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Oct 18

20 Cogs: Easy ways to get paid

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20Cogs is one of the UK’s largest reward sites, they’ve helped thousands of people across the UK pay off debts, holidays or pesky bills. The average 20Cogs member cashes out around £200 and one they’ve completed everything they need to do they’ll receive the payment via BACS or PayPal in just a few working days.

20Cogs is FREE to join and all you have to do is complete a range of Competitions, Offers, Gaming and Surveys. You’ll profit from every single offer and your earnings will soon add up, after just 30 days (it takes 30 days for an offer to be verified by the advertiser) you’ll be able to walk away with your cash.

Sounds pretty good right?


Do 20Cogs actually pay?

The simple answer is, yes! 20Cogs has paid out over £1,600,000 to its members since the site launched in early 2016.

Payments can be made via BACS or PayPal and will arrive in your bank in just 3-5 working days after you cash out (1 day for PayPal!).



Are they trustworthy?

20Cogs is rated 4.3/5 stars on Trustpilot and they’re rated ‘Excellent’ from hundreds of reviews. Check out some of their reviews below…

“Really easy money! If you want your cash quickly you need to put in the effort to get through all of your cogs as you can only cash out once all have been completed AND 30 days has elapsed…” – Emily

“Really enjoyed doing 20 cogs. I’ve worked through slowly (about 3-4 months) as you earn money by signing up for free trials and I wanted to keep on top of things to make sure I cancelled the trials in the right timeframe, but you can do it much quicker than this. Once you have completed an offer the cog takes up to 21 days to turn green, so you could theoretically complete all 20 in about 1 month…” – Ali

“I was sceptical at first, but now I love it, it truly does help you with an extra income. Highly recommend.” – Zara


How quickly can I get paid?

Many members complete all their offers in just a few hours, each one takes around 5-10 minutes to complete. Each offer takes up to 30 days to turn from Amber (pending) to Green (verified). This process usually takes 30 days but often it can be less, once the advertiser confirms you have completed the offer 20Cogs share the commission (money) with you. Once all 20 Cogs have turned Green, you can cash out.


How much can I get paid?

Every offer available on 20Cogs has a different payout, it depends on what the offer is and what type of offers you like to complete. You can get paid anywhere from 50p all the way up to £25 or £30 for some of the gambling offers. This makes it easier for members to rack up large sums of money in their earnings – the average member cashes out for £200!

One thing to note is that you will find some of the offers on 20Cogs require a deposit, this can be a small amount to take part in a lottery or a free trial or it can be a larger amount such as a £10 gambling deposit but don’t panic! Whatever offer you choose to take will always pay out more than you deposit, so a £10 deposit might get you a £25 or even £35 reward. Plus you’ll always get something for your deposit whether it be a chance to win some extra cash or a free product.


So why should I join?

Well, if we haven’t made it clear enough already why you should join 20Cogs then we’ve got one more thing up our sleeves… If you sign up to 20Cogs through one of the links in this article you’ll get a £5 welcome bonus automatically added to your account – what more could you want.

Sign up here


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1 year ago

20 Cogs sounds interesting.

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