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How to make the most when selling online

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Paul Treanor, from offers his top tips for getting the best value out of your spring clean by selling online

With the new year well and truly underway and spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start thinking about decluttering your home.

It’s also a great excuse to make some extra spending money. If you find yourself counting pennies before payday, you’ll be pleased to know you’re not alone – according to Ziffit’s recent research, nearly half (42%) of Brits have spent all of their disposable income by the third week of every month.

Selling online is a great way to make ends meet between paydays. You’ll be amazed at what people will buy, so look at your belongings with fresh eyes. While you might have fallen out of love with last year’s winter coat or watched series one of Breaking Bad, someone else will be waiting to snap up your secondhand bargain.

But selling online isn’t just beneficial to your bank balance. Clearing out unwanted goods can bring a new sense of order and calm to your home. Not to mention selling online, ‘upcycling’ and repurposing pre-loved possessions are all great ways to do your bit for the environment.

So if you’re keen to give it a go, but not sure how to get started, here are our top tips for getting the best value when selling online.


How do I get started selling online?

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The quickest way to get started is by using an auction or trade-in website such as eBay or Ziffit. Or if you prefer even greater flexibility, why not download the website’s app. Most modern eCommerce websites will offer an app that users can download from the App Store or Google Play. Apps make selling online even quicker – you can list and sell items at the touch of a button. They also allow you to buy and sell on the move, so you can even make money during your morning commute.


Find the right buyer

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These days there are a huge variety of sites catering to selling online, from general goods through to specialist, high ticket items. MPB, for example, is a photo and video equipment trading platform, offering both buy and sell services to its customers. The website is very user-friendly, and the site also offers the option to sell for cash or part exchange.

Well known auction site eBay is always a great option if you’re embracing a full-scale spring clean. You’ll need to set up an account, which is free, and sign up to PayPal. Once this is done you can start listing items for sale. It’s important to include a good description of your product. You want to give potential buyers as much information as possible to encourage them to bid for your items.

Ziffit is a free online service that pays you for your old books, CDs, DVDs and video games. If you’re happy with the price offered, you just need to pack your items (they can all go in the same box) and drop it off at a Collect+ store. If your package is over 15kg they also offer a free courier service. You’ll then be paid either by PayPal, bank transfer or cheque, depending on what option you choose.


What should I sell online?

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If you’re having a general declutter and not looking to shift specialist items like cameras or video equipment – books, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and games can all be sold hassle free to a trade-in website.

One item that often gets overlooked during the spring clean is games and selling these can be particularly lucrative. Pre-owned games such as Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty and Fifa are all great sellers.

Gaming giants Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox regularly update software and release new consoles, which leads to the latest edition release of popular games such as Halo and Fifa. Retro gaming is also really popular in certain circles, similar to old albums or comics. So if you find yourself blowing the dust off of a Nintendo DS copy of Super Mario Bros when purging your bedroom, don’t consign it to the Car Boot pile. Instead, enter or scan the barcode on a trade-in site and make yourself a bit of extra money.

A rare or limited edition book can also be a real money-spinner. If you’re fortunate enough to own certain classics such as a first edition of Tolkien’s The Hobbit, you could expect to make hundreds from the right buyer.


Problems to watch out for

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When selling pre-loved items, it is important to remember that not every item is fit for resale. If you scan dog-eared, damaged books or scratched CDs they will probably get rejected and due to the sheer number of items some sites receive, most operate a no-returns policy. So it’s important to be careful to avoid disappointment.

The Web is overflowing with platforms and cash-for-clutter sites to help you make money from your unwanted belongings. With a bit of organisation and research you can create extra space in your home and give your bank balance a boost.


Ziffit’s 5 top decluttering tips

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Focus on what you want to keep

Concentrate on the things you want to keep, instead of feeling overwhelmed by what you want to get rid of. This will make any big clear out less daunting and will help you realise which belongings you truly value.

Think of the financial benefits

A good declutter can be great for your bank balance. Selling online is easier than ever, with an abundance of websites available for users to sell pre-loved possessions. Make use of online trade-in sites to sell anything from an unused camera to an old DVD or game.

Bring in outside help

Chances are you’ll have a friend who’s also eager to declutter their home. Enlist them to help purge your home and return the favour at a later date. This way you’ve turned a clear out into an opportunity to catch up. A friend is also likely to be more ruthless with your possessions, making the clear out more effective.

Picture the end goal

Before you start haphazardly throwing things out, spend a few moments visualising how you want the room to look. What couldn’t you live without? Does the current layout of the room lend itself to not-so-secret spots for housing clutter? This will give your decluttering a purpose and help you work out what’s essential and what you could live without.

Remember to…

Reward yourself – once you have decluttered, make sure to reward yourself for a job well-done. Even if it’s just a cup of tea and a biscuit in front of your favourite TV programme.

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