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Feb 26

10 places around the world that will pay you to move there

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Are you a struggling millennial finding it hard to make ends meet? Did you know there are places in the world that will actually pay you as an incentive to live there?

We’re not joking, it’s real!

So, kiss the bedsit and daily grind goodbye and get ready for your new life in one of these 10 places My Baggage has revealed that will pay you to move there.


Santiago, Chile

Are you a savvy minded entrepreneur? The capital of Chile wants you! Santiago is offering anyone who sets up a business in the city up to $40,000 USD to move there and get their plan up and running. There are two programs available, one which is for female entrepreneurs only and the other for newly created start-ups which have been running for three years or less. Not only will you be granted a generous visa, but you will also receive a network of contacts and a complimentary working space.


Antikythera, Greece

This idyllic island located between Crete and the mainland has a dwindling population of just 22 residents. In a last-ditch attempt to attract new residents, Antikythera is offering new would-be residents an attractive monthly bursary to call the place home. You can expect to receive $565 a month for living here for the first three years. Native Greeks and families are given priority but if you want to live on an isolated island and get back to nature then this is the ultimate opportunity. It is important to note, that this island is incredibly isolated and there isn’t even a shop.


Vermont, USA

The state of Vermont in the USA is actively trying to recruit new residents with the tagline, ‘Work anywhere, live in Vermont,’ through a worker relocation program. New residents can expect to receive up to $7,500 USD to cover their costs of moving and to help them settle into their new homes.


Ponga, Spain

This rural town in the north of Spain is trying to attract young people and families to help restore its population. With only 800 people calling the place home, they are offering young couples a hefty payment of €3,000 to make the move, with an extra €3,000 for every child. To qualify you have to commit to living in the village for at least five years, so you better start brushing up on your Spanish.


Candela, Italy

This quaint traditional Italian village is located just an hour away from Puglia beach and two hours drive from Naples. What used to be dubbed Little Naples has seen a sharp decline in its population in recent years, with only 2,000 residents currently calling the place home. The mayor has come up with a plan to attract new residents. He is offering people up to €2,000 to relocate to the village, with €800 for singles, €1,200 for couples and €1,500-€2,000 for families. To be eligible for the grant you will have to be willing to live in the village permanently, rent a house and have an income of at least €7,500 a year. This is all incredibly doable! The town has good Wi-Fi links and its traditional old-style houses and cobbled streets will make you feel like you’re living in a movie set.


Kaitangata, New Zealand

If you want to have your own little piece of middle earth, then this opportunity in Kaitangata is too good to miss! In a bid to attract more residents, you can buy a house along with the fourth acre of land for the price of $165,000. Although it is still a steep payment, you will be able to take a mortgage out to cover this and you will get more for your money than you would in other areas of New Zealand.


Albinen, Switzerland

The small village of Albien in the Swiss Alps is trying to attract new families to settle. Although it is popular with tourists, there are only 240 residents that call the village home, but they are hoping to change this. People who plan to build or buy a home in the village can qualify for a grant of $26,000 USD per adult and $10,659 USD per child. To qualify you must have lived in Albinen for ten years as a permanent resident, which if you are making it your forever home, is more than doable.


Alaska, USA

If you think you can brave the cold, then Alaska is the state that keeps on giving. If you have called this place home for one full calendar year, you qualify for a payment from the Permanent Fund Dividend. This yearly payment allows for everyday Alaskans to benefit from the money made from the mining industry. In 2019 every Alaskan was given a grant of $1,600 USD, which is not too shabby for just calling this state home. So, if you love the outdoors and enjoy getting back to nature, this is definitely a destination to consider.


Manitoba, Canada

Manitoba is located between Ontario and Saskatchewan. The province is a diverse landscape with the wild arctic tundra to the north and forests and prairies to the south. Known for harsh winters, temperatures can reach -40°C in winter and the city Churchill in the north of the province is known as being a popular home for Polar Bears. Manitoba is often overlooked by newcomers who favour Toronto, Vancouver or Calgary, but if you are wanting to set up a business, there is a town in Manitoba that will pay you handsomely to start it there. The Rural Municipality of Pipestone wants you! If you are looking to set up a business there, they will give you a grant of $32,000 CD. There is also an initiative to encourage people to build or buy a home here, with some lots going for as little as $10 CD. With high costs on the east and south coast, a scheme like this is incredibly attractive!


Tulsa, Oklahoma

Oklahoma is struggling to retain residents and it is particularly felt in Tulsa. To combat this, similar to Vermont they are offering a handsome relocation package and remote working grants. If you are a remote worker who fancies taking the plunge and heading to the second biggest city in Oklahoma, you will find impressive benefits awaiting you. You will receive an initial payment of $10,000 USD and will receive a rental stipend, not only that, you will be eligible for a space in 36 Degrees North, a popular co-working space in downtown. Tulsa wants to redefine itself from its former oil glory to move into the home of tech and start-ups.

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