Nov 18

Freebies – it’s about giving as well as getting

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Give stuff away

I’ve just been giving away boxes and boxes of lever arch files on and on the freebies bit of

It’s really good to give stuff away this way. You de-clutter and other people get things they need for free. It’s green, it’s cheap and makes people feel good all round.


…except when, as happened a couple of times this time, people who come over say ‘have you got anything else we can have?’ or…’we need filing cabinets too – have you got any of those?’

For goodness sake, I’ve just given them a box of lever arch files for free. I didn’t advertise anything else. Can’t they be grateful for what they’ve been given?

One guy who came round was very friendly and chatty and he told me that he got a lot of things on Freecycle and often gave them away afterwards. Good policy I thought. For example, he got a free tile-cutter one day and then after he’d used it he put it back on Freecycle for someone else to use. Sensible.

one person handing package to someone else

The Best one – Soltan

The best one, though, was a lovely man called Soltan who came over to pick up a box of files. To my surprise and delight he brought me a nice bar of chocolate to say thank you. He was the only person who has ever brought anything in return for the freebies (I’ve given away furniture, fridges and a TV in the past but no one has brought anything in return). Good man! It taught me something – the freebie culture that I advocate, recycling, giving things away to help all round is great and we should all be doing it but how about bringing at least a token thank you for the things we’re given? It’s sad that he was the only one.

Anyway, I was so impressed by Soltan that when he told me that he had a big van and could do removals, and also tiling as it happens, I said I would certainly use his services next time I need them (I will soon). Not only that but I thought I’d tell everyone else about him. He lives in Wembley, NW London, has a nice big van and quoted me a really good price. I’m guessing he’s pretty competitive with his tiling too. If you’re interested his number is 07404 250965.

There – giving can certainly bring more to your door. I hope it does for Soltan.

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