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Lads (and lasses!), you know the feeling. We all have that cupboard stuffed with old sports gear. No matter what sport you played –  maybe you played them all – there’ll be some unused remnant lying around from the time you were Springfield FC’s star centre back. According to online classifieds site Gumtree, British households have on average £2,589 worth of pre-loved items unused and ripe for re-sale in their homes, so you can only imagine how much you could make by simply decluttering your old sports gear!


It’s hard to let go

Magpie looking torn about selling old tennis racket

Sometimes the only thing you have to remind you of your glory days is an old cricket bat. Or that rounders ball you caught to get your team to regionals. Or that football you accidentally smashed into your own net on your debut for your old club. But it’s not true that letting those things go will erase those moments.

The memories you made don’t disappear along with the objects that inspired them. You will always remember, and having your front room full of old sports clutter won’t change that. So why not declutter all that old gear? It’s only hard to let go…until you actually let go. Fine, you don’t have to get rid of all of it. Maybe keep one thing, but trust us, it won’t make any difference.

Hannah Wilson, Marketing Director at Gumtree, says “We know that as our lives grow and progress, our needs for space and goods change in turn. You would be surprised how much money you could make by selling things you’ve loved but now need to find a new home for.”


Where to sell sports gear

Laptop and tennis balls

Gumtree is the best place to sell all the things you might have assembled over the years. What sets this online marketplace apart from others is the fact it’s perfect for large objects you’d have trouble sending in the post. With Gumtree you can get potential buyers to come and collect, straight from your door. This means you’ll have no problem flogging anything, even if it’s a full 11-a-side goal. Who knows, the guy picking it up might even be up for a kickabout himself.


How much can you make?

Excited young men holding a laptop and money

Your old Cricket bat can easily go for £50 if it’s in good shape and a solid design.

You can get between £10-£20 for old football shirts.

A full sized goal with net will go for around £50.

Bundle up your old lacrosse gear and sell it for £70ish if it’s still fully functional.

Rackets. Tennis, squash, you name it. They will always sell. Look to get between £10-£50, depending on the make.

You can easily bank around £40 for a set of good quality bowls.

The list goes on…


How to sell

Old sports equipment

Have a look on online, see how much your items are selling for by searching around, then place yours.

Make sure you have adequate description for your item and above all, get some quality pictures. If your item is from a good brand, get the logo visible in the picture, that will add value.

On Gumtree, you can post an ad on the site for free with just a few clicks and even organise the buyer to collect direct from your door, helping to save on delivery costs.

What are you waiting for?



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