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Make money writing greeting card messages

20th Sep 2020

Do you think that the majority of greeting card messages are bland and that you could write better, given the chance? Then this is the opportunity for you! There’s decent cash to be made out of writing greeting card messages. It’s a very competitive market so you may not want to make a career leap…

Make money writing short stories

19th Aug 2020

Would you like to make money writing fiction? Many people dream of being able to quit the day job, open a laptop (or typewriter, if you’re old-school), and write a best-selling novel. But, to be honest, that’s a really tough ask. So, instead many aspiring novelists start writing short stories. According to the 2014 Digital Book…

5 Unusual Ways to Make Money Writing Online

28th Jun 2020

If you’ve got skills in writing and want to think outside the box when it comes to your freelance work, there could be a whole host of niche ways for you to pull in some extra cash. From writing subtitles to translation, the online world is built on “content” – and that means there are…

How to make money writing a TV script

12th Mar 2020

Do you watch a lot of TV dramas and soaps and fancy your chances of making money writing a TV script? Well, it’s not an easy task….but it’s not impossible either. In fact, as you can see from script-writer Jack Rosenthal’s experience, being interested in certain soaps or dramas and having a go at writing…

Make money from speechwriting

13th Apr 2023

Make money from speechwriting. Writing speeches for public figures to use is quite a niche profession but it absolutely pays dividends for the right candidate. Speechwriting tends to be a very competitive market but if you make, or have made, the right preparations, you might find yourself qualified to become a professional speechwriter. Before we…

Make money copywriting

29th Nov 2020

How would you like to make money copywriting? Ever wondered who writes the ‘blurbs’ in brochures, websites and direct mail shots that come through the door? Well someone does and they get paid well for it. It could be you. Welcome to the world of copywriting… • What’s involved? • How can I start copywriting?…

Online Freelance Writing: Make £100+ An Hour Writing for a Living

8th May 2024

Updated 8th May 2024 Online freelance writing is a great way to earn additional or full-time income, and you don’t even need to leave your home to do it. There are countless opportunities out there, you can work as little or as much as you want and you can make in excess of £100,000 a…

51 ways to save money in your home

23rd Apr 2024

Updated 23rd April 2024 We could all do with cutting our household expenditure, so we’ve come up with 51 easy ways you can save money in your home. By making these tiny changes in your everyday life, you will notice a big difference. It’s a huge list, but every little saving adds up – even…

5 AI Investing Apps That Could Make Your Life a Little Easier

16th Apr 2024

It seems like AI has taken over the world in the last few months. The technology is now being used for pretty much everything from generating images to writing emails. But, did you know that AI can also be used to help you invest?  The rise of artificial intelligence has caused many financial institutions to…

Make money by listening to music

6th Feb 2024

Here at MoneyMagpie we like to share good news and the fact there are ways that you can make money by listening to music is definitely good news. Music is everywhere and part of our everyday lives. We listen while we work, play, drive, walk, exercise, clean, cook… you name it! These days we can…

MoneyMagpie’s free cash giveaway

3rd Jan 2024

Free Cash Giveaway Money giveaway: Happy New Year Magpies. Want some cash? With a record number of people taking on second jobs and people frantically googling “quick ways to make cash”, we at MoneyMagpie have again decided to put our hand in our pocket and offer some help to readers. Last July we had a…

Make Money Spending Money with Quidco

8th Dec 2023

This post is sponsored by Quidco At this time of year particularly, purse strings are tight and we must all be on the lookout for bargains and money-saving hacks. So anyone that claims you can ‘make money by spending money’ should be approached cautiously, right? But that’s exactly what Quidco do: they offer cashback on…