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Free eBook: Make Your Home Make Money For You

1st Mar 2023

There are so many ways to make money from your house, either to help with running costs, energy bills or even to make a profit. You might be prepared to use your whole house to make some extra money by renting it out as a location for tv or film. Or you might prefer to…

How to make money by running a pop-up restaurant in your home

16th Jan 2023

If you’re a whizz in the kitchen and love entertaining, you could be the perfect candidate to make some extra money by running a pop-up restaurant in your home. Ever thought about it? If not, here’s a basic guide to get you started: What is a pop-up restaurant? Why set one up? How to set…

Make money renting out your holiday home

11th Jan 2023

Inherited a property you don’t know what to do with? Second home that sits gathering dust? Time to make money by renting out your holiday home! If you are lucky enough to own a holiday home, it could become more of a financial burden than a luxury. If this is the case, check out our…

Make money renting out your home as a film set

10th Jan 2023

It may not be the first thought that comes to mind, but you can make money by renting your home as a film set. Location scouts are looking for all kinds of properties and could pay you up to £2,500 a day to use your home. As part of our spotlight on making money from your…

Save money on cleaning with these simple hacks

31st May 2023

Save money on cleaning with these simple hacks Like everything else right now, cleaning products and cleaning services are rocketing with inflation. But you don’t need to spend a fortune to give your home a good spring clean. Follow our money-saving tips and clean your entire home for just a few quid. Duvets and pillows Washing machines Toilets…

Make money investing in whisky

31st May 2023

Do you know your bourbon from your scotch, your single malt from your blended? Investing in whisky is a relatively untapped investment opportunity; some sources suggest healthy returns even within the space of a year. Of course, with all investing there’s some risk. You’ll need to do your research and see what tends to sell…

Going abroad? Prepare and secure your home and vehicles

30th May 2023

Going abroad? Secure your home and vehicles It’s holiday season! Perhaps you’re one of the lucky Brits escaping the UK for a getaway abroad this summer. There is always plenty to think about – getting your passport ready, making sure the weight of your luggage is below the allowance, packing the essentials. But one thing…

Make £25 an Hour as a Virtual Assistant

19th May 2023

It’s International Virtual Assistant Day! The coronavirus pandemic triggered massive changes in the working landscape. Not only are more jobs being carried out remotely now, but more work is being outsourced as well. For many businesses, hiring freelancers and independent contractors for specific jobs, rather than keeping a larger number of employees on the payroll…

Top ten ways to make summer cash quick – 2023

12th May 2023

Fancy making extra cash this summer? From babysitting to dogsitting and from fruit-picking to gardening, here are a host of great ideas for seasonal work that you can fit around your current lifestyle. Make money from your green fingers Gardening for cash is an ideal way to make some extra money. Lots of people start…

How much of an increase to your Universal Credit are you due?

11th May 2023

Universal Credit claimants will get increases to their monthly payments from April 2023.New benefit payment rates should now have kicked in from the beginning of the 2023/2024 financial year. Most Universal Credit claimants will get a 10.1% increase in their payments. People on low incomes – including the unemployed and those unable to work –…

51 ways to save money in your home

8th May 2023

We could all do with cutting our household expenditure, so we’ve come up with 50 easy ways you can save money in your home. Starting with these tiny changes to everyday life, you will notice a difference. Start by having a go at just half of them and you’re bound to save a healthy amount!…

BEAUTY MAGPIE: Top money-saving beauty hacks

5th May 2023

Top money-saving beauty hacks.  Spending hundreds of pounds on your beauty regime is a thing of the past. Buh-bye huge bills, hello budget buys!   Hello fellow beauty lovers! I’m Izzy, and this is my brand-new column. Each month, I’ll be bringing you all things makeup, skincare, haircare and lifestyle. From my fave low-cost finds…