2023

Stash your investments in a stock and shares ISA and you won’t have to pay dividends, capital gains or income tax on any returns. This is why ISAs are often the first port of call for newbie investors. Yet the ISA tax-free wrapper is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Thanks to the cost…

Can you become an ISA Millionaire?

21st Apr 2023

This investing post is sponsored by Alliance Trust. According to HMRC, there are roughly 2,000 ISA millionaires in the UK. Collectively, these individuals have managed to squirrel away £2.8 billion in tax-efficient accounts – an impressive feat! But is becoming an ISA millionaire a realistic goal for many? And why do so many ISA millionaires…

Bed and ISA: What is it? And should you do it?

3rd Apr 2023

On Thursday 6 April, the 2023/24 tax year began and if you’re an investor, it’s worth sitting up and paying attention. Not only did the £20,000 annual ISA allowance refresh on 6 April, but the existing capital gains and dividends tax allowances were slashed. What this all means is if you’ve investments sitting in an…

All You Need to Know about ISAs

7th Feb 2023

ISAs are basically a way to save or invest money that is tax-free. They may seem confusing as there are different types of ISAs and each ISA has different rules, but in this ‘all you need to know’ guide to ISAs we explain what they are and what the rules mean. What is an ISA?…

Make money if you have a physical disability

17th Jan 2023

If you’re physically disabled there are lots of ways to make money on the side in easy and unexpected ways, even if you’re not very mobile. (Keep an eye out for a new series coming soon that will cover other types of unseen disabilities and mental health.) Here’s a list of just some of the…

WIN! SimpliSafe Home Security Starter Kit

24th Aug 2022

We’re giving one lucky reader the chance to win a SimpliSafe Starter Kit! the prize SimpliSafe is an award-winning home security brand that delivers advanced security solutions that put you, your home, and your safety first. It’s designed with cutting-edge technology and powered by 24/7 professional monitoring with no long-term contracts, all at an affordable…

How to transfer a stocks and shares ISA

11th Aug 2022

Do you have a stocks and shares ISA? If so, did you know you don’t have to stick with your existing provider until you’re ready to sell your shares? That’s because ISA transfers make it easy to switch providers without your investments losing their tax-free status. However, to do a transfer properly there’s an important…

How can I invest if my disabilities and benefits prevent me from working?

9th May 2022

We had an email from a MoneyMagpie reader last week saying that he had a few years to go before the state pension kicked in but that his disabilities, and the fact that he’s on benefits, prevent him from earning money. Understandably he asked what could he do to create enough of a nest egg…

ISA Usage and What Types of Investor Can really Benefit from an ISA

2nd Mar 2022

ISA usage has grown in popularity recently, after losing customers when the Personal Savings Allowance was launched in 2016. After that tax break was introduced, ISA use dropped by 13% in a year. Finally, the number of ISA accounts opened has finally risen above pre-2016 levels as a total of 13m ISA accounts were opened…