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May 06

15 Best Golf Business ideas & Opportunities where you can make money in 2020

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Lots of people have a passion for golf and love the game.  They would love to make money from it but realise that they are never going to turn pro and make a living playing golf.  However, that doesn’t mean you can make money from golf in many other ways.

In fact, golf-related businesses can be a great way to start a side hustle, a part-time business beside a main source of income.  And with time and work, there’s no reason why it can’t become your main source of income – the sky’s the limit.

Before you dive into it, the first thing you need is a clear idea of what kind of business or opportunity you are going to focus on.  In other words, how are you going to make money from golf?  To help you start with this planning stage, let’s look at some ideas.


1. Use eBay to buy and sell used golf gear

Lots of people love golf but not everyone can afford to jump in and pay thousands for clubs or hundreds for the latest golf shoes.  That’s okay because your business can be to help them find the best quality second-hand gear.

eBay is an ideal marketplace for this.  Setting up a shop is quick and easy, costs are relatively low, and you can take payments online.  All you need to do is source the goods and find the right pricing between new and used.

15 Best Golf Business ideas & Opportunities where you can make money in 2020


2. Opening an online golf apparel store

If you don’t like the idea of finding second-hand gear, then why not dive straight into opening an online golf gear shop?  If you check out sites like, you can easily get inspiration for how a golf shop should look and what kind of stuff it should sell.


3. Open a gold franchise

You can even go a bit more specialist and open a golfing franchise.  This is a physical store where you sell items from a wholesaler to golf fans.


4. Create backyard putting greens

Lots of golf fans want to work on their game at home but not everyone has a driving range size garden.  However, most gardens will accommodate a putting green set up and you could start a business installing these for golf fans.


5. Offer course maintenance services

Golf courses need a lot of maintenance and sometimes clubs can’t afford to have someone do it full-time.  So, by offering maintenance services, you can create a cost-effective option where you work on a number of courses on a rotating basis.


6. Create a golf eBook

If you have a bit of experience playing golf, there’s no reason you can’t create an eBook of tips and tricks to help people benefit from that knowledge.  The days of needing a big publisher are gone – you can self-publish on platforms like Amazon and the costs involved are minimal.


7. Offer video lessons on golf

Again, you don’t have to be a professional to start offering lessons online to people – just to know more than they do.  Target people who can benefit from your knowledge and create a paid video series to help them improve their game.


8. Offer in-person lessons

If you prefer to be a little more hands-on, then you can arrange to give lessons to people.  You may do this at home if you have the right space or meet them at a specific golf club.  That way you can work with them one-on-one to improve their game. 


9. Create a golf magazine or blog

Another great online idea is to create a magazine or blog around golf and then look to monetise it.  Ads are a popular option for this, allowing you to make money from people visiting the site.  You could add an online shop or sell digital products like eBooks.


10. Start a golf advertising agency

If you are a marketing specialist, then there’s no reason you can’t combine that knowledge with your passion for golf to create a golf marketing agency.  This is where you can help promote other golf-related businesses and products and are paid to do this.


11. Start a kid’s golf club

It is important that kids get into golf as they are the next generation of players.  And you can do your bit to help with this by starting a kid’s golf club.  This can learn them about the game, the basics of playing and even offer lessons to help their game improve.


12. Create apps for golf companies

If you have coding and computer skills, then you could make money creating apps for golf companies to help them reach a larger audience.  Many companies now have an app alongside an online store, and this is something that needs to be created and managed.  For people with the right skills, this is a great business opportunity.


13. Catering for golf clubs and events

For those with a catering background, you can start a catering company that specialises in golf events and clubs.  You can create menus and packages that are suited to golfers or to the kind of events that golf clubs host and build up a network of clubs and events that you will attend and cater for.


14. Become a golf photographer

Lots of companies need high-quality photos of golf courses, players and equipment so if you have photography skills and gear, then you could set up as a freelancer and offer this service.  From golf manufacturing equipment companies to golf blogs, there’s plenty of need for photos and not the time or skills to take them themselves.


15. Open a driving range

While opening an entire golf course might be a little far as a start-up business, opening a driving range might not be.  This is a much smaller facility that lets golfers work on that one specific area of their game without spending half of their time retrieving balls from the other end of the course.


Lots of golf business options

These are just a few examples of the many golf-related business options out there.  This allows you to combine your job with your passion to make money from golf.


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