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20 handy tips for making more money on eBay today

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If you have a house full of clutter that you’re dying to get rid of then consider selling them on eBay.

eBay is a great platform to make extra cash but it can be a scary place to go if you’re new to it.

In order to make you feel at ease with selling on eBay we’ve put together a list of 20 essential tips that you’ll need for making more money on eBay today.

Take a look below. Also make sure you read right down to the end to find out how you can get a copy of our FREE eBook ‘10 essential steps to start making money on eBay today’ 


How to make money on ebay

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1. Start your auction prices at 99p.

If you start your auction low it will get people interested. A higher number of people will be looking at your item as lots of people search for items by lowest price. This will also keep your fees down as it costs less to start your items at 99p.

2. It’s free to list on eBay

With 20 free listings every month, savvy sellers should make sure they take advantage of their monthly allowance.


3. Download the eBay app.

If you have a smart phone it’s worth downloading the eBay app. For starters it’s free. It means you can keep an eye of your listings whilst on the go. It also means you will get any notifications when anyone bids on your item or has a question meaning you can respond immediately.

List on mobile and see how easy it is – using the eBay mobile app is a quick and easy way to list, and enables you to keep track of your listings on-the-go.

Find out how to create your own money making app here. 


4. Make your listing the best you can with great titles & descriptions.

Accurately describe the condition, size, and quality of the item to provide potential buyers with all the information they need to make a purchase. Make a clear, compelling first impression by writing a great title for your item and using descriptive keywords such as brand, size and colour.


5. Don’t annoy other sellers.

A little bit of copying and pasting with a few adjustments and tweaks will save you loads of time and effort when writing up descriptions for products, but never copy descriptions or pictures wholesale, as this infringes other sellers’ copyright. The last thing you want to do is upset other sellers.


6. Have your listed items end on a Sunday.

According to eBay Sunday is the  day that attracts the most bidding activity. Perhaps this is due to more people being at home or having the time to browse so make the most of this busy period.

7. Make sure the time is right.

 Have your items end between the hours of 7pm and 9pm. These are the most popular hours so it will be worth your while.

8. Price it right.

Items can be listed as an auction or a fixed price. In addition to following eBay pricing recommendations, you can also search completed eBay listings and look at other similar items to help you choose a starting price for fixed price or auction-style listing.

Auction listings are great if you’re unsure of the value of your item or you have unique and hard-to-find items that could attract demand and spur a bidding way. If you want to make a certain price on something, though, go for a fixed price sale.

“People spend a significant proportion of time searching for and retrieving misplaced items within the home – time spent searching is time that could be spent on other tasks.” Darryl Brunt, UK Sales & Marketing Director at Fellowes UK


9. Take advantage of free listing days

Usually, regular sellers can find they use up their 20 free listings very quickly and end up paying an insertion fee for each item. To save yourself some money keep an eye out for free listing days or free listing weekends, when you can list as many items as you want without any insertion fee.

Payment, like everything else, is evolving. Find out the many different ways you can pay here.


10. Post items ‘Recorded Delivery’ when posting with the Royal Mail.

This is the most important advice I can give. If you send an item recorded delivery you can track its whereabouts. This prevents any sellers claiming they have not received an item. And if it is lost, you are covered by insurance.

11. How much is it going to cost?

What you’re going to charge for postage doesn’t have to reflect what it’s really going to cost you – but cheaper postage will encourage people to bid on your items.

So before you post your listing, check on a postage comparison site like Parcel2Go and work out how much it will cost to send in the UK.

Remember to check how much international postage will cost if you don’t mind selling to international buyers.

12. Pack things well.

Keep a bag of padding, such as bubble wrap handy, and invest in strong wrapping paper and even boxes in order to make sure that what you send gets there in one piece. If it’s broken you will have to pay the buyer back.


13. Use lots of pictures.

On many listings you can list up to 12 photos for free. Take advantage of this.

Take photos of the front, back, the size, the label, the print etc. this way people really know what they are buying.

Adding multiple good quality photos to your listing to help you increase sales and give your buyers a more accurate idea of what to expect.

14. Choose the right category.

It’s also really important to make sure you list your item in the right category, if you don’t the chance of a good sale goes down.  For an extra fee, you can list your item in 2 categories to maximise your item’s visibility


15. Build your reputation.

Describe the item accurately, reply to questions promptly and try to dispatch within 48 hours. Establishing and maintaining buyer satisfaction helps you build a solid reputation as a trustworthy seller on eBay and ultimately helps drive your sales activity.


16.  Make a few small purchases.

If you’re a new seller with little or no feedback buyers might be reluctant to make purchases from you. So before you start listing items, you might want to make a few small purchases to accumulate positive feedback, and to get used to the eBay process.

Two ways you can set up a business online.


17. Respond to people ASAP.

When you get questions about things you are selling reply as soon as you can. If you take days to reply they might of already bought the same item from someone else in that time.


18. Let people know what you’re selling.

Once your listing goes live, don’t just sit back and hope for the best. Promote your items on your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Use relevant  hashtags and get the word out there. Also let your friends and family know so they can spread the word too.


19. You can sell anything.

Just because something seems too large, impractical, or expensive to ship, it doesn’t mean you can’t sell it. Simply offer the “collection in person” option – this means that the buyer and seller can find a convenient time for the item to be picked up.


20. Never underestimate what people will pay for.

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure so even if you think some of the things you’ve got lying around are useless, think again!

Even broken or not-working items can sell for parts or to enthusiasts. Sometimes if you sell a bundle of broken electronics you can make good money on them.

To get your hands on our free ebook ‘10 step quide to start  making money on eBay today’ simply download a copy here.

Share your best eBay selling tips in the comments below. 

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