Index-tracking funds: the easy way to invest in the stock market

Reading Time: 7 mins Index-tracking funds offer an easy, cheap and non-frightening way to invest in the stock market! Not only are they cheap and easy, but they actually make money (over time) and they’re recommended for people like you and me by Warren Buffett no less! Also known as ‘trackers’, this investment type is a no-fuss way to put  … read more

7 Investment Tips for Stock Market Beginners

Reading Time: 4 mins Looking for tips for stock market beginners? Never fear – we’ve got your back! If you’re going to start investing in the stock market, there are a few tips that it would be useful to be aware of. Should you spread your investments, or keep them simple? What about ethical funds – are they worth … read more

6 Investments That Aren’t The Stock Market

Reading Time: 4 mins If you’ve got money to make long-term investments at the moment, you’re in a lucky financial position. You still need to be careful, though. With economies around the world preparing for a downturn in light of the coronavirus crisis, the stock market is unlikely to be the best place to invest your money for a … read more

Should I Buy the Dip on the Stock Market?

Reading Time: 5 mins Due to the coronavirus outbreak we’ve seen some of the worst weeks on the stock market since the 2008 financial crash. Even the generally stable FTSE 100 suffered its largest one-day crash in March this year since 1987. That being said, when the stock market plummets it often actually proves to be a great time … read more

Coronavirus and the stock market: what should you do with your investments?

Reading Time: 5 mins Coronavirus and the stock market is all the news seems to talk about right now. It’s easy to start getting worried – but wait! “Should I sell my shares and ditch my pension?” is the question we’re hearing from readers all over social media. My answer is the same as Warren Buffett‘s: “Be fearful when others … read more

Stock market chaos: how it affects your pension

Reading Time: 6 mins Pension annuities offer a guaranteed income for the rest of your life – but did you know the stock market can affect whether you’ll get a great (or terrible) rate? If you buy at the wrong time, your retirement income could be significantly lower every year. So, how does the stock market affect pensions – … read more

Fund Supermarkets: Save Money on Your Investments

Reading Time: 5 mins Fund supermarkets offer an inexpensive route into investing. We’ll look at what they are, how they work, and who should use them. You know investing in stocks and shares products is a good way to develop a long-term financial growth strategy, but how on earth do you do it, and where do fund supermarkets come … read more

Stock Investment: 3 Biotech Stocks To Consider in 2021

Reading Time: 2 mins Have you ever considered investing in the biotech industry? Not even really sure what that really is? Well, the biotech industry includes those companies that develop diagnostic compounds and drugs for treating disease and medical conditions. Before the FDA can approve them, the products have to go through costly, vigorous, and time-consuming tests. Of course, … read more

5 Reasons Why Most Savers Should Consider a Stocks and Shares ISA

Reading Time: 2 mins Saving money is considered to be a good way to prepare for your future but how can you get the best return on your investment? Knowing which savings opportunity yields the highest return can be beneficial, but understanding the risk level is critical too. Currently, an increasingly popular ways to save money is with a … read more

Specifics And Opportunities Of Marketing In The Field Of Fashion Business

Reading Time: 3 mins Currently, the global market for women’s clothing has a huge number of brands, similar not only to the proposed range, but also on the price policy pursued by companies – manufacturers of fashionable clothing. In this regard, in order to stand out from the competition, it is necessary to conduct an active marketing policy. It … read more

How to Earn Cash with MoneyMagpie Marketplace

Reading Time: 4 mins We’re always looking for ways we can help our readers make money, which is why we’ve just launched the MoneyMagpie Marketplace. Your new go-to site to buy and sell locally! Whether you’re selling a service, specialist skill, handmade crafts, or just your unused stuff, you can get set up straight away and earn cash with … read more

The MoneyMagpie Marketplace: Make Money and Buy Local!

Reading Time: 6 mins We’re so excited to launch the MoneyMagpie Marketplace! It’s your new online marketplace to buy and sell locally. So, whether you just want to get rid of your unwanted clutter or if you want to run an online shop to sell your services or products, you can do it at the MoneyMagpie Marketplace! We want … read more

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