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Top 5 Christmas money-makers

If you think that your finances might be  tight this Christmas, we’ve created this article packed full of useful links and advise, to help you prepare for the festive season now that it is only a couple of months away.

These five tips are ideal for anyone who may have a little more free time over the festive break (we’re looking at you students). A lot of people search for extra ways to make money over the festive break so getting ahead of the game and getting your applications in early, will help you make the most of your time. 

  • Celebrate a cashback Christmas  
  • Make money selling your stuff 
  • Be Santa (or one of his elves) 
  • Seasonal jobs in retail  
  • Be Postman Pat  


Celebrate a cashback Christmas  

christmas cash makers

There’s no escaping the huge costs associated with the holidays, form the Christmas tree to  presents and Christmas dinner. Never mind the alcohol…

But what if you could make money by spending money? 

Nope, we’re not going insane and it’s not a philosophical paradox. Have a look at sites including: 

If possible buy as much of your Christmas shopping through these sites and they’ll pay you for the privilege, typically between 2-16% of your total expenditure. Payment is usually through PayPal or directly to your bank account, and can take several weeks to be processed. 

For anyone who fancies getting double the cashback, you can also use a cashback credit card to make even more money. This often has the added benefit of protecting your purchases in case they fail to arrive or the company goes bust. 


Make money selling your stuff 

Christmas ornaments are all the rage, but as you buy more and more each year it can be very easy to end up with millions of baubles and Christmas balls knocking around your cupboards.  

Solution? Take advantage of their popularity and sell them, clearing out your clutter and making money at the same time! 

Sites including: 

All great places through which to sell your old knick-knacks. 

But wait – don’t stop there! 

Christmas crafts are another great potential money-maker. You could make your own decorations to sell, or branch out and: 

  • Create Christmas hampers,  
  • Design stylised Christmas poems,  
  • Render Christmas ecards,  
  • Bake personalised festive cakes 

These could all be sold through the websites mentioned above, or perhaps at local shops or a nearby Christmas market. 


Be Santa (or one of his elves) 

Female christmas elf

Department stores, festive markets, school fetes and winter festivals: none would be complete without a red-suited, black-booted, white-bearded and twinkly-eyed gentleman handing out presents to eager children. 

Sadly, Santa Claus himself is usually too busy to attend these events himself – after all, he does have a big day approaching at the end of the month.  

This means that there are vacancies all over the country looking for someone to fill the role, as well as even more openings for elves to apply. Applicants should be good with kids, have a recent DBS check and preferably experience in acting or the performing arts. 

Wages can vary wildly, from £6-£15 an hour depending on location, experience and duties.

Some Santas and elves make over £300 a day! 

Check out some Santa and Santa’s helper jobs on Indeed by clicking here.


Seasonal jobs in retail 

Millions of shoppers begin to hit the streets in force as soon as December swings around, meaning that companies need all hands on deck to handle the crowds of customers.  

Often, extra hands are also required, meaning that there are vacancies galore on sites like Indeed, Monster and Jobsite. 

For example, seasonal roles can be found by clicking on any of the links below.

These will often require you to work either Christmas Eve or Boxing Day, which is great as it means you get a higher hourly wage than the average £7 per hour. 


Become Postman Pat this Christmas 

Santa's hand holding letters

Another sector looking for a surge in workers is the Royal Mail postal system. Festive cards and present deliveries zoom all across the country during the ultra-busy festive season. 

If ever you watched the friendly postman with his black-and-white cat go about their business, this might be the last-minute money-maker for you.  

The most common roles advertised are for ‘Christmas casual’ mail sorters, who can earn over £12 an hour, depending on location. 

Online shopping has never been as popular, meaning that online retailers like Argos, Amazon and Asos are all looking for more employees to work in warehouses or as drivers. 

Cardboard boxes and neatly-wrapped parcels must all be delivered before the big day, meaning that drivers doing same-day and next-day delivery will be highly sought after. 

Do you have any more ideas on how to make money this year? Share them with us in the comments section below, or check out our article with even more fabulous ideas here. 


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