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Make Money, Get Organised, Give to Charity – Advice from CYCD Experts

Expert de-cluttering advice from the Clear Your Clutter Day 2017 panel. Find out how clearing your clutter will help you make money, get organised and even do good for charity.


Clearing the nation’s clutter

Jasmine Birtles, Founder of Clear Your Clutter Day and says

“Clutter is more than just a bit of a nuisance in our homes. Clutter, in all areas, is holding us back as individuals and as a nation. We have cluttered lives that cost us money because we can’t think straight to make good decisions. We keep buying things that we don’t need – or even want, very often – and that is putting us into debt. We have cluttered digital lives which is getting us down, sapping our energy and stopping us working efficiently.

With wages not going up but prices rising over the next couple of years, will the whole clutter problem sort itself out because we won’t be able to afford more things? On the other hand, poor families often have more clutter than rich ones so maybe that won’t work! Our financial clutter – and the cluttered banks and other financial companies – is costing us money and, in some cases, making us vulnerable to fraud. We even have cluttered streets with too many street signs messing the place up, advertising hoardings that put us off and poor planning in many areas.”

Watch our videos to get expert de-cluttering advice across all areas of your life.


CYCD Expert Panel

Host – Jasmine Birtles – Founder of Clear Your Clutter Day and

James Jones – Head of Consumer Affairs – Experian

Katherine Blackler – Head of Partnership Liaison – APDO

Harriet Williams – Official Representative – Bankers Box by Fellowes

Holly Rothwell – ECommerce and Festivals Manager – Oxfam

Caroline Bernstein – Actress & Comedian

Mark Charnock – Managing Director – Gone for Good


Clear Your Clutter Day 2017 Experts Discuss:


How Should The Nation Deal With Our Mounting Clutter?


  • Perhaps the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle?
  • How much is still going to landfill?
  • Couldn’t it be donated to charity instead?

combating Emotional Attachment – How To Let Go Of Your Clutter


  • Set Goals
  • Break it Down
  • Get Some Help
  • Utilise Handy Technology for Donating to Charity
  • Keep Motivated – Take Before and After Photos
  • Have a Temporary Sentimental Box
  • Earn Cash from Your Trash!


How To Turn Your Trash Into Cash!


How to make a profit from your clutter such as:

  • Online sale site such as eBay and local Facebook groups
  • Car boot sales
  • Local auction houses
  • Second-hand shops
  • Garage sales
  • Curbside sales

Organising Your Digital, Financial and Home Office Clutter


  • Regularly save and organise PDFs of your online statements and receipts
  • keep track of your credit report
  • Protect your identity
  • Secure your passwords
  • Shred confidential documentation


How To De-clutter Your Life – Expert Tips!


Experts suggest their top decluttering tips for individuals and government to rid the nation of clutter to live clutter free lives.

  • Make friends with your local charity shop managers and volunteers, they will give you friendly advice on what you can donate.
  • Take the opportunity to review your credit report to improve your financial situation and open doors to potential benefits such as better credit card and loans interest rates.
  • Moving house? Then don’t hold back, take this opportunity to clear your clutter, you will save money on transportation too. If you’re not moving house, imagine that you are.


With Thanks TO Ravensbourne Production Crew

Producer – Daisy Morecroft

Director – James Watson

Camera Operators – Janez Feasy & Allie Stewart

Sound Operator – Robert Murray

Editors – Allie Stewart & Robert Murray

Graphics – Gareth Clarke

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