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Recycle your gadgets for cash in 3 easy steps

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Knowing how to recycle your gadgets for cash could make you a tidy little profit. Recycling companies don’t only hand over cash for mobile phones – some will also pay you for cameras, MP3 players, games consoles and more.

Here MoneyMagpie looks at how to recycle your gadgets and make a profit. We’ve also thrown in info on how to exchange old ink cartridges for cash. Our message? Recycle now!


How to recycle your gadgets

Every year millions of defunct gadgets get shoved up in the loft or dumped onto a scrap heap. Once they’ve served their purpose most of us want them out of sight and out of mind. But this attitude could stop us from earning some easy money, whilst seriously damaging the environment.

Variety of different gadgets

There are recycling companies around such as Mobile Phone Xchange who are desperate to get their hands on our gadgets. To entice us into handing them over they offer generous payments for both working and broken devices. Whilst mobile phone recycling is a very popular business (see our article here on recycling your mobile for cash), Mobile Phone Xchange are not only offering cash for mobiles, they’ll also recycle games consoles, cameras, MP3 players and other such devices.

How much could I make?

Prices vary depending on the make and condition of your gadget. The most expensive item Mobile Phone Xchange are currently buying is the 256GB iPhone X, for which they would pay you £685. There’s also the option to be paid in vouchers (Debenhams, Argos or Marks & Spencer). If you choose this option you will get more than the cash alternative.

If you’d like to know how much your gadget is worth you can call Mobile Phone Xchange directly, or go onto their website and do a product search.

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Is it a lot of hassle?

Mobile Phone Xchange have made the whole process refreshingly straightforward. Here’s how it works:

Step 1. Type the make and model of your gadget into the search box and discover how much Mobile Phone Xchange would pay you for it in both cash and vouchers.

Step 2. Within two days they’ll send you a freepost padded envelope which you can pop your gadget inside and send back to them. They accept no responsibility for items lost in the post and recommend you either send it special delivery or get a certificate of posting from your Post Office.

Step 3. As soon as your gadget has been received and checked they’ll send you a BACS payment within three days or a cheque within seven days. If you opted for vouchers then a voucher card will be sent to you at the same time as the padded envelope. Hold onto it, as once Mobile Phone Xchange has received your gadget and is happy to progress, they’ll credit the card with your money.


Recycle mobile phones

If you’re only really interested in recycling phones for cash, let MoneyMagpie’s comparison tool find you some of the best deals around. All you have to do is select the make and model of your phone from our list, and we’ll compare the best phone recycling companies on the market to get you the best price. Recycle now and make yourself some cash.

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How to exchange old ink cartridges for cash

Every year an estimated 57 million ink cartridges find their way into UK landfills, rubbish dumps and incinerators. Considering it can take just one cartridge up to 1,000 years to decompose, these figures are very alarming. It’s easy to recycle cartridges so don’t contribute to the problem – sell them to a recycling company and you’ll also make yourself some money.

Cash for Cartridges will pay up to £4.50 per empty cartridge whilst Inksave also offer some very competitive rates. Neither company accepts toner cartridges and you’ll always get more for ‘virgin’ cartridges (i.e. cartridges that have never been recycled).Empty printer ink cartriges

If you’re not interested in selling but would like to know how to refill your used ink cartridges, stores like Cartridge World will be happy to do it for you. The price of a refill will be SIGNIFICANTLY less than if you were buying a new cartridge, so it’s well worth looking into. If you’re looking to buy recycled cartridges (which will be cheaper than brand new ones) then check out Inkcycle and Inkfactory or for ‘virgin’ cartridges that you’d eventually like to refill or recycle, see’s impressive range.

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Steven French
Steven French

I have 2 old microwave ovens, 2 old TVs, kettle, iron, dvd player, printer, printer cartridges. How much will I get for them?

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