Tracy Martin’s most valuable unused items: cash in

Remember Clear Your Clutter day 2018? Sure, you do. Remember what we told you? No? Well, let us remind you. The average British household currently hoards £2,589 worth of items they no longer need, equating to a whopping £70.4 billion nationally, Gumtree figures show. Hence, as a little throwback we wanted to point you in the direction of Tracy Martin’s most valuable unused items, a piece featured earlier on in our campaign by the Mirror.


High street designer labels

Highstreet shop window manequins

Tracy writes that:

“The big money is in high street and designer collaborations, such as Mary Katrantzou for Topshop, with limited-edition dresses fetching up to £200-£350 each.

“Dresses always make good money as do jackets and coats”.

Indeed, it’s no secret that people will pay big money for brand names, such as Ted Baker, Karen Millen and French Connection, but it’s the high street designer editions that will fetch you the most unexpected cash.


Limited edition shoes

Various vintage shoes

“The more unusual the shoes, especially by a good reputable shoe designer, the more likely you are to get a great cash injection,” Tracy said.

“High-end designer shoe favourites, such as Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Sophie Webster, Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin are also sought after and always sell from low to the very high hundreds.


Decorated Handbags

Woman holding designer handbag and wearing designer watch

“High end designer bags in good condition always have a high resale value into the £1,000s,” explained Tracy.

“The more decorative and unusual the bag the more it can command on the secondary market.”


First edition books

Piles of hardback books

First-edition books such as Dan Brown, Philip Pullman and George RR Martin’s Game of Thrones are all highly collectible, and in pristine condition can net you hundreds, if not thousands. That’s not a joke. Stunning money for a bit of bound paper, really. If you’re a bookworm, re-evaluate your collection!


Rare movies

Someone holding dvd

Tracy lists classic Disney, Doctor Who and Lord of the Rings DVDs as ones to watch out for.

“Special edition collectors Steelbooks are also sought after, with Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead collections selling between £200-£300.”



Someone holding box of toys

According to Tracy:

“A Power Rangers Morpher can re-sale for between £40-£60, and keep an eye out for Shopkins and vintage toys fly such as Sylvanian Families which are already popular collectors’ items.”

“The Original Donkey Kong Arcade Game and watch could fetch between £250 – £300, so keep an eye out for these too!”

Additionally, all vintage game consoles are currently in super high demand. Got an old game cube or Atari lying around? Now’s the time to cash in!



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