Jun 09

Free biscuits, free wine, Ribena, theme parks and essential oil – AOL.

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Freebie Friday: Freebies from Cadbury, Ribena, Lidl, Cafe Rouge, and DoTerra


Freebie Friday to bring a bit of comfort in a shocking week

This has been a bit of a turbulent week all round, so what we need is something to cheer us up, something to bring a bit of comfort, and possibly something to reduce the stress of an uncertain election.

And in an effort to improve your week at least slightly, we can bring you all of this for free, with a handful of brilliant freebies.

Free biscuits

Sainsbury’s is cementing its reputation as the supermarket home of freebies, with a deal for a free packet of Cadbury Roundie biscuits when you shop online. All you have to do is add a pack to your online shop, and enter the code FREEROUNDIE at the checkout. You can pick any flavour, and as long as you arrange delivery by 27th June, the freebie is all yours.

Free wine

Cafe Rouge is offering a Father’s Day freebie. If you book a table for four on Father’s Day (18th June), you’ll get a free bottle of wine. And while it’s a handy way to get your hands on a freebie for dad, unless he’s particularly thirsty, there should be plenty to go around for you all.

Free Ribena

Ribena is staking a claim for the premium ‘soft drinks in pubs’ market – by selling fizzy Ribena in bottles in pineapple and passion fruit and blackberry and cranberry flavours. The users of have discovered that in an effort to get you to try the drink, it’s running a giveaway. All you have to do is fill your details in online, and you will have a voucher emailed or texted to you. You can redeem it at a number of venues, including Toby Carvery and Crown Carvery.

Free essential oils

MoneyMagpie has come across a great deal for a free sample of essential oils from DoTERRA – which are organic plant-based oils that are used in a number of therapies. Some of them may even help deal with a particularly stressful week. You just need to complete your details online. You can sign up for the weekly freebies newsletter while you’re there, so you can get your hands on more giveaways too.

Free theme park tickets

Lidl is offering… Read the full article.



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