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May 06

15 Ways of How to Earn Money From Digital Marketing

Reading Time: 5 mins

As the internet becomes an integral part of our lives, digital marketing has become the foremost way to market anything to anyone. It also presents a wide range of ways to make money from services you can offer ways to help people sell their products or services. So, what are some of the most popular ways to make money from digital marketing?


Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best places to start if you are new at digital marketing and want to start making money. Affiliate marketing is where you make a payment when someone clicks a link you have provided and makes a purchase.

There are hundreds of affiliate marketing programs. They range from massive companies like Amazon through to the smallest one-person business offering affiliate pay-outs for people selling their eBook. This means no matter who your audience is, there are affiliate programs that will offer products they want and a way for you to make money.


Network marketing

Network marketing is similar to affiliate marketing but is a good model if you want to build a team. You partner with a business that has a product or service and you work as a representative for it. Each sale you make means you get a commission payment.

This means you can eventually work up to having a team of reps under you who sell the product or service to different audiences. This allows you to scale more than affiliate marketing does if that’s the direction you want to go in.


Create a digital course

Digital courses or e-learning is a massive industry and one that doesn’t require qualifications to enter.  Creating a digital course on the knowledge you have, and that other people want is a great way to make money online. You don’t need to have fancy qualifications to do this and there are great platforms out there to help with the tech side of things.

Once you have created the course, the income can become more like a passive income model. You focus on marketing it and making connections with people that want to buy it. Or you can make more courses and digital products.


Content marketing

Content marketing is at the heart of digital marketing and includes all the different kinds of content from blog posts to infographics, video content to podcasts. It allows you to help your audience and offer them the information they need while making a connection and moving them towards becoming a customer – known as a sales funnel or customer journey.


Social media marketing

Social media marketing is a type of content marketing that focuses on one or more social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. It focuses on building an engaged audience that you then strategically offer products or service to and they are more likely to buy because they have built a relationship with you over the social media platform.


Video marketing

Video marketing is another branch of content marketing that focuses on the creation and marketing of video content. YouTube is the biggest platform for this but there are others appearing all the time. Like other types of content marketing, the aim is to build relationships, to help and inform people and then lead them to buy the product or service that you offer.


Create a blog

Creating a blog in itself doesn’t make you money but it allows you to access a variety of money-making options. For example, you can get traffic to your blog and make money from ads that you have placed on it. Or you can sell products or services on the website and link to them from the blog posts where suitable. You can also use it as the starting point for email marketing.


Search engine optimisation services

At the heart of digital marketing is search engine optimisation – this is the practice of getting traffic organically from search engines such as Google. There are lots of elements to SEO and once you master the basics you can start to offer services to others to help with this.

Creating a successful SEO strategy is one example of a great service you can offer. This helps people understand SEO and have a personalised strategy as to how they will benefit from it on their own website. Providing SEO services to businesses of all kinds, online and offline, is a great area of digital marketing to branch into once you have mastered the basics yourself and have a clear strategy to follow.


Design a website

Most digital marketing strategies require a website at their heart and if you have the skills and knowledge, designing and creating these websites is another way to make money online. Website design can be technical or visual or a combination of both. You can specialise in certain website builders such as Elegant Theme’s Divi or create from scratch with bespoke designs.


Create Facebooks ads

Facebook ad creation services are one example of a specialist digital marketing service that you can work towards and can be very profitable.  This is a paid advertising service within Facebook that allows you to target audiences with posts that are aimed at specific goals. It does take some learning and therefore you will want to have examples of successful campaigns to show customers before offering this service.


Create Google ads

Similar to Facebook ads, this is a specialist service that uses Google Ads to generate traffic and sales for customers. Advertising on search engines is quite complex and a good understanding and track record with using them will be something customers will want to see before hiring you.


Email marketing

Email marketing remains a core part of digital marketing and still has one of the best returns on investment. Learning to use it is one option and even then, offering services to help others use it are two ways you can make money from it. It works perfectly alongside many other areas such as blogging, content marketing, video marketing and SEO.


Offer expertise as a coach

If you have the knowledge, you can create a digital course or eBook. Or you can transform that knowledge into a coaching program and offer to work with people one on one to help them learn something or solve a problem. Coaching doesn’t require qualifications although people will look to see how you have achieved the result you are coaching for yourself as proof you can do it.


Lead generation

Lead generation is where you help people get customers into their business and make a commission payment when these leads become paying customers. There are lots of ways to do this from creating lead magnets to use in email marketing to being involved in the outreach to businesses to offer services and advertise a business.


Done for you marketing services

As your knowledge and experience grow, there are lots of ways you can make money from that, in addition to making money from your products or services directly. One example is done for you marketing services like creating a digital marketing agency. This means people don’t need to do the marketing for their business themselves – they can hire you to do it for them.


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